Tuesday, December 4, 2012

T-Tapp Rotation!

I was searching the T-Tapp forum the other day.  I was feeling a bit challenged and needed some kind of direction.  After doing The Firm for so many months that T-Tapp is a bit of a different challenge for me.  I can and at that same can't do the total workout on an every other day plan.  Part of it is the Holidays and planning a wedding at the same time.  I don't have an older child at home any more to be with the girls so I can go shopping after school which gives me a 4 hour window to do my shopping and looking around.  That doesn't give me the block of time I would like in the morning to do T-Tapp and a nice long walk.  I have also been depressed, and stressed over other situations that have emotionally set me on a spiral.  I can feel it in my lower back, different from muscle tension and worry that I'm actually feeling my adrenal glands trying their best to function when they are pretty much shot.

So what do I do?  I wasn't sure.  I didn't want to only do the Basic Plus workout.  I like it, but it doesn't seem to target enough areas for me so I know I need more.  Luckily I found a thread where they were discussing adrenal burnout and how to do T-Tapp to not stress those little organs.  This is the rotation and I know I can do this through December so I don't loose progress, and maintain what I have done to this point.

Do a three day rotation
1. Basic plus
2. Total workout, Primary back stretch, got to Lunges and do lower body stopping after Runner's Stretch and then do a set of Hoe Downs.
3. Total workout, Primary Back stretch then to to Arms and finish the workout, maybe add in a second set of Hoe Downs.

I know it is uncoventional to what Teresa Tapps says, do the whole thing so you have that fatigue of muscle fiber but I sounds workable for someone like me at this point.  I did day 2 today and I could do it, I could balance okay, still tipsy on thread the needle, but I didn't feel like my legs were dying on me.  I also think this might help me really focus on the moves to get them better.  I am doing the rehab sets, I really don't care for the instructional.  They are good to learn but I have a hard time with long holds and pauses in position.

Hopefully this will work for me, and I can have more motivation to work out early so I can get a good walk in.  I hate not walking, I love it and I miss it.  The tapes don't do it for me the same way as going out and seeing the sun and blue sky.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

As I have said I'm feeling really off.  Not sure why, my weight is going up, my body fat% has gone way up.  I know my eating is really off, but there seems to be more to it.  I have been very puffy since October.  I kept hoping T-tapp would help but it really hasn't decreased the puffiness.  I started the CRT (skin brushing) and that hasn't helped.  I started taking the supplements with the CRT and if nothing else it is worse.  So I thought I might would have to stop the fiber tox.  I have never done will with psyllium in the past, so it makes sense to me, but I was willing to give it a chance, and if nothing else I feel worse than ever taking it.  Always yuck inside.

Just now I was researching alfalfa, and low and behold it is a plant estrogen.  Yup, can't take it either.  The last thing this lady with PCOS needs is more estrogens.   As much as I love how I feel on T-tapp, and I really have to make myself do the total workout, the supplements are not good for me.  So I'm going to stop those and hopefully I will feel better.  Like Noelie, I know I need to low carb better.  My cravings have sky rocketed over the past 3 months.  Stress is really getting to me and the worst of it is knowing that with December it will only get worse.  I have too much going on, and I don't know how to manage it.  My type 2 personality really doesn't do well when I can't wrap my brain around how to do things without a good plan, and I can't seem to make a good plan.  I feel like I'm winging it every day.  Bleh, I hate it.  I'm fighting tooth and nail over this month and trying my best to not get overwhelmed.  Talk to me after Christmas, maybe I will be better by then.  One can hope!  I thought I should try to atkins it the next 2 weeks to see if this puffiness will go away by the wedding.

I really need to get into the Dr. but I don't know when.  It seems the best laid plans get pushed aside for other things.  I am tired, stressed, and discouraged.  I don't like feeling this way, but being in a 3 month stall has really left me down.

An Experiment in not so good

Holidays. Lovely family events, lovely moments... lovely.. not so good for you food.

Yup.. I broke and ate more carbs. The fact of life is I can't.

What happened over just the few days I ate them. :

1. I had some digestive upsets happen.
2. My husband said I had at least one night with my apnea like breathing and I spent two or three nights not sleeping. I quit the carbs again a few days ago and I am back to sleeping well. Just say no to sugar and flour Noelie!
3. I can't say no when I eat them. My body is so addicted or whatever the word is that the minute I ate them, stopping was awful.. I was back to inhale mode. It was at that moment I knew I had to go back the other way. I have made good progress and I don't want to go back.

So the fact is.. I just have to say no because when I say yes, even to "just this time", it goes downhill and isn't just this time.

Back to fat. Me avocado's, macadamia nuts, coconut and any and all good fats I can find have to become better friends than the sugar/flour friends.

On a side note I got the ladybug workout from t-tapp, and I love love love love love! that workout.

It is a play on the basic, but given in such ways I get a few more clues about doing it with improving form. I am sure there is still a long way to go for "perfect" form, but I feel some of the things you do even more.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A bit lost

I have been so frustrated the past couple of months  I'm in that huge stall that I have been struggling with since September.  My goal was to be down another 20 pounds by November and I'm still in that same weight range I was in the end of August.  I know most of it is my fault, my eating has been way off.  Otherwise I have continued to do my workouts, walking as much as I can, and switching from the firm to T-tapp.  I really love the t-tapp but I'm not sure I'm getting my upper body working as much as I should.  This is probably due to the fact that my legs aren't strong enough to hold the t-tapp position during the upper body workouts.  I know my legs are getting stronger, and some of my weight issue can be due to the t-tapp, but not all of it when inches aren't budging and fat% has creeped back up.   My headaches have started back up this past couple of weeks.  They were going away, but I haven't had a day without a headache in at least 2 weeks.  bleh.

So I decided last night I needed to log my food for a bit.  It might keep me more honest, and thinking, hey, I'm going to write this down, do I really want to see the amount of carbs in what I'm eating.  I usually don't like to write down my food, but I think for the next few weeks, at least to the end of Natasha's wedding, and perhaps through the holidays complete it would be a good idea.

I am trying to figure out the best way to do T-Tapp.  I am doing a Monday, Wed, Friday with the total workout, then on Saturday I only do the basic+ part.  I do this because I really think 4 days a week is the way  for me to go with the every other day schedule and with Sunday out of the equation, I need to do something on Saturday.  I hope that isn't too much since she says less is more, but with how stubborn my body is, I don't want to relax too much.  I'm even feeling like I need to add in some Firm upper body because I am honestly not feeling the muscle work in my upper body.  At least not the way my lower is feeling it.

So here is my pity party, I would love my kids to sometimes think that mom has goals that she needs to keep, and to remember that.  Yes, I'm whining, there it is.  Done. :)

Still Here... still chipping away at the mountain

Getting healthy isn't a one time event. It is described very eloquently by Charlotte Siems of T-tapp fame:

I especially want to encourage More to Lose T-Tappers - Yes, You Can! Time would have passed by no matter what I did, but it was the little day-by-day, moment-by-moment, workout-by-workout choices I made that added up to big changes, not some huge, one-time life-changing event. No magic pill, no easy solution - just baby steps and a fundamental shift in thinking about exercise and eating.

This time I am going very slowly, forced by middle age and a schedule that I have to fit health into. But I figure I will have the skills down, and habits finally formed.

I still fight myself.. sweets are still a huge draw. I want them. They are not good for me, but I want them. I know we understand what is good for us but sometimes doing it, being the good patient is so hard. It is like someone who thinks that eating the same  way they have that has gotten them where they are is do-able. I assure you it isn't.

You can't just sit. You have to figure out something even if the movement you do is from a chair at first, or for good, but just move something.

I don't mean to preach! :) This is more for  me.

But I have been doing my T-tapp workouts, and will ramp it up a bit more sometime in the New Years.

I just didn't want anyone thinking this is less of a focus for me.

Friday, October 19, 2012

T-Tapp and our personal favorite: Walking!

I do love walking. Yes, really. There is something just sort of cool and "zoney" or maybe "zen-y" about walking.

I was glad to see that Teresa Tapp likes walking- no recommends walking highly, but wasn't sure I would need er tapes about walking because I have Leslie who I still love. In fact I think I am going to love more, trying to remind myself how to stay in T-tapp form,KLT (knee to little toe) alignment. Butt tucked, shoulders back.

I just did her basic step away the inches tape and I love it. I did it after the basic workout, and just feel.. energized.

I still have to knuckle under and just do the basic workout part 2, but something in my type 4 nature wants to be perfect!..hehe and not falling over trying to get my core to balance. But PERFECT is trying to get my core strong enough so I have to tell myself that.

I haven't checked inches for several reasons and I probably won't do anything official until after the DH and I get back from Illinois.

But right now this feels good, really good.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walking, T-Tapping, Essential Oils

First off can I say I am so not happy to use bloggers new interface.  I switched to the old view ages ago, and now it is back.  I can't say I hate change but I find this one very awkward particularly on the home page.  I would like to know what is better about it because I don't find it so.  Oh well, go with the flow, right?

Thanks to Noelie I have a new workout.  I wish years ago on The Firm forum T-Tappers would have really talked about what this was.  I may have looked into it more.  Anytime someone has good sound science and physiology behind what they do I will listen even if it sounds too good to be true.  T-Tapp seems that way but results can lie when you hear and see all the good it has done.  If nothing else to get rid of my back pain that I have had since I injured it 18 years ago would be wonderful.  Just this week I had a flare up of the injury.  Not as bad as some of the flare ups in the past, but if I got up and walked my lower back and pelvic girth hurt really bad.  I did just the first part of the primary back stretch because that was the only one I could figure out, and did it help.  Not only did my aches go away after doing that a few times but when I went out to walk I moved at a 4.3 to 4.5 mile an hour pace.  Today I could only go 3.5 at best. (granted I was in my jeans and a denim jacket not my workout clothes.)  Still that is pretty interesting to me.

I look forward to doing more of this and I'm going to get Michael to look at it since he has his families knee issues.  Anything to help prevent knee surgery is good to me.  I think he might find it funny, but if I know him, if he could do it quickly and get to the every other day workout he would do fine.

I think the t-tapp is something Steph and Kelly might be interested in.  15 minutes a day, wow.  I think Noelie and I will let you know for sure how it is working for us.  I know I can feel a huge difference in what few moves I have done.

I have also got into looking at the benefits of essential oils.  I have a highschool friend that started to tell me about them when I came down with this last cold and bronchitis episode.  Luckily it wasn't horrible, just made me tired.  So I have signed up with Doterra as an Independent Product Consultant.  I did it mostly because I can get a nice percentage off oils that way, and it was less expensive to sign up than to just buy the physicians kit, plus I got an extra product with it that supposedly helps boost metabolism.  If anyone is interested in looking at my sight here is the link http://www.doterra.myvoffice.com/tigersue/.   I'm not in it to make money at this point, I still have to learn more about the uses of essential oil.  I will say that I had a sore on the top of my mouth, either a canker or a burn.  I started using the slim and trim oil yesterday and the inflammation has gone down in less than 24 hours.  I noticed nearly an immediate relief of the pain when I started to drink my oil infused water.  So that says something.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today and T-tapp

I don't even know how to describe this workout to people and there were times I was wondering about it. Even now, if I think too much, you just wonder how on earth this workout could possibly work.

I don't know about inches. Two weeks ago 4 were off- mostly, amazingly from my waist and hips, but still I struggles with not feeling well, not right after the workout but for a day or two after. This week however that stopped, but I was still working at getting my muscles all in alignment and following form. I think that is something I will always be working on and reading how to refine, but today.....

Today I hopped out of bed and did the basic workout and then part of the total workout to "Thread the Needle". Well actually I did that move.. sort of..between all the bobbling and falling over, but when I was done was the cool part. I realized I felt great. I didn't just feel sorta great, but really great with energy to spare.

I even did a couple of extra sets of "hoe-downs" while doing my housework, that I just zoomed through.

The other things I realized is that muscles are feeling worked.. but not the big muscles you are used to feeling stiff and sore like the quadriceps, but little ones in the groin, between your shoulders and lower back. I still don't know what sort of loss I will ever see, but I do think this helps the spine. Every person I check on their website pictures of challenges show major improvements in posture. I would have never guessed how important that is, but every person shows it there, even if nothing else.

It really must do something. I almost wish I could have my dearest Randy try the basic workout to see if it helps some of his discomfort.

I am going to.. have to get the basic workout video to my sister. Tigersue will thrive on this I think.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Below my feet

Here's a new song I'm adding to my workout playlist.  I LOVE the Mumford and Sons.  Great music here so I thought I'd share it.

Below My Feet - Mumford and Sons

You were cold as the blood through your bones
And the light which led us from our chosen homes
Well I was lost

And now I sleep
Sleep the hours that I can't weep
When all I knew was steeped in blackened holes
I was lost

Keep the earth below my feet
For all my sweat, my blood runs weak
Let me learn from where I have been
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn

And I was still
I was under your spell
When I was told by Jesus all was well
So all must be well

Just give me time
You know your desires and mine
Wrap my flesh in ivy and in twine
For I must be well

Keep the earth below my feet
For all my sweat, my blood runs weak
Let me learn from where I have been
Well keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn

Keep the earth below my feet
For all my sweat, my blood runs weak
Let me learn from where I have been
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just left Mom's house... Wow!

She's looking great!  Whatever you're doing, keep it up.  It's obviously working!

The Little Workout that packs a HUGE wallop

As I have been showing some signs of over-training due to my age and general out of fitness, I had been looking for something to do that would be effective. I have done Callenetics and Fluidity, and I really enjoy those, but in looking for more body weight type exercising I found myself back to one that Tigersue and I had heard about years ago, but didn't look much more into it: T-tapp.

I got the basic workout after reading the book and trying to understand what the woman, Theresa Tapp was trying to do when she created her movements. They are pretty unique, even to how she gets you into alignment.

You can watch many of her video's on YouTube, and when I watched I wasn't sure at all how I felt about it. But I got the basic workout anyway.

Fifteen minutes. That is all the basic is. Don't let the time fool you though, I felt like I had workout two hours in a gym running on a treadmill and lifting weights when I was done. I often don't get all the reps- and the most she does is eight. I am going to have a long learning month just trying to do it without wanting to fall over.

Just getting your limbs in the right places, and make sure you keep your spine in correct alignment to your knees and feet is work!

I have only managed to do it about every other day thus far. In between I think I am moving some stuff around inside- lymph she would say, but I truly have no idea, I feel just sort of yucky. Not right after the workout, but about two hours after and after I do my dry skin brushing. Then I start slowly feeling better over the next day, and then do it again. I am noticing I am feeling less icky though, so I am hoping that will so go away- it seems to be common when I read on the forums.

Maybe there is a method to the madness

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Frustrations of Non-support

So this place is a great place. My kids that do come here run in and cheer, my sister knows and understands what I am doing and the SCIENCE behind the reasons for what I am doing.

But there are a holdout or two that think that I am just stupid that I do not understand the concept of calorie in calorie out. It's frustrating. If I the stupid fat woman would just cut my calories like they are I would get their results!

If you go wandering other type diets out there and the forums you hear the plaintive questions from those, often women of my age, wondering what they can do to NOT be so hungry on those much lower calories. Calories that are high in "complex" carbohydrates, like potatoes ( that we used to know would put fat on most farm animals) and wheat products, that we are starting to know is NOT the same wheat as what granny ate, and I am not talking the whole grain part. I am talking the gmo part. Those things raise insulin in ALL of us. That is right ALL people. We know this. That is what that one scale is all about. How fast it raises it compared to the standard of table sugar. Now to put it simply some of us have the raised insulin, which then stores the fat but the ignores pulling the stored energy out for cell fuel. Causing.. yes.. you guess it.. HUNGER! Some can handle carbs great for good. I don't know what causes that. Some people get fat and some.. worse for them believe it or not don't get fat, but then suffer skinny metabolic syndrome. Worse for them because we still incorrectly related slimness with health. Probably NOT our best marker, it can be one, but isn't the best one.

I still say even the "healthy" should be taking their blood sugar several times a week to see how their food is affecting them. But that is neither here nor there.

Tigersue and I were to metabolic syndrome, and I am pretty sure I was having all the symptoms of type 2 diabetes including what I now know as distressing kidney issues. The only GOOD way out of that is to fix what causes it .. cutting out the sugars.

I wish that someone else could figure out I am NOT stupid and I do know what I am doing. WHY do I need that bread or potato? I can't think of a nutritional reason why. Desserts are fun, but I don't NEED them. What is wrong with me NOT eating them? I don't have to have the chips, sodas or CANDY that one of them to this day STILL eats as part of a "diet". I won't and can't understand why people are thinking I am the stupid one for cutting those out! I don't have to eat pasta to live. I do need protein and I do need fat. Brains and muscles need those! My liver is quite capable of creating the glucose I need with what I give it.

My way of eating means I can buy a chocolate bar to help out a friend at work, as her son was having a fund raiser, and not crave or eat the thing but give it to my daughter. What pray tell is wrong with that?

I do understand calorie in calorie out, but we are not science beakers! I can do the same thing for weeks and lose nothing and then 10 pounds, or five or 3 are off in a day or two with no rhyme or reason to it. That tells me that the old calorie in calorie out needs more understanding-science- doesn't know everything yet.

I know I have to be patient because I know the lack of knowledge is some of the WRONG things my dear father thinks about low carb diets. He still thinks High protein is low carb and I am closer to trying to follow moderate- more around 70 grams a day because of gluconensis- see if that smart kid knows what that is! Volek and Phinney are right on the money about that. When I lowered the protein and upped the fat the need to snack went completely away. Heck I miss a meal or two on occasion, just because I am not hungry.

Perhaps when these young things are 50+ women having had 5 babies and doesn't want to have to be HUNGRY to lose weight will want to get back to me at that point. But that isn't ever going to happen.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Really Discouraged

I left home from work this morning really discouraged with a lot of things.  Things are really difficult right now.  I'm ready to be done with night shift, but still have another month to go.  I haven't done much of anything as far as exercise in at least a month.  There were a lot of interruptions and changes and I just gave up.  I kept telling myself that as soon as Grayson was here things would calm down and I could get really serious about it all.  Kind of a funny statement there, huh?  As soon as a newborn child gets here my life will calm down.  Well it won't.

And now I've rewritten this post 3 or 4 times and after reading it I'm still not sure what I'm trying to say.  It's a really difficult time for me right now and it's really dragging my spirit through the mud.  It comes to a point where I've tried to change my lifestyle 3 or 4 times now and it just keeps getting put on the back burner.  You REALLY want to give up at that point.  You keep telling yourself that you keep failing so what's the point of going on?  I really feel like I'm lying to myself time and time again, so why lie to myself?  It's time to be honest with myself.  I keep dropping the ball on this, committing to this blog and committing to a healthier version of me.  I keep imagining that I'm at war with someone or something.  And whatever forces that are out there that are battling against me keep winning.  It's eating at me and is a huge cause for my depression right now.  The silly part is it's just me; I'm at war with myself.  The REALLY stupid part is I have the capabilities to win.

For those people that have been healthy their whole lives, this is why it's hard for people to get in shape.  Because you will try, and try, and try, and fail each time.  By the 3rd or 4th time, whatever words you use to motivate yourself starts to feel like lies.  You start to feel like each time you say, "This will be the time" it feels fake.  You ask yourself "What about the time before?  Or before that?  Or before that?  Or before that?  Or before that?  You've heard this all before."  You become discouraged because you feel like you're lying to yourself, that you're a fake person and everyone around you can see it.  Everytime you tell them "this will be the time."  They roll their eyes at you and say, "sure it is."

None of it really matters, because I have to do it again.  I got to say the same words I use to motivate myself to do it, even if I believe I'm lying to myself.  And maybe I'll fail a few more times.  Maybe people will even start to say how I'm fake.  That doesn't matter because none of them can be a bigger critic of myself than I am.  So here I am again, trying to motivate myself to get in shape again.  Maybe I will fail again, maybe this will be the time I actually succeed.  It also doesn't matter because if I fail again I'll just pick myself back up and start over again.  Because in this case, even if I would be honest with myself by giving up, it's far worse than lying to myself and never giving up.

Jimmy Moore and his N=1 experiment

I have been trying to make sure to keep up with Jimmy and his experiments in nutritional ketosis.

I really respect this guy, but in one respect he is a little frustrating: He refuses to share some of his food logs. I can respect and understand his reasons, but I am not sure e understands why some of us are intrigued and would like him to throw us a bone, and it has to do with how some of us learn. I am one of those that likes to see what are you doing so that I can understand, then I can usually adapt for me.

Well blessings from heaven, Jimmy hasn't come through, but I had a list of menus or access to them all along from "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance". There is even a link to menus which I will give to my sis and Jordan and any other family member intrigued by nutritional ketosis way of eating.

I think with the guidelines they give I can make a go of this.

Here are their guidelines: and I take this from Chapter 11 in their book

1. Low in Carbs
- enough to induce nutritional ketosis and accelerate fat burning
- Less than 50 g/day for most people

2. Moderate Protein
-0.6 to 1.0 grams per pounds of LEAN body mass

3. Enough Fat
-Majority of energy
-Variable depending on goals of weight loss or maintenance

4. The Right Kinds of Fat
-Eat Monos and saturates for fuel
-Limit High Polyunsaturated sources (soy,corn, cottonseed)

5. When in Doubt, Eat Less Carbs

6. When in Doubt, eat More Fat.

I got a clue why tuna or chicken salad gets hard to eat: it it using mayo with a lot of soy oil, which of course is most mayo. So I guess I have to stick with making it. It would be nice if high oleic Safflower was easier to get- just because Extra Virgin Olive Oil is lovely stuff but strong for Mayo. I guess I just keep trying to figure it all out.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gelatin post by Dana Carpendar, Amino Acid balance

I just read this cool post by Dana Carpendar. I have been working on making my own bone broth to have around, or to make soup with. I'm not a big soup eater, but I have found making my own broth like this I actually like my soup the day I make it. I'm still not big about eating it for left overs but if I have lots of broth I will do that.

So this post makes me want to go get some plain gelatin. Maybe it will help me sleep, and help other issues.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tigersue's face

So the post I wanted to make today is the changes I see in Tigersue since I last saw her face-to-face. She came to my home last night to celebrate my husbands birtday, and while I see weight having come off her body it was her face that is showing the most incredible inprovement in her skin texture, tone and color, and overall shape.

It wasn't just sorta kinda, it is a striking difference. Way to go sis!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Changing my week

I was telling Noelie the other day that I have no oomph in my legs. I seem to have plenty of energy, other than the days I really, really, don't sleep well. When I did the Tortoise and Hare this week, I could hardly do the leg lifts, and I was debating if I could even do the weights. I tried hard but I felt very weak. Doing the fast 4 miles has been horrible too, my thighs and calves just can't seem to do it. I can do other walks just not the interval training. So Wednesday I decided to stop my firm workouts for a couple of days, wondering if I was having over training symptoms. I have read on other weight lifting sights that mandatory week breaks are necessary. I thought the weekend away would have covered that, but I guess not.

So I'm doing the 20,000 steps a day, and I will pull the weightlifting back in next week. As of yesterday and today I could do the Fast 4 miles again. Nice, my legs still feel like jelly sometimes, but I can pick them up and go.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My update

Hey everyone,

I took a week... doing kind of a "reboot" of sorts.  Changing up my daily life and schedule.  Turns out it's a lot harder than it should be!  Going from night shift back to day shift is as hard as I thought it would be.  I sleep at night, but not very well and because of that it makes me more tired in the day.  But, with my exercise schedule the way it is, I've actually had more energy in the day.  But something came up this past few weeks that's kind of thrown my schedule out the window.  But, it's okay because I feel like I'm still exercising lol.

So Grandpa is redoing his dining room.  He's putting new flooring and fixing up the dining set.  I'm excited for them because it's going to look really nice when it's finished.  He's asked for my help (when I can) and Jayson's help.  Jay and I have been redoing the floor.  I'm only able to help once or twice a week due to work and trying to get chores at home done.  But working on that floor is a lot of work, and puts me in a good sweat.  So I'm going to count it.  Once it's all done I can go back to my schedule because so far I really like it.  I may have to change the hours.  I do once in the morning (when I wake up, early) and once in the evening.  I think the evening one is a little too late or early.  It's kind of right around dinner time.  It's going to do wonders when I can go back to day shift.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Another update

As a commented on Noelie's post the weekend went fairly well. Luckily we have great friends we stayed with that had lots of salad on hand, and fixed chicken, beef, and had lunch meat around. We took up nuts that I snacked on and cheese as well. I did gain a pound or so, not surprising and most of that should be glycogen and water retention from salt.

My measurements were good today, with small dips,and some no change. I can be very pleased with that since my workouts missed one full day, about 15,000 steps short of my goal for those 5 days. What is frustrating me is my blood sugars. I think I have seen a small dip below 100 but everything else I take is showing well over 100, usually 105 to 109. Today after my 3 hours workout, I took my blood sugar and it was 120. What? I have not been eating breakfast before my workouts so I'm typically only getting late snack/lunch and dinner. I take my metformin at night, it is only 500 mg, so I may need more. This week I'm going to switch to taking it during the day like I used to years ago and see if that stabilized my daytime sugars, and see what happens with my morning fasting sugar. I suppose if I think I need it I can use what Nedra is using though my copay on the metformin is low. I will have to think about it, and see what happens. My fasting sugars have always been good so I don't know if this a change over the past year, or if it is the strips I just bought or if my meter is old. I know I should try to compare it with someone elses meter sometime and see how accurate it is.

Today I knew I wasn't up to doing Tortoise or the Hare so I tried a tape that I used to do fairly often on the cardio end, and paired it with super sculpting way back when. It is The Firm Tough Cardio. I forgot how nice of an aerobic workout it is. The first half or so, is all step aerobics. I did it with my 4 inch but should get it up to my 6 inch because I flipped the smaller one up and hit my shin. It took me a couple of minutes to get back into the workout. The 2nd half is regular aerobics but only one set throws me off an is a bit fast for what I do. I just walk through what I can't do at this stage. I'm pretty sure I was able to get to do it ages ago, so eventually as I learn it I should be able to do it. The routines are taken from Fat blaster, Firm Strength and Firm cardio. I logged over 3461 steps and that will get higher as I remember the routines and don't flip that darn box. It also has several routines that use 4 limb movement with weights. Not a bad workout at all, and a nice one to mix up with my walking when bored.

The reason I have done so many steps and focusing on it is partly because I remember Noelie loosing weight with walking so many years ago, but a similar study as theAmish one but the Japaneese version, finding that people that are thin tend to walk 10,000 steps a day. They also have the pedometer, and I used on years ago and loved it. I know I have to do more than that 10,000 to loose, but I think it is a great goal to get to to maintain weight. I know it worked for me when pregnant, because I concentrated on that 10,000 steps a day. That is a bit on how my weekend went.

I am increasing or focusing on taking supplements, vit D (10,000 a day), super B complex, extra Niacin for Isonitol, chromium picolinate, a regular vit, and magnesium and calcium. I also bought some creatine for my weight workout days. Not sure if I will use it often though as one of the side effects is water retention and I'm not sure I want that either. I'm also getting my adult kids and husband to take Vit D because I believe we all need it. Right now I'm telling them to take 2,ooo u, Michael I might bump up more than that. I'm convinced we are all so low on Vitamin D, that taking even that amount will do some good.

One other concern I have is my hormones are just wonky and have been getting worse over the past 6 months or so. I keep hoping to see an improvement. Endometrial Hyperplasia is rearing its ugly head, and I really, really don't want to do anything to treat it. I keep hoping that somewhere in the exercising and the low carbing, and trying to get my IR under control, that this will get better. This is a condition that really concerns me. I know I need to see a dr. soon, I was hoping to do that after Collin leaves on his mission, partly because I just don't want to deal with scheduling tests right now, but I want to give time for my weight and diet to start to work and heal my body.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


So as you are all aware I stepped up the intensity of my aerobic workout while scaling back a bit on weight training.

Let me be clear I would no have done this were I not preparing for a family event at the end of October. I just know from past experience that walking- a lot of it like the Canadian Amish works for me.

I have logged a lot of steps, some thanks to my hubby as we would go for a mile or so walk each night as well. I noticed on those nights my blood sugar would be lower in the morning.

On the subject of blood sugar I got the berberine supplements and have noticed a slow but continual drop in my blood sugar. I even get some that are bordering on the kind of numbers the esteemed Dr. Bernstein would start to approve of. I am excited because damage from blood sugar happens to EVERYONE starting at lower levels than we thought for years. I think the kindle book I found about it was right on target, and I notice I feel younger as those numbers start to move.

On the other hand I have had a couple of episodes of "Atkins Flu". I am not sure why unless losing poundage/bs lowering can cause it on the way down. Essentially I am okay, I just feel sort of flu-like for a few hours. The cure... seems to be salty fluid and fasting. Go figure.

So.. Here it is I am EIGHT POUNDS DOWN from two weeks ago. That is right. My hubby asked if it is okay to lose that fast, but as I am most definitely NOT going hungry I am pretty sure it is a side effect of the Keto-adaption and how obese I have been.

The peach 1x shirt in my closet.... fits beautifully now. Next family dinner it is going to gets worn.

Tigersue: there is a free paleo recipe book out there for your Kindle. Just eyeballing the recipes I get a feeling of "Schwarzbein" that you might like. I love the Paleo granola recipe and plan on making some as soon as I can.

Upshot of this is that I plan on keeping up my activity and the fluidity bar until after the wedding, then will readjust to firm workouts again.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Like button

I once said I wish there was a like button similar to what is on facebook. Well you got one! I found it on the post edit, so now there are several options to pick from. If you can think of more let me know, and I will add them in. So here we go to giving props to each other!

Monday, August 6, 2012

This weeks update

I had a nice woosh this week. It seems adding the extra walking in and the increased weights have helped this week. My hormones are still squanky so who knows how they are effecting me. I really don't want to go to a doctor yet, I keep hoping they will straighten out on their own. Please?

So here are this weeks measurements.
Neck 5/21 15 1/4 8/6 14 5/8
L bicep 14.25 Today 14 (biceps and thighs are still hard for me to get accurate measurments, Maybe someday?"
R bicep 14.25 today 14
L elbow 10.5 today 10 1/4
R elbow 10 1/4 today 10 1/4
L Forearm 9 7/8 today 9 1/2
R Forearm 10 today 9 5/8
L wrist 6 1/4 today 6 1/8
R wrist 6 3/8 today 6 1/8
upper chest 43 1/2 today 40 1/2
Bust 48 today 45 1/2
lowerchest 43 today 41
waist 43 1/2 today 42
upper hips 51 today 48
Hips 51 1/2 today 50 1/8
lowerhips 49 1/2 today 46 3/4
Thighs 23 today 22 3/4
L knee 14 1/8 today 14
R knee 14 13 7/8
L calf 15 1/2 today 15 3/8
R calf 15 today 15
L ankle 8 3/4 today 8 5/8
R ankle 8 1/2 today 8 5/8

I have found I get really tired trying to do 4 days of full Firm workouts in a row. So I am still doing the tortoise/hare rotation but throwing in Prime Power Fat burning on Wed. If I get stronger I will do The Boomers workout. With the Tortoise and the Hare I alternate which one I start with on Monday, so it will be a HTTH, or THHT, this way I alternate which ones are hitting on my stronger days and keeping them back to back. I really wanted to do them 5 days a week and be on this pattern hthth ththt, but I do need to scale back. I have also added more steps in a day. I would get into stalls, not like Nedra's but enough that it is frustrating to see what is really going on.

So my goal is like hers sort of. I plan on getting 17,ooo to 20,000 steps Mondays through Friday, as close to that 20,000 as possible. On Saturday I just want to focus on what I can do, and Sunday rest day.

Unfortunately it is taking up so much time I'm not getting anything done around the house. The girls room is a disaster and when it gets this bad it takes me 4 hours to organize. I feel like all I'm doing is working out and hardly spending time with my kids. I hope that soon hormones will start to repair so I can have a consistent weight loss with only a couple of hours a day and not pushing 4. Good thing I can do the fast 4 miles 2 times a day, that is saving about 20 minutes off of those eight miles. It also gets me a bit over 12,000 steps. I'm getting close to my first mini goal, but I am worried about this weekend. We are headed to IF for Michael's parents 50th wedding anniversary, and eating lowcarb is impossible there. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, and how to manage it. This is when it gets hard because down here at least Nedra and I know what we can do, and mom and dad are good about fixing basic meats. Up there I can't even be guaranteed a basic meat without lots of sugar and a green salad. I expect my weight to be way up by the time I weigh again next week. Wish me luck. I will need it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I am an exercise product Junkie

And I have a piece of equipment that leaned against the wall that occasionally served as a place to put my towel or some clothes on occasion.

It is called a Fluidity Bar. That's right, you might have seen it on TV. I know in my rambles on youtube I found a young man putting it down as a mode of any sort of workout. But you know how some young guys can be......

Anyhow I broke down and broke it out last Friday and .. I love the thing. My hamstrings felt like they had been through a ringer...they were exhausted! I didn't really do all that much either!

I did it again today- again some problems with trying to do a few things because of my general weight, but much of what I did exhausted some little muscles in my butt and arms.

Needless to say... I am going to continue. It is really cool. Still continuing with the serious steps...I am tired, but I think it works.

Just wanted to report in on the one thing I have added I am doing.

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Exercise Schedule

I sat down at my computer and hit out a new exercise schedule on my e-mail calendar.  I think the synchronization of the digital calendar is one of the coolest features of a smartphone. I've been talking to Steph a lot about what I really want to do and what I really need with my exercises. When I first started doing this with you guys I was working on running mostly.  Sure, I did some kinect exercises and tried the 100 Pushup challenge program (which I'm still doing, it's just slower than what the program expects), but mostly I just run.  The difficult part of that is I'm out of shape.  It hurts my legs, and I need a day or two to recover at least.  Even doing something like kinect wasn't very good when I started to get shin splints.  So I'm scaling back running.  I'm still going to do it, only slightly less than what I was before.

I told Steph that I really need to do this as close to one-two times a day as possible.  Some days that's not possible.  Often times I get home at around 10:00AM from work, head straight to bed.  I get up at around 5:00PM (most of the time later than that even) and I have time to shower, eat, maybe do a load of dishes then it's off to work.  Days like those I can't do anything.  So I figure that will be my rest day.  The day to give my body a chance to recover.

My new schedule is something like one exercise in the morning, one at night.  On sunday nights I work, I'll only do one the monday evening since I work until 10:00AM on those days.  All of this was relatively easy to set up on a digital calendar.  I even have reminders set up an hour before, and I even have the sundays figured out when I work.  I'm really happy with it so far and I'm excited to give it a test run starting Monday.  I've changed from mostly running to actually mostly water aerobics/weight lifting.  I love running, but I know too many runners at moxtek who have leg, knee, and back problems later in life from constant marathon running.  The morning exercise will be good because I'll be getting up before Steph or Tobi and do some running or Kinect before they wake up. 

Steph's supportive about it, especially when I express my frustration at not really moving anywhere due to me simple not being serious about it.  I'm glad she's helping me and encouraging me with it, because I worry about her at home without me.  Especially when she has to count on me being a phantom during the weekend.  But, going to the Orem Rec as a family is a great activity for us.  Tobi loves to swim, and we got him this really great floaty he wears.  He's extremely confident in the water without us hanging onto him.  In fact, most days he pushes us away and wants to float on his own.  I figure we can go into a deeper end while he plays near me and I'll just tread water, which is actually a pretty good workout for me.  Especially doing it for a long time.  Steph can always take him in the pool while I lift weights, there's lots of ways we can do this as a family.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Still experiencing a little frustration

Things maybe moving or they may not- I guess the good news is that while everything else seems to be the same with the same weight, measurements and body fat percent (okay maybe that is down a percent or so) my waist measurement went down an inch from July 4. My left foot while still not "normal" is so much better at times it actually looks like it is a match to my right foot. It actually seems to get better with the jogging/running intervals I do when I use the Leslie Sansone tapes.

Speaking of Leslie she as a new one that I plan on getting soon- actually two that use the same interval type training. If anything is working at all the intervals are. I might have to get Insanity!!! Yikes!

I still work to find out as much as I can about eating, food and the severe addictive type way so many of us are responding to food and have been in doing in increasing numbers since the 1980's. I listen to a lot of of the backlog pod-casts I have missed from Jimmy Moore's site because he is so willing to have a lot of different people on with him to interview including low carb enemies like Dean Ornish. You can learn a lot from his interviews.

I am also going to get serious about testing for blood sugar after meals. If I am not in "normal" range I will start with getting Berberine- a natural answer to Metformin. I think some of this is important.

I am NOT going to step on my scale for 2 weeks. I am not going to measure officially for another couple of weeks. I am going to be working out 2-3 hours a day.. now don't get scared.. some of that is walking for mental health during my lunches. My steps Monday through Saturday the goal is 15,000-17,000 per day.

I am going to be using standing legs Monday, Wednesday and Friday and working on getting up to using the 14 inch step for leg press and getting up to my 10 pound weights for lunges and 15 pounds for my squats.

For Upper body I am going to get back to figuring out to lift my weights on the upper body- and work a bit more on the side with push-ups

I will also use a set up core strength/yoga before I go to bed at night. My Yoga is Leslie Sansone so pretty simple- even my daughter Mugs was impressed at how low key and relaxed she is for me to work into it. The core will be the 5 days abs.. one set per day.

My goals will have nothing to do with the scale and measurements as you can see. I am driving myself crazy in this plateau patch. If I say it I will leave it alone! Hehe.

For eating I am trying to figure out budget ways to include more grassfed meat to our meals. That is a tough one. I believe in it.. but yowzers it is expensive. I might just have to sneak it into a meatloaf for the other two here and there. Randy is moving back to more of his cereal breakfasts and eating toast. Its hard to do what I am doing unless you believe in it.. and while I worry for him, he is a grown up and can make his decisions.

The other thing I am trying to do is eat some kind of fish every day. Often Sardines, which I happen to love- always have- since I was a kid. My other goal is to post one good recipe per week on our other blog about low carbing. To make it work you have to have real recipes that people can use.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We're officially low carbing at my house.

Hey everyone,

Been a while since I wrote anything.  Let me give a quick update into what I've been doing.  To sum it up, pretty much nothing.  Things have been rather hectic lately.  Moxtek Lagoon party, Rodeo, Batman, etc... I'm doing all of the house work because Steph just can't physically do it.  Also, I've been helping Grandpa with restoring his dining set, so that's been sucking up a lot of time.  But I'm ready to get back into it this week.  Got to keep my survivors happy in that zombie apocalypse ;)

Anyway, so with Steph's pregnancy she's been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes again.  On top of a diet change, she has to be on insulin again.  Here's the dilemma we're facing with her meals.

We struggle at breakfast a lot.  If you look at breakfast, everything is loaded with carbs.  Every typical meal under the sun is carb central.  Cereal, eating some fruit, bagels, toast, etc...  Everything cheap and quick has carbs with the exception of eggs, bacon, or sausage.  Steph doesn't like eating that every day, obviously.  Do you two have any ideas?  She really likes my scrambled eggs lol.  which is good because I don't really like eggs a whole lot.

I'd also like some ideas on lunch and dinner.  We have a few dishes that actually are low carb to begin with.  I know each meal differs on the amount of carbs she can have.  But I think max she can have in one meal is 40 grams of carbs.

They've actually changed her diet since last time.  I think they removed some snacks and increased the amount of carbs she can have per meal and that's helped her more.  Because last time it really frustrated her that she couldn't hardly eat anything, especially for breakfast.  By lunch and dinner she had more options for eating low carb. 

For Tigersue

I keep meaning to stop and post this and then forget.

Tigersue..... you will want to know that you Mom said the other night that she can tell the difference with all the work you have been doing!

Isn't that great????!!!!! :)

Tortoise and Hare

I have been doing these two workouts for the past week. I have done each 3 times now and they are getting easier. The hare mostly because I remember it fairly well from what I did before. The abdominal work still kills me on that one. I really need to look for a beginner move for the isometric hip lifts. I never could do them well, and my hip flexors are yelling at me when she does them. I guess it is just do what I can, and do regular lower work when I can't. The ballroom steps can be hard for me, depending on speed. I feel clumsy on the waltz, cha-cha, and swing.

Today doing the tortoise I could do the leg lifts with my barbell with 5 pounds of added weight. Stepping on a scale today I was lifting 20 pounds for the leg lifts, lunges and upper body work. I am very pleased as this is the first time I could do the same weight for my upper and lower body without needing to lighten up for the legs. They are catching up at last. The tortoise I can do the abdominal work pretty well. I'm still trying to figure out how to do the aerobic work well on this one. It seems hit and miss with the heavy weights and then the step work between. I'm working hard I'm, not feeling the consistent heart rate up with the stop and go. I suppose I will see how my body adjusts and if I loose weight in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I'm in a stall but it is of my own doing so I can't blame anyone but myself.

One thing I'm missing in these two workouts is a really good deltoid work out. I know the barbell is doing it but not having deltoid flies I'm not sure how it is working. I may add in upper body, or prime power fat burning on the occasion just to keep those going.

I'm still trying to do 6 to 8 miles of Leslie walks during the week, and trying to do a little bit of something on the weekend. Measurements were slightly down on upper body this week and slightly up on the abdominal measurements.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One more reminder to my beloved family

If you would like to be a contributor to this blog to tell us what you are doing for your good health and get a few cheers, or those precious mommies to those precious grandchildren, just let me or Tigersue or Jordan know. We can get you added.

The more the merrier I always say!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another quick review of The Firm Boomers workout

I simply love this one and I decided the reason why is the controlled movement. They made this specifically so a wide range of age groups could do the workout- so the aerobic portions are a speed that is great for young healthy marines and older women.

Don't kid yourself however. I was soaked after I was done with it this morning. You are just doing a bit slower and controlled step ups on a low bar interspersed with a bit of weight training. It is doable.

I admire the lead, Janie. I love the fact the cast has older women, one I believe is the creator of the firm Anna Benson. It looks like her. Tigersue and I also get a kick out of the oh so serious marine at the end of the first row. He just picks up heavier weights and follows right along with the rest.

This would probably be the one I would hand out as a Christmas present to someone I wasn't sure the type of exercise they like, but wanted a great dvd to work out with. I firmly believe you could use this one and a few good walks for most healthy people and stay in great shape.

You can still get copies of these older firm workouts here. Look past the age to the great result of just how you feel when you do them!

Monday, July 16, 2012

"""Shreeeeeek""""!!!!! The dreaded Plateau is here causing weeping, wailing and gnashing of of teeth!!!

Two weeks of bouncing the same pound or two and fat percentages over and over and over.

I have a plateau and there isn't anything I can do about it. So I think it is about time to bite the bullet and add back a little extra aerobic work.

Tonight I did the Firm Express. Not excited about it, but it has interval work, which is what I am headed for. I am going to go out and discover what walking routes might have hills to incorporate as those worked so well for me the first time.

I wish I had just a bit more time in my day to devote to this, but with working full time that is not about to happen.

On the other hand I think sympathetically of my sweet sis as I go through this ridiculously infuriating valley, of the wanderer trying to get slim and fit, shadow.

Like everyone else that goes through these I want to know how those that say calories in calories out can't quite figure out it isn't that simple. I have been MORE careful, and absolutely no result. My body sits and just says, Nope.. not going there.

It's like stubborn three year old- wants to hold onto the fat because it thinks there is a ruddy famine. I wish we all had a bit more control over some.. well controls, so I could tell it I am not starving it. We are eating quite well thank you.


A new week of measurements.

Last week was a rough week for me. I tell myself, as Noelie would, that it was still more than I would have done a few months ago. Still with a Migraine that lasted several days I missed a couple of days working out, and the others we very, very weak for the most part. I figured rest was more important at this point.

This week I'm starting a new rotation. I am going to do the Tortoise and the Hare, I'm still trying to decide if I should through something different on Wed, or just keep doing them one after another for a couple of weeks until I have the step patterns down. I plan on working hard on the weight work, and I amazed myself today with the leg press and abdominal work. The upper body seemed hard for me, which still maybe effects of not feeling well last week as my upper back muscles are tight as can be.

So for this week, all the upper body measurements were the same except lower chest which went down another 1/2 inch. Legs are still the same, but truthfully, I have a hard time measuring so who really knows?

5/21 Upper chest 43 1/2 today 42 down 1 1/2
5/21 waist 43 1/2 today 42 5/8 down 1 1/8
5/21 upper hips 51 today 48 3/8 down 2 5/8
5/21 hips 51 1/2 today 50 3/4 down 3/4 (first decrease)
5/21 Lower hips 49 1/2 today 47 1/2 down 2
5/21 L ankle 8 3/4 today 8 1/2 down 1/4
5/21 r ankle 8 1/2 today 8 1/4 down 1/4.

Makes me happy to see the abdominal measurements finally really doing something. Not shabby at all for me. I will be adding one more abdominal measurement in the future, that is an umbilical, around my abdomen, across the belly button. This is one that I can be sure is consistent. Mostly so I can be sure I'm getting the others right. The abdominal measurements can be tough at this weight with how fat moves around and shifts, I can almost never be sure I'm measuring accurately. This one will help out lots in the future.
Thanks everyone for your support, it means a great deal to me.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Need Noelie advice

I'm sure I need to sit down and watch these tapes again to figure out what I want to do. I figure it is time to adjust my rotation. I figure I should either to Tortoise/Hare, or Firm strenght/Cardio. My problem is I don't remember which set is easier. I'm sure it is the first with Traci Long. I don't remember doing Firm Cardio much because I think the cardio was still a bit hard for me. I also know I had a bit of a hard time with the steps in the tortoise and the Hare. So which should I work on first? Eventually I think I would like to get them to a rotation where I do all four in a week with a good sculpting tape in between, and on Saturdays when possible. I know that mix will be a few months down the road as I learn these well again. What do you think?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review of Zombies, Run!

I gave it a whirl today after I woke up.  I could only do 1 mission, other missions were still locked.  There are "Story" missions and "supply" missions.  The supply missions were all locked.  I assume that all the supply missions contains are picking up supplies and running from zombies.  So I'm not sure why they are locked.  I am positive they'll be unlocked as soon as I do more story missions.

I started the first mission.  One thing I instantly realized with this app was that it's completely British.  The voice actors, the pop culture references, etc... That doesn't bother me a whole lot, actually.  The story begins with you on a helicopter being delivered to "Abel Township".  This serves as your base and what you actually fortify with the supplies you pick up during the run.  The Helicopter gets shot down by someone with a rocket launcher.  Looks like you're the only survivor of the helicopter crash.  The radio operator from Abel Township tells you that the zombies are on your tail and you need to run.  Then it goes quiet for a while, unless you tell the app to play music.

The one thing I noticed was the voice acting was "passable".  There were some cringe moments.  But really, I'm just spoiled.  I listen to We're Alive.  An serial audio drama podcast that has amazing voice acting.  Mostly because the people that are used are ACTUAL actors.  Most likely the people in the zombies, run app are either acting students or friends of the developers.  The app worked fine without any crashing or anything like that.  I did have some complaints with the accuracy of my run.  The app showed that I ran a few miles, and gave me a pace during the run.  But when I finished it said my pace was 0.00 KM.  Which was kind of odd.  The other thing I have a complaint with is when there is no story segments going, there was pretty much silence.  I guess there were supposed to be audio cues when zombies are chasing you or you pick up supplies.  I thought I could hear some noises, but I assumed they were natural noises out in the world.  Whenever I picked up supplies my phone vibrated for a second.  But no such cue was given when zombies were chasing me.

If you have zombie chase set to on, the zombies will chase you during the run.  During this part, you need to speed up for 1 minute in order to outrun them.  If you don't, you'll drop any supplies you picked up.  At one point I looked down at my phone and I was being chased by zombies.  It was too late and by the time I sped up they caught me.  That frustrated me a little bit.

Even with those problems, the version of this app is still 1.0 for Windows phone.  For android it's .9 and has even more issues.  The app for WP7 does not require GPS connection to work.  When it can't get GPS it will use your accelerometer until GPS can be established again.  I guess Android doesn't use the accelerometer yet. 

One thing I was perfectly happy with in the app was its ability to use my Zune APIs in the app.  When I told the app I was going to play music during my run, it asked me what play list I was going to play, shuffle, repeat, etc... When story segments came up, the music paused while the talking was going. 

All in all for version 1.0 it is my new favorite running app.  When they were barking orders at me and telling me zombies were after me, it made me feel immersed and I ran that much better.  Apparently Version 1.1 for Windows phone will be out soon with fixes to the GPS and running stats accuracy.  There will also be an additional 5 missions exclusive to WP7.  So I'm pretty excited.  Hopefully in that update will also be fixes to the audio cues.  Once those are all fixed, this will be the perfect running game app and will be a great motivator.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Zombies, Run!!

Confession!  I love zombies.  I have a hard time watching zombie flicks, with the gore and all.  But I love the idea, the zombie apocalypse.  As far as apocalypse fiction goes, I like the viral outbreak stuff the most.  They're terrifying scenarios and I admit, it scares the tar out of me.  Which is probably why I like it so much.  I feel that if you prepare for a zombie apocalypse, you'll be prepared for just about any end of the world scenario.  Yes, I know, zombies don't exist and never will.  But the way a zombie apocalypse plays out is exactly the same as a viral outbreak like a plague or devastating flu virus.  Which is why places like the CDC have a zombie apocalypse scenario.  But I digress...

I found this app on my Windows Phone marketplace.  I believe it was also on the iPhone (which would make it available for iPods too), though I can't confirm that. 


The app is called 'Zombies, Run!' and it's $7.99 which is like... $100,000,000 in app world money.  But, the concept is VERY cool and for $8 it seems like an investment.  The idea is that you run to your music, and occasionally this app will chime in and give you a sort of audio story as you go.  As you run you encounter zombies, supplies, people, etc... At the end of your run you'll return to your "base" and use the supplies and people you gathered to beef it up.  You play out this story in a quasi-augmented reality.  It won't use my camera to over-impose zombie images in real time, lol.  But, it will talk to me during my run. 

I think I'm going to give it a go.  It sounds like a lot of fun!  I just hope it also tracks my running stats.  If it does, it will completely replace my fitness activity app I us on my phone.

I also heard about a zombie 5K where you're running the 5K and it's sort of like a flag football race where people dressed as zombies will be around the course and will try to grab your flag.  I'm going to keep track of this 5K as it moves around the country.  As soon as it's within 1 state of here I think I'm going to take a trip :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

5K run

The 5K came and went and in all of my excitement and training for it, I didn't make a post until now.  It's been a crazy few weeks.  Unfortunately, that put off some of my training and I think that's where I suffered.  I didn't actually hit any of my goals this time.  I didn't beat my old boss, or make it to the time I wanted.  But that's alright.  If we hit all of our goals all the time then what's the point of them?  That just means I need to push harder, and I have a whole year to be where I want to be.  The point of it all was that I did it, and I had fun doing it. 

For the first two miles, I actually was doing really well.  I kept checking my phone and I was about an 8:30-9min/mile average.  If I had sustained this pace, I would've beat my boss and my goals.  The third mile was the worst for me and was where I struggled.  Every time I tried to push myself, I just couldn't do more than 30 yards of running before I had to stop again.  Funny thing, I couldn't even slow my pace to a slower jog.  I had to either walk or nothing.

Here's the total stats for the run.

Total Distance: 3.14 Miles
Duration: 35:28 (I didn't stop the app for a minute after I got to the end.  I got a text from the organizers that said my time was 34 minutes for the 5K)
Avg. Speed: 5.31mph
Avg. Pace: 11:18 Min/Mile

So my average pace must've actually been in the high 10 minute mile average, which was where I wanted to be.  As I said, I didn't realize the app was continuing to run at the finish line. 

I ran with my friend Adam.  It was great to have him along.  He's been like a brother to me lately, so that was cool to have him come with.  He did much better, around an 8 minute mile average pace for him.  He finished at around 26 minutes.  Below is a picture of us after we finished the race.

The 5K is a great experience, and I want to do it every year.  Adam and I want to keep running and keep training ourselves to eventually run a half marathon.  I think that'll be it for me with running.  I'm not wanting to get too serious with running as I know a lot of runners who get damage in their legs and back and have a difficult time later in life.  If I do 1 half marathon a year and 1 5K a year I think I will be happy.  It will be a good excuse to keep exercising and training.  Now that the 4th of July season is done I can rest easy and get back to my regular schedule of exercise.  It will also help a lot if I can get back to Day shift.  I was so much better about consistency in my exercise when I was on days.

Progress, Progress

I love the word progress, it is always in motion, what we should be doing. I love Noelie's progress, she motivates me daily. Always has. Looking at her last post it is great, and I'm so happy she found something else to work with.

Today I was a bit tired, from the 4th of July, and I knew I just didn't have the mental motivation to tackle Janet Jones Gretzy. I thought, hmmm, do Prime power fat burning. It is a low intermediate tape, would get me moving, and I could work my upper body, and see my progress since I haven't done it for a couple of weeks.

Wow, I couldn't believe it. I did 12 pounds on lat rows, and isolated bicep curls. I used 10 pounds on my other bicep set that I used 5 or 8 before. I used 10 on french press, which amazed me, It shouldn't have because I have been trying to do with Janet, but on this tape, I was using 5 pounds last time I did it. The only reason I didn't make it through the set was because of my neck hurting, which I have to watch because of the TMJD stuff. I wanted to jump up and down with joy. Then the big one came with the deltoid work. For me it has always been the hardest set to do. The frontal, anterior and posterior delt work I always had to use 2 pounds because even using 3 I couldn't even lift a 3 pound weight when she moved to the military press which should be a heavy weight. Today I did 3 pounds for the regular delt work, and I was able to lift 8 pound weights on the military press. Happy, Happy day. Janet Jones Gretzky may kill me do her tape but it has obviously worked using it the past 2 weeks. It tells me the rotation I have been doing is working, my strength is improving in a measurable tangible way. It tells me muscle memory is coming back, and faster than anticipated.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This is my week

I have been excited that in my search for something to coordinate with my Firm workouts I found the Les Mills Pump through Beachbody.

I know, I know-some of you are saying "so commercial!" Okay, but that is what makes what is left of the America I dream of wonderful: that you can still sell your product how you see fit and if you have something worthwhile, people will buy it. They do. However, nothing seemed quite a right fit until I saw this program.

And I have to say: I LOVE IT! They call their version of resistance training "the Rep effect". In truth how they mix up the moves is something I have seen in the old Firm workouts, but the focus is a little different that is mixing well with the more aerobic Firm workouts I am choosing on the off days.

What is really cool is I get that "wobbly mushy" muscle feel after a super-duper set of whatever it is that we are working on, and I really think it is going to be fantastic for my legs. Tigersue has one benefit over me in that she didn't inherit the family tree stump legs from my grandma and aunt- she got legs more like my mom, so when she finally gets down her legs, ankles and wrists are naturally just cuter than mine. So I am going to have to challenge them, and right now this is working. At some point I will have to "Stand Legs" them and "Tough Tape" them, but this is going to work beautifully for the next two months to get them where they need to be.

I have measurements today:

Neck: 14 3/4
Wrist: 7 1/4
Fore arm: 11
Elbow: 17 1/2
Upper Arm: 16 1/2
Ankle: 11
Calf: 16
Knee: 18 1/4
Thigh: 23 1/2
Hips: 46 1/2
Waist: 43
Rib Cage: 38 1/2
Bust: 42 1/2
Upper Chest 38 1/2

At this minute I am wearing the shirt I planned for July 4th, and a pair of pants I had given up wearing a long time ago because I had to work to get the buttons and then of course if I did it felt awful all day. Not today. I didn't have to work, and they feel great. They aren't small but they are SMALLER!

And that my friends is part of the point- the other is to feel better. I do. So I feel I am on the right track. I still study about it and try to find out more while I am doing this so I always feel better. I have great resources and am grateful for this internet age--you can quietly network into information and use what you feel is good.

Thanks to all for the support we have for This. I love you kids!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sane Recipe posted on Facebook today

Gazpacho Salad. Looks YUMMMY!!!!

Another Day, Another week

Most of my family knows last week was a rough week in the Robinson household. Needless to say my workouts, although still more than I was doing in May, were rough and hard to get through. I think I pushed through them just because I needed too. I skipped my afternoon walks, it was just too much at the time. Today I didn't even want to do my measurements, my weight on the scale was all over today. After my workout it showed a loss but I don't know how much of that was just water, I hope some was glycogen because I really ate more carbs than I should have last week. Not horrible, still too much.
So here are the measurements for this week, showing change from 5/21
Neck 15 1/4 today 14 7/8
Left Bicep 14 1/4 today no change
Right Bicep 14 1/4 no change
Left forearm 9 7/8 today 9 3/4
Right forearm 10 today no change
L wrist 6 3/8 today 6 1/4
R wrist 6 3/8 today 6 1/8
Upper chest 43 1/2 today 42 1/4
Bust 48 today 46 3/4
Lower chest 43 today 42 3/8
waist 43 1/2 today 42 3/4
upper hips 51 today 49 1/2
Hips 51 1/2 no change
lower hips 49 1/2 today 48 5/8
L thigh 23 today 22 3/4
R thigh 23.5 today 22 3/4
R and L knee 14 no change
L calf 15. 5 no change
R calf 15 no change
L ankle 8 3/4 no change
R ankle 8 1/2 no change

Things are moving around my abdomen, its about time. The tape measure was sitting different, and even though hips aren't moving since upper and lower are, that is telling it is shifting around. I also notice a difference in looking at my upper back, posture is better, and it is becoming more flat. Those are the kind of changes I like to see because this how clothes fit, and how they look on.

As far as doing the boomer's workout, I tried the 8 inch box for the first two sets, I did okay with those, but dropped to the 6 because I was getting to tired and I wanted to make it through the squats and the leg lifts. I tried using the sculpting stick for the leg lifts, and couldn't make it through the whole set so still need to do it without added weight. Next week I will try it again and see if I'm any stronger and I will stick with the 6 inch box for a bit. I'm still trying to walk 6 to 8 miles a day, focusing on 8.

I read what Noelie posts, love them. They help out so much. Here is to a better week.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Things I noticed this week

Wow, what a week. Aside from a husband gone on trek, and a sick dog, I am noticing several things.
I find that I move more. Not just my forced workouts, which I have expanded to 6 to 8 mile of Leslie walks a day, but during the day I want to move more. I don't sit at the computer as much, I'm up and down the stairs. I actually would love to take a long walk outside, but I know I would wilt in this heat. That is amazing. I can't think of the last time I really wanted to go for a walk. I can't wait for cooler weather so I can start walking outside again. I love fall and spring for that reason.

I still hate to take measurements. I have always found it hard to get in the same spot every time so it frustrates me. Maybe someday I will love it but right now I hate it. I do it because I know sometime I will see a big difference from starting point to a current measurement but with my abdomen not budging a bit it gets discouraging. I know it is because it takes time when I'm this heavy but even a 1/8 off my hips would give me a happy dance feeling because then I would really know fat is moving there nicely not just shifting around.

I got a fitbit and I love it, and an aria. I really couldn't afford it but I know I do well with a pedometer. I had one before that I dug out but it needs a battery change if it opens up. That is one reason why I got it now, the other was it was on sale on Amazon, the plum one for 10.00 less than the fitbit site. I have no idea why the blue one was not on sale. Go figure. At the sametime I figured I would get the scale, I know Michael would like it if he can get to more serious workouts. His work has been awful lately and so he hasn't had time to even go do a workout like he used to do. Another reason to pray for cooler weather so we can walk at least once a week together.

I think my mood is better, my weight is down another 2 pounds or so this week. I think that is why I'm frustrated that measurements didn't go. I worry I'm wasting muscle not fat. Go figure I shouldn't be but since I'm sure I have adrenal gland fatigue it worries me a tiny bit.

Now if the flooding in my workout space doesn't get any worse another week is here. I'm still doing The Boomers workout. I used a 6 inch step today, except for the work between the squats and the leg press. I used the sculpting stick instead of my barbell but I probably still need the barbell. I think the aerobic work was good with 6, I might try it on 8 next week, but I'm still thinking about it.

Janet Jones Gretzky tape still gets me, but I'm doing better at it. If I have to slow down I do. Sometimes I find the spend in the weight work during the aerobics is too fast. Does that mean I'm using too heavy of a weight then? Or is it a range of motion issue and will get better as I loose weight. I'm not sure yet. I do know I go as heavy as I can, when I can. It is hard to judge with my darn weak shoulders. Someday I might be able to move beyond 2 or 3 pound weights on those. Otherwise I'm trying to use 12 on lat rows and biceps but I'm not sure if it is hurting my form or not at the moment. I'm trying to decide. There again it is Range of motion that keeps me from getting into good position so it is hard to tell.

I hope to keep up this rotation I'm on for another 3 weeks. Give it a month and see what changes and improvements I make. I'm looking mostly to be able to use the barbell on The Boomers and with luck be able to add weight. My upper body is willing, I'm not sure about the legs. With 15 pounds down since December, and roughly 10 since the end of April we shall see.

The clothes test

I continue to make strides in how well I am able to follow along with my exercise tapes. My only major challenge has been some issues with knee pain and of course my ever irritating left foot (that I do feel is getting better). I have increased weights for my lat rows up to 15 lbs and use the 5 and 6 pound weights for my deltoid muscles. The legs I manage to use good form without weights and a lower step for leg press, although I have decided that I will use the 10 inch step. I need to change out exercise benches so I have choices with firm stuff.

My clothes continue to fit better. I can easily wear the shirt I want to wear for July 4, and in the peach shirt I inherited from my aunt my arms fit in better all the time. I figure another 15 pounds needs to come off before I wear it "well". Clothes can tell you a great deal.

I continue to love my scale better than I thought it would, because it simply shows me fat percentage loss on many days that nothing else happens, so progress! That is an amazing thing so while I like my fitbit, my scale Aria is my buddy.

I continue to feel better- oh I did get another pair of sketchers that were on sale and love that brand of shoes for my feet. It is helping with that stubborn but improving left foot. I treat it well, rubbing and massaging with coconut oil and try to do little exercises with my feet and toes when sitting up or reading in bed.

I expect another program to arrive this week with a barbell and again seem to work in an "aerobic" type way- the best I could compare the firm and this to is circuit training.

I found an amazing recipe on Rachel Ray, chicken with pumpkin seed sauce I am going to try today. If it is good I will post the link here.

Food has to be good, filling and rewarding or you can't continue with it, low carb or high carb. That is a reality. So I keep working to find things that will work for everyone in my household, because I simply love them and want them to feel well.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

If exercise doesn't really cause weight loss---why do it?

All the reading and studying I have done lately reinforces that the idea that strictly calories in and calories out isn't quite.. well the way it works. Yes a calorie is a calorie, but it takes so much work to just lose a pound. For instance " let’s say you decide to walk at a speed of about two miles per hour for 30 minutes three times a week. That activity will burn about 157 calories per walk (more or less depending on your weight). At three times per week, you will burn 471 calories–nowhere near a pound. Now if you walk faster, say 3 miles per hour, you’ll burn 247 calories per walk. If you increase your walks to five times per week at a speed of 3 miles per hour, you will burn 1,235 calories per week from exercise. If you choose a more challenging workout, like bicycling at a speed of 12-14 miles per hour for a half hour you’ll burn 495 calories per workout. After seven workouts, you will have burned enough calories to lose one pound."

I got a copy of Dana Carpender's How I gave up my low fat diet and lost 40 pounds, which by the way I can't recommend highly enough on ways to figure out how to carb restrict the rest of your life. She was going over Dr. Sears Zone Plan and mentioned a little tidbit I vaguely knew from other places, but made my eyes pop wide open.

It had to do with Eicosanoids. What??? Well I hadn't remembered hearing that term for them even though I read at Dr. Eades Blog and apparently he mentions them or something, but hey forgive me- I a lady in menopause, and the brain doesn't work like it did when I was twenty. They area apparently intra-cellular hormones. Because their split second lives are short and don't reach the blood stream, it makes them hard to find, which is why no one has known fully about them until lately.

Dana divided them up into two groups, "good" and "bad", but as she makes the point and I will do, there isn't truly bad in a body until you have too much of the wrong thing. These little hormones do all kinds of things like narrowing blood vessels or dilate your blood vessels, or decrease inflammation and paid or increase both.

What hit me about the discussion is that of course most of the time we needs more of the ones that benefit our homeostasis in a good way. And that is where exercise and getting optimal protein come in. Those are two things that tend to effect many of the growth of the ones that lower blood pressure or increasing glucagon.

My explanation above is of course incredibly simplistic, but it is one reason that exercise-smart exercise is good for you. Don't be trying to do it for calorie in-calorie out, but smart exercise to help make those little deep cellular changes for the good!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I did 53 push ups today then went on my run.  It's easy to be discouraged, and there are those that probably get excited when I'm discouraged, but I feel like I'm not improving at all.  Here's my below stats.

Total Distance: 2.0 Miles.
Duration: 20:37
Avg. Speed: 5.81 MPH
Avg. Pace: 10:19

So then I pulled up my past runs from this month/last month.  Below are a few of them.

June 19
Distance: 1.32 Miles
Duration: 15.04
Avg. Speed: 5.25 MPH
Avg. Pace: 11:26 Min/Mile

June 6
Distance: 1.13 Miles
Duration 14:30
Avg. Speed: 4.7 MPH
Avg. Pace: 12:46 Min/Mile

May 30 (This has no average speed as it was a different app I was using.  I found a better run app)
Distance: 2.28 Miles
Duration: 27:53
Avg. Pace: 12:12 Min/Mile

So it's easy to get tunnel vision.  I was thinking I should be better, but then I remember that I'm where I wanted to be at by this point.  In fact, I'm on track to hit my ultimate goal.  Which was to be below a 10 min/mile.  To help this, I think I'm going to post my workouts in an SPC chart.

SPC - Statistical Process Control is basically a trend chart.  I do this a lot in my new job, and I think it'd be fun to see my workouts trending up.  I need at least 30 points, according to my new boss.  I have about a third of that, so this project will take a while.  I'll post it as soon as I have it.  This will help me chart my improvements and keep it realistic for me so I don't get discouraged even though I'm on my way to reaching my goals.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Okay I'm getting brave posting measurements. They really are hard for me to do because it moves so slowly for me. Even with my woosh this week not much difference so here we go with about a months snap shot.
Neck 5/21 15 1/4 in 6/18 15 down 1/4
L arm 5/21 14 1/4 6/18 14 down 1/4
R arm 5/21 14 6/18 14 1/4 up 1/4
L wrist 5/21 6 1/4 6/18 6 1/4 down no change
R wrist 5/21 6 3/8 6/18 6 1/8 down 1/4
Upper chest 5/21 43 1/2 6/18 42 1/4 down 1 1/4
Bust 5/21 48 6/18 47 down 1
Lower chest 5/21 43 6/18 42 3/8 down 5/8
upper hips 5/21 51 6/18 50 3/8 down 5/8
hips 5/21 51 1/2 6/18 51 1/2 no change :(
lower Hips 5/21 49 1/2 6/18 49 down 1/2
L thigh 5/21 23 6/18 22 3/4 down 1/4
R thight 5/21 23 1/2 6/18 23 down 1/2
L calf 15 1/2 no change
R calf 15 no change
L ankle 8 3/4 no change
R ankle 8 1/2 no change.

The Firm Volume 6 Boomers Workout

I could do a happy dance! I decided to try the boomers workout. I know I loved it before and I hesitated pulling it out because of the intimidation of her set of squats and leg presses. I thought I would try because I really needed to bump up my intensity and time for my legs. I remember the first few times I did this one, I couldn't do an aerobic step, and I had to do a 10 inch box for the leg lifts so many years ago. Today, I did it with the 4 inch step for the aerobic work, I might could have done 6 but I was worried about tiring out my legs too soon. I made it through all the squats using the sculpting stick instead of my bar bell. I did all leg lifts using the sculpting stick for balance and maybe a bit of a cheat to work through the lift but I still focused on my legs. I got to muscle fatigue easily on my legs. Yippee, I can do a tough tape. It has completely made my day. I think I will try volume 2 tomorrow. If that goes well, super sculpting on Wed. Then back to volume 2, and friday end with volume 6. That will leave me able to do a shorter workout on Saturdays if I have time. Prime power fat burning can be good for that since it is a great upper body workout for an intermediate beginning tape.
I also did a 6 mile walk right after doing this firm workout. For missing 3 days of good workouts it felt good. I was so tired Friday I could hardly do the housework I needed to do. Here I am back at it today.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eight weeks!

I have been exercising for 8 weeks although I did pull back on the aerobics I was doing(walking) because I caught the nasty cold/flu thing going around. I had the dreaded sore throat last Saturday, and immediately upped my vitamin D- I didn't avoid the cold part, but seemed to go through each "step" much quicker- I am now just at feeling the junk in my upper chest, and even that is not that bad at all, so Yeah! for vitamin d!

I did keep the weight training-of the two I feel that is the most important to accomplish and after I have done the work out I love how I feel. I am always wondering during of course :)

I lost a total of 10 pounds with the fat fast and I didn't slide back. I haven't lost since going off it- interesting how I did so well on high fat huh? It does mean I think my right direction is to up the fat besides watching my calories. So I have been scouring ideas on how to do that but one thought I had was to eat dinner for my family, but do the three previous meals as the 90% fat and small calories (mini meals).

I have been reading on the internet and many others have discovered the wonder of eating so much fat. I know if you are a high carb/low fat person I am scaring you to death. It's okay I will be fine ;) fat is not the enemy- that message is getting out.

I got a 15 pound dumbbell today for my Lat rows- I am so excited to be getting up in my weights. I also have sent for some ankle weights- adjustable ones sort of like my sister's.

I have six days of work in a row in front of me, and then a nice long weekend. I still like how this seems to be clearing out my brain fog. I will do a bit more walking this week as my energy allows.

Lesson learned: You can rest when you need to and it is okay

Friday, June 15, 2012


Been inactive in the running for a bit.  This week we found out we were moving THE day we were moving.  We moved into a bigger place and it's much nicer.  I also feel that I got a good workout over the course of 3 days!  So I'm feeling pretty good.  I'll probably go on a run tomorrow and see how I improved over before moving.  I'm glad I started running before the move.  I think it really helped my endurance.  I've been letting myself go, because I used to move furniture all day.  I don't even have the heavy stuff I used to lift.  Other then my couch... I hate how heavy that thing is.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Firm express total body shaping update

I'm still doing this one because my legs yell at me every time I do. I am noticing a couple of things now as I do it. First the static lunges are getting a bit easier. Not that my legs are not killing me because they are, I have always hated static moves, but I can tell my form is improving slightly. I'm feeling it the way I should be.

Second her set of squats, when she toughens it up by focusing on one leg, I did today with the leg resting on the other knee. Big move for me. I have been doing the isolated squat with the foot back but I got brave today just to see if I could do it. I had to balance with one hand on the sculpting stick and the other on my health rider bar, I need the wider hand space rather than both on the stick but I could do it. My right leg his muscle fatigue with one move left and I pushed my left all the way through it.

I'm trying to do tougher every couple of times, and this might be it for a bit. I can't do some of the upper body with the leg work at this point but every bit of making it harder has got to be a good sign.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

couch to 5k program

I thought I would post this for Jordan. He might find it interesting with his goals. Couch to 5k

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I had a small woosh today. :)

I was so surprised to weight myself after I had breakfast, (usually I don't wait that long) and I was down two pounds. That makes about 10 down since before Christmas, that is when I saw my highest weight, even over that huge gain earlier. I was surprised because I really had a horrible sleep last night the worst in a couple of days, and I woke up with one of my TMJD headaches. Pain behind my right ear, and pain just above and behind my right eye. I still did a workout. Mostly because I really hoped the stretching would help the muscles that cause these rotten headaches.

I am starting to push myself to do 6 miles a day with Leslie. I hope to even get a couple of days a week to 7. I would like to get to where I'm walking 30 to 35 miles a week. I think that will be a good goal for me over the summer. When school starts I want to start attending the temple once a week so if I can do extra on a couple of days that will give me some flexibility on those days as to how much to put in.

Kendra is really having fun with me. She comes down at will do 4 or 5 minutes of walking with me, and yesterday she had a friend down with me who also said she had lots of fun. Kendra is bursting with energy. She is jumping, skipping, sliding, moving constantly. I came up from my workout and they girls had found some kind of dancing for kids and they were doing that. Made me smile. Just their kind of workout. ;)

Eating is still tricky, and this week I have my anniversary so that day will have to be a free day. With getting right back to it on Monday. Hopefully I get lots of walking in since Michael wants to go see the new mall in SLC.

I still know I need to mix up my Firm workouts. My legs still feel it on the express total body, but the squats not so much. Next week I need to get to some serious what should I do, and what can I do that will challenge me without discouraging me or wiping me out. I want tough but I want to be able to feel like I can do all the reps of a move before hitting muscle fatigue half way there. I watch form points and got some idea. For example when I can't do anymore leg lifts, substitute in some squats.

I had also done some looking around for the "box" that I use. A Novel Notion made mine but I can't find them on the internet anymore. For me it was one of the best purchases I made. The tool box substitute was a bit too high for me even though it wasn't quite 14 inches. Noelie and I decided years ago that 14 is much to high for me, 12 seems to be a better fit for leg lifts. This box is a multilayered square that can adapt from 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches. It is easy to move the configurations around, and is very stable. The most unstable is the 4 inch, (yes I have had it flip onto my shin if I landed on it too close to the edge) to stabilize it I use the collar under it and it isn't as likely to flip up. I love it and wish it was still online to buy. For someone that has step aerobic equipment, you won't need it, for me that had nothing it is perfect.

So that has been my week. I have an account at Fitocracy, and I started one at Fitbit, plus the one at medhelp. I like Medhelp because I can track my pain and sleep and other health concerns not just weight, and food. I still wish these sites would be more friendly to low carbers and aerobic/weight training. Both for some reason is ignored.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A lot of method behind the fat fast Madness!

Okay so my weight finally really budged, and measurements did go down again but the really exciting thing is what happened at the restaurant last night. I had decided ahead what I would eat-salmon because I love it and it is so rich in those lovely Omega 3 fats we all needs so much. When we got there and comparing the cost of the full dinner or the Salmon Caesar Salad, I decided with what I am trying to accomplish ordering the salad would be my best bet.

I ordered with no croutons, although I forgot to add to keep the cornbread muffin back. I didn't eat it of course :) although I forgot that they add sugar to their butter- I was going to plop it on the salmon! Good thing I tasted it first-that could have been a mini-disaster! At any rate, I enjoyed my salad, and when the waiter came he asked in concern "Was that enough food for you?".

I know, huh? He was very sweet, but talking to the fat lady and wondering if she was about to need to break out into a gorge session. I had to smile inside, thinking all the things I could teach him about why people become slothful and fat- as Dr. Lustig, the sugar enemy #1 would say "it isn't a person's fault, they don't choose this, they are only responding the way that their body has been designed to do." But I also thought about how I felt at that minute and it was positively STUFFED! I had 2 days of prior fat fast meals that are so low in volume that my tummy now felt distended on about 1.5 cups of salad and 3 oz of salmon. I really, really like that.

As many know, for most people Atkins doesn't mean they have to be thinking about calories, but there is a small contingent of us that do. My hubby just cut out pop and a few other things and he is dropping the weight like crazy, and I have to work so hard. But that is the way it is. So now my sensors can start to let me know-if I remember to totally slow down, at a smaller volume of food. That has been the true eye opening experience.

I completed week 7. I LOVE my Fitbit. I need to be a bit better at logging activity with it but folks, it logs sleep patterns, it logs stairs, weight-if you have the aria automatically, if not you can input. I just clip it to my bra and a way you go. I think where some have trouble is that they clip it to some thick pair of jeans- read the instructions is all I have to say to that. It doesn't take long to charge it and can go 5-7 days without needing to recharge.

I have one other thing I totally love. I bought a pair of sketchers. They are big and heavy, in part because people would talk about their fitting tight so I bought them bigger, but.. if with that my foot discomfort has greatly diminished in my left foot. I am going to order another pair or two, a bit smaller, although still technically too large for my foot, just because they are still little fat feet, but so that they are a bit more attractive. These will work for working out and going to work, but they are clunkers. They also force me to wear at least little light nylon socks as they are hot otherwise, but nice to know a shoe company I can wear and fix my feet issues.

I think I am going to decide for sure which other firm I am going to start using instead of upper body to shake things up with. So Here is to week 8 of my new fit healthy life!