Thursday, July 6, 2017

Where to go and what to do

Life has been absolutely a mess for us Bourne girls the past few years.  Noelie will no longer be posting here, for health reasons that are too personal to get into.

I have tried on and off for the past 5 years to continue on my own.  Low carbing and workouts that stressed my knees, my own health issues, and can I say more emotional stress than I care to deal with have been my on going friend.

A few months ago my fasting blood sugar was too much too high.  I am on medication now, really trying to low carb and working on getting my exercise back into play.  Then I get sick again for weeks.

Sometimes I honestly wonder if it is even worth trying any more.  Yet I know I feel so much better over all when I do.

I am having a pity party.  I have never done well with goals on my own, yet here I am.  On my own.  Down not quite 20 pounds since the end of March.

Only about 100 more pounds to go.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

T-Tapp Rotation!

I was searching the T-Tapp forum the other day.  I was feeling a bit challenged and needed some kind of direction.  After doing The Firm for so many months that T-Tapp is a bit of a different challenge for me.  I can and at that same can't do the total workout on an every other day plan.  Part of it is the Holidays and planning a wedding at the same time.  I don't have an older child at home any more to be with the girls so I can go shopping after school which gives me a 4 hour window to do my shopping and looking around.  That doesn't give me the block of time I would like in the morning to do T-Tapp and a nice long walk.  I have also been depressed, and stressed over other situations that have emotionally set me on a spiral.  I can feel it in my lower back, different from muscle tension and worry that I'm actually feeling my adrenal glands trying their best to function when they are pretty much shot.

So what do I do?  I wasn't sure.  I didn't want to only do the Basic Plus workout.  I like it, but it doesn't seem to target enough areas for me so I know I need more.  Luckily I found a thread where they were discussing adrenal burnout and how to do T-Tapp to not stress those little organs.  This is the rotation and I know I can do this through December so I don't loose progress, and maintain what I have done to this point.

Do a three day rotation
1. Basic plus
2. Total workout, Primary back stretch, got to Lunges and do lower body stopping after Runner's Stretch and then do a set of Hoe Downs.
3. Total workout, Primary Back stretch then to to Arms and finish the workout, maybe add in a second set of Hoe Downs.

I know it is uncoventional to what Teresa Tapps says, do the whole thing so you have that fatigue of muscle fiber but I sounds workable for someone like me at this point.  I did day 2 today and I could do it, I could balance okay, still tipsy on thread the needle, but I didn't feel like my legs were dying on me.  I also think this might help me really focus on the moves to get them better.  I am doing the rehab sets, I really don't care for the instructional.  They are good to learn but I have a hard time with long holds and pauses in position.

Hopefully this will work for me, and I can have more motivation to work out early so I can get a good walk in.  I hate not walking, I love it and I miss it.  The tapes don't do it for me the same way as going out and seeing the sun and blue sky.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

As I have said I'm feeling really off.  Not sure why, my weight is going up, my body fat% has gone way up.  I know my eating is really off, but there seems to be more to it.  I have been very puffy since October.  I kept hoping T-tapp would help but it really hasn't decreased the puffiness.  I started the CRT (skin brushing) and that hasn't helped.  I started taking the supplements with the CRT and if nothing else it is worse.  So I thought I might would have to stop the fiber tox.  I have never done will with psyllium in the past, so it makes sense to me, but I was willing to give it a chance, and if nothing else I feel worse than ever taking it.  Always yuck inside.

Just now I was researching alfalfa, and low and behold it is a plant estrogen.  Yup, can't take it either.  The last thing this lady with PCOS needs is more estrogens.   As much as I love how I feel on T-tapp, and I really have to make myself do the total workout, the supplements are not good for me.  So I'm going to stop those and hopefully I will feel better.  Like Noelie, I know I need to low carb better.  My cravings have sky rocketed over the past 3 months.  Stress is really getting to me and the worst of it is knowing that with December it will only get worse.  I have too much going on, and I don't know how to manage it.  My type 2 personality really doesn't do well when I can't wrap my brain around how to do things without a good plan, and I can't seem to make a good plan.  I feel like I'm winging it every day.  Bleh, I hate it.  I'm fighting tooth and nail over this month and trying my best to not get overwhelmed.  Talk to me after Christmas, maybe I will be better by then.  One can hope!  I thought I should try to atkins it the next 2 weeks to see if this puffiness will go away by the wedding.

I really need to get into the Dr. but I don't know when.  It seems the best laid plans get pushed aside for other things.  I am tired, stressed, and discouraged.  I don't like feeling this way, but being in a 3 month stall has really left me down.

An Experiment in not so good

Holidays. Lovely family events, lovely moments... lovely.. not so good for you food.

Yup.. I broke and ate more carbs. The fact of life is I can't.

What happened over just the few days I ate them. :

1. I had some digestive upsets happen.
2. My husband said I had at least one night with my apnea like breathing and I spent two or three nights not sleeping. I quit the carbs again a few days ago and I am back to sleeping well. Just say no to sugar and flour Noelie!
3. I can't say no when I eat them. My body is so addicted or whatever the word is that the minute I ate them, stopping was awful.. I was back to inhale mode. It was at that moment I knew I had to go back the other way. I have made good progress and I don't want to go back.

So the fact is.. I just have to say no because when I say yes, even to "just this time", it goes downhill and isn't just this time.

Back to fat. Me avocado's, macadamia nuts, coconut and any and all good fats I can find have to become better friends than the sugar/flour friends.

On a side note I got the ladybug workout from t-tapp, and I love love love love love! that workout.

It is a play on the basic, but given in such ways I get a few more clues about doing it with improving form. I am sure there is still a long way to go for "perfect" form, but I feel some of the things you do even more.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A bit lost

I have been so frustrated the past couple of months  I'm in that huge stall that I have been struggling with since September.  My goal was to be down another 20 pounds by November and I'm still in that same weight range I was in the end of August.  I know most of it is my fault, my eating has been way off.  Otherwise I have continued to do my workouts, walking as much as I can, and switching from the firm to T-tapp.  I really love the t-tapp but I'm not sure I'm getting my upper body working as much as I should.  This is probably due to the fact that my legs aren't strong enough to hold the t-tapp position during the upper body workouts.  I know my legs are getting stronger, and some of my weight issue can be due to the t-tapp, but not all of it when inches aren't budging and fat% has creeped back up.   My headaches have started back up this past couple of weeks.  They were going away, but I haven't had a day without a headache in at least 2 weeks.  bleh.

So I decided last night I needed to log my food for a bit.  It might keep me more honest, and thinking, hey, I'm going to write this down, do I really want to see the amount of carbs in what I'm eating.  I usually don't like to write down my food, but I think for the next few weeks, at least to the end of Natasha's wedding, and perhaps through the holidays complete it would be a good idea.

I am trying to figure out the best way to do T-Tapp.  I am doing a Monday, Wed, Friday with the total workout, then on Saturday I only do the basic+ part.  I do this because I really think 4 days a week is the way  for me to go with the every other day schedule and with Sunday out of the equation, I need to do something on Saturday.  I hope that isn't too much since she says less is more, but with how stubborn my body is, I don't want to relax too much.  I'm even feeling like I need to add in some Firm upper body because I am honestly not feeling the muscle work in my upper body.  At least not the way my lower is feeling it.

So here is my pity party, I would love my kids to sometimes think that mom has goals that she needs to keep, and to remember that.  Yes, I'm whining, there it is.  Done. :)

Still Here... still chipping away at the mountain

Getting healthy isn't a one time event. It is described very eloquently by Charlotte Siems of T-tapp fame:

I especially want to encourage More to Lose T-Tappers - Yes, You Can! Time would have passed by no matter what I did, but it was the little day-by-day, moment-by-moment, workout-by-workout choices I made that added up to big changes, not some huge, one-time life-changing event. No magic pill, no easy solution - just baby steps and a fundamental shift in thinking about exercise and eating.

This time I am going very slowly, forced by middle age and a schedule that I have to fit health into. But I figure I will have the skills down, and habits finally formed.

I still fight myself.. sweets are still a huge draw. I want them. They are not good for me, but I want them. I know we understand what is good for us but sometimes doing it, being the good patient is so hard. It is like someone who thinks that eating the same  way they have that has gotten them where they are is do-able. I assure you it isn't.

You can't just sit. You have to figure out something even if the movement you do is from a chair at first, or for good, but just move something.

I don't mean to preach! :) This is more for  me.

But I have been doing my T-tapp workouts, and will ramp it up a bit more sometime in the New Years.

I just didn't want anyone thinking this is less of a focus for me.

Friday, October 19, 2012

T-Tapp and our personal favorite: Walking!

I do love walking. Yes, really. There is something just sort of cool and "zoney" or maybe "zen-y" about walking.

I was glad to see that Teresa Tapp likes walking- no recommends walking highly, but wasn't sure I would need er tapes about walking because I have Leslie who I still love. In fact I think I am going to love more, trying to remind myself how to stay in T-tapp form,KLT (knee to little toe) alignment. Butt tucked, shoulders back.

I just did her basic step away the inches tape and I love it. I did it after the basic workout, and just feel.. energized.

I still have to knuckle under and just do the basic workout part 2, but something in my type 4 nature wants to be perfect!..hehe and not falling over trying to get my core to balance. But PERFECT is trying to get my core strong enough so I have to tell myself that.

I haven't checked inches for several reasons and I probably won't do anything official until after the DH and I get back from Illinois.

But right now this feels good, really good.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walking, T-Tapping, Essential Oils

First off can I say I am so not happy to use bloggers new interface.  I switched to the old view ages ago, and now it is back.  I can't say I hate change but I find this one very awkward particularly on the home page.  I would like to know what is better about it because I don't find it so.  Oh well, go with the flow, right?

Thanks to Noelie I have a new workout.  I wish years ago on The Firm forum T-Tappers would have really talked about what this was.  I may have looked into it more.  Anytime someone has good sound science and physiology behind what they do I will listen even if it sounds too good to be true.  T-Tapp seems that way but results can lie when you hear and see all the good it has done.  If nothing else to get rid of my back pain that I have had since I injured it 18 years ago would be wonderful.  Just this week I had a flare up of the injury.  Not as bad as some of the flare ups in the past, but if I got up and walked my lower back and pelvic girth hurt really bad.  I did just the first part of the primary back stretch because that was the only one I could figure out, and did it help.  Not only did my aches go away after doing that a few times but when I went out to walk I moved at a 4.3 to 4.5 mile an hour pace.  Today I could only go 3.5 at best. (granted I was in my jeans and a denim jacket not my workout clothes.)  Still that is pretty interesting to me.

I look forward to doing more of this and I'm going to get Michael to look at it since he has his families knee issues.  Anything to help prevent knee surgery is good to me.  I think he might find it funny, but if I know him, if he could do it quickly and get to the every other day workout he would do fine.

I think the t-tapp is something Steph and Kelly might be interested in.  15 minutes a day, wow.  I think Noelie and I will let you know for sure how it is working for us.  I know I can feel a huge difference in what few moves I have done.

I have also got into looking at the benefits of essential oils.  I have a highschool friend that started to tell me about them when I came down with this last cold and bronchitis episode.  Luckily it wasn't horrible, just made me tired.  So I have signed up with Doterra as an Independent Product Consultant.  I did it mostly because I can get a nice percentage off oils that way, and it was less expensive to sign up than to just buy the physicians kit, plus I got an extra product with it that supposedly helps boost metabolism.  If anyone is interested in looking at my sight here is the link   I'm not in it to make money at this point, I still have to learn more about the uses of essential oil.  I will say that I had a sore on the top of my mouth, either a canker or a burn.  I started using the slim and trim oil yesterday and the inflammation has gone down in less than 24 hours.  I noticed nearly an immediate relief of the pain when I started to drink my oil infused water.  So that says something.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today and T-tapp

I don't even know how to describe this workout to people and there were times I was wondering about it. Even now, if I think too much, you just wonder how on earth this workout could possibly work.

I don't know about inches. Two weeks ago 4 were off- mostly, amazingly from my waist and hips, but still I struggles with not feeling well, not right after the workout but for a day or two after. This week however that stopped, but I was still working at getting my muscles all in alignment and following form. I think that is something I will always be working on and reading how to refine, but today.....

Today I hopped out of bed and did the basic workout and then part of the total workout to "Thread the Needle". Well actually I did that move.. sort of..between all the bobbling and falling over, but when I was done was the cool part. I realized I felt great. I didn't just feel sorta great, but really great with energy to spare.

I even did a couple of extra sets of "hoe-downs" while doing my housework, that I just zoomed through.

The other things I realized is that muscles are feeling worked.. but not the big muscles you are used to feeling stiff and sore like the quadriceps, but little ones in the groin, between your shoulders and lower back. I still don't know what sort of loss I will ever see, but I do think this helps the spine. Every person I check on their website pictures of challenges show major improvements in posture. I would have never guessed how important that is, but every person shows it there, even if nothing else.

It really must do something. I almost wish I could have my dearest Randy try the basic workout to see if it helps some of his discomfort.

I am going to.. have to get the basic workout video to my sister. Tigersue will thrive on this I think.