Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Mistake

I woke up late which these days is 4:30 am to be going on the exercise by 4:45, and I woke up at 4:50ish.
I hopped out of bed to get going and turned on the DVD, which I placed the night before and it was the wrong one! I tried for a moment to decide what to do in that sleep fogged way, and just decided as I was late and didn't want to rifle through all my DVDs to find the right one.

The wrong video is Sculpted Buns, Hips and Thighs with Tracie Long. I loved this dvd in the past. It is a "cool-down" day choice without being easy either, and I realized my hips need all the bridge work it does. It felt great and I was a wee-bit stiff tonight before I walked in the hips area so I must have gotten work done. I plan on fitting it in somewhere in my non-existent downtime. For the guys out there I realize you are wondering just why women love that sort of workout, and once you have childbirth hips, talk to me and I can tell you. Its a no brainer for men. You are built so that those muscles just sort of follow along with everything else.

There is one part that is useful to men and woman with the classic Firm Workouts and that is the pelvic floor work involving internal contractions of the pelvic floor. I know, I know none of us wants to think about it, but those are important muscles, so consider doing a few reps of them a day.

Through the fire and the flames

I did a run today and have an update on the stats. The first half never seems to go very well. I find I have to slow down often. I'm wondering what I can do better to warm up. I think that's my problem. I spend a good 20 minutes stretching, doing sit ups, push ups, etc... I looked at my time around 1 mile. I did a 12:34 minute mile. Which kind of discouraged me. I didn't get much chance to run since last week. Monday was way too exhausting for me. Tuesday I couldn't sleep all night. Last night was a better night and I needed to get back there.

People ask me how I can run for exercise. It's simple. I get a runner's high. I feel such a sense of accomplishment. It helps me work things out internally. When I'm out there, there is no one to disappoint but myself. It's liberating.

Here's my stats for this run:

Total time: 27:53
Total Distance: 2.28 miles
Average min/mile: 12:12

The good news here is after I passed the 1 mile mark, I did awesome. I turned on this song on my playlist. By dragon force and it's called through the fire and the flames. It's not a song noelie or tigersue will enjoy. Their musical tastes are much more refined than my own. But the song inspires me and gets me moving. I ran the second mile in 10:10. That is the victory here. For having an incredibly depressing week, this was the highlight. This was my victory. It felt so good to look down and see that. I turned on the 10 minute song and I just ran. I didn't stop until the very end. I pushed myself and it didn't hurt, or feel uncomfortable, or feel like something I couldn't do. This was something I could do and did.

Here's the chorus to that song.

So far away we wait for the day
For the lives all so wasted and gone
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days
Through the fire and the flames we carry on

Monday, May 28, 2012

New rotation, I think

I started today with Super Sculpting. One of my favorite firm workouts. I did this one throughout my entire pregnancy with Kendra. I only skipped the abdominal work then and went right to my Pilates workout. It is all weight work except for the warm up and anyone that says weight work can't be cardio is nuts. My heart is pounding by the time I get done with Nancy tuckers leg work. I was feeling it to today. I forgot, for the first to reps that I needed to drop my box to 12 inches. Fourteen is just too tall for me. I even remember at one point warming up to 12 because that was too hard on my knees. I made the 12 inch work today. With only stopping a couple of times. For me that is huge because leg lifts have always been hard, and I get to muscle fatigue really fast with them. I didn't use a weight with them and used the sculpting stick for balance. I might be remembering wrong and did use the sculpting stick for weight. I will have to see next time I use it. I'm not sure when I will get to it again, it might be Thursday but I had to try today so I could figure out where I was with it. I do know for upper body work I need to use my barbell even without weights, the sculpting stick is much to light for this tape. I should increase my ankle weights from 2 lbs to 3 lbs and go from there. Upper body I may need to throw in 10 lbs for bicepts and other stuff. I did feel burn but I can't remember if I got to muscle fatigue on some of the sets.

Can I say Jennifer Carmen is for me what Tracy Long is for Noelie. I love Tracy, but I want to look like Jennifer. In this tape she is amazing.

One change I noticed this week was somehow I had some upper abdominal definition showing up. Don't ask me how. Everyone seems to say that you have to loose fat to see anything, I have always believed it so I was rather shocked myself. Somehow I have really worked that part of me and not realized it. Amazing.

I did measurements, I might post them when I have time but the only real difference was a bit in chest, and waist. My arms were up but I could blame that on a heavy bicep work can't I? I will see how the rest of the week will go. I will keep doing the express workout if I have time, and walks. I have a rather busy next couple of days and my workout time will have to be adjusted.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I remember one dinner my parents got marrow bones, and only marrow bones for our dinner. I LOVE IT. Delicious stuff and so when Randy and I eat ham steak with a marrow bone, guess who get the bone part- Yes me. I love marrow and can easily understand why they are prized by indigenous people around the world as highly prized food source.

So I got a kick out of watching Tom Naughton's daughters on this video:

If you haven't tried them, do sometimes. Marrow tastes great and is good for you.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

So Posts about food also belong here

We had a funny moment this morning, because of circumstances I had two huge plates of food, most of it vegetable, I had one plate piled high with purple cabbage, a whole cut up cucumber, tomato slices, baby bella mushrooms, and red pepper. I don't think there was anything else, and the other plates was my omelet with cheese and green onion. Dr Terry Wahls would be proud of me, but my hubby, dear man thought it was hysterical. He said of course he realized all of the one plate was full of food that by the time I had finished eating was cancelled out by all the water in them, the fiber and the effort to chew them calorie-wise if not by the exercise before, but it was the sheer magnitude of the pile of food he laughed at.

I had been doing this the last week, and frankly it is the most amazing appetite suppressant I have ever used. I don't feel hungry until I go home for dinner and even then it is a lukewarm, "Okay let me hurry and eat to go do my walk." I know I will probably ease back until I am sure I can get the fat budging, but truly the healthy veggies, you know the ones that most other families have to force children to eat, if you fill up on those can give you this feeling of being well-fed. To be clear the short list of those would be broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow summer squash, spinach, cabbage-purple or green, mushrooms, peppers of any variety, celery, cucumber, chard, and asparagus. I am glad I discovered this.

My other buddy has been coconut oil and creamed coconut. Okay so I do have one treat I have discovered-mixing some creamed coconut and full fat cream together (NO SUGAR!) and poor that over berries. I love coconut oil. I eat it, I cook with it, and it is now my big treat source. And the creamed coconut can be a storage food! Yeah! I realized if you are a lipo-phobe that reads this and believes the old song and dance that the saturated fat in coconut is bad for you is dying inside right now, but it is a lie. Pure and simply it was a horrible lie that as so many parts of a "grand" experiment played on us by politicians and researchers with biases and bad science, and ignored evidence that we thrived on this one element for thousands of years, say what you will I will keep my fat and allow you all of my rice, potatoes, bread, pasta yadda yadda. At what point do you wake up and realize your food has the issue of having the same macro-nutrient makeup of what we use to fatten cattle and pigs with?

Since I am on one more little wild hair tonight STOP FEEDING MY CHICKENS A VEGETARIAN DIET! Chickens are not vegetarians and I don't want your soy in there. We can compromise on a coconut oil based feed, I know some farmers are doing it already but I am sick and tired of the "Vegetarian" fed chicken. They like bugs and worms and other assorted things vegetarians don't want anything to know about. Quit forcing your ideology on them.

Okay.. off the box now and I feel so much better.

My darling hubby is trying so hard so I was glad to find Dreyer's Sugar free ice cream for him. He likes it, so one snack is there for him! Also I make Jello for him, maybe not the best but certainly not the wordst but he isn't ready for different and this will work I think, bless him.

He actually tried something new tonight- He ate trout for the first time in is life. I think it was okay although he coated it in tartar sauce. That was okay, it meant I could have his lemon for my trout, and he gave me all of his broccoli, so I actually ended up eating more volume than he did again! At least the FLOTUS can't fault my veggie eating today- not that it is a huge concern of mine to disappointed a woman that will tell us all-force if she can, to do one thing and then do another herself, but such is life.

Consider finding out about food, and the distressing damage sugar has done to us and is continuing to do to us as a nation. Some of us have to wake up and eat our eggs and bacon and throw out the toast before it is too late! lol.

My Turn! The other two hold down the fort so well!

So my turn to tell you all what I did this week. My new "rotation" started with The Firm Parts: Upper Body and Maximum Body Sculpting . I do one of those ever other day starting with the Maximum Body Sculpting on Monday mornings. I work out six days a week. Right after I finish the weight training I walk three miles with Leslie Sansone and try to get in the stretch with Tammie Lee Webb. I also come home every night and do another two miles, and sometimes I am rushing around to get it all together, especially for Tuesday and Thursday nights!

I am making progress with upping the weights. My little two pounds sit alone these days as three is now the lowest weight I do, usually for the flies where you kneel over and work the back of your arms. My four and six pound weights made it in so I have been mixing the fours into spots I was using threes, and will use the sixes where I have been using five. I am also noticing that I probably should get a 12 pound for lat rows. I just barely got the 10 and now I seem to need more so that is nice.

I walk better than ever with Leslie, hardly ever needing to take a moment to walk around slowing for my burning hip muscles- although that girl can still get me with a long kickback/pull down combination. You know the ones where she reaches her arms to heaven for a moment to thank God for her blessings and then pulls those arms up and down.

I noticed the last few days when I finish the weight training my muscles feel like a good, professional masseuse just had a crack at them. How cool is that- a Massage from weight lifting. I really love that feeling.

The stretch with Tammie Lee is as valuable to me-I feel relaxed and not as if I just worked out with weights and did a long walk and her little floor work one is the one I have been doing. I should do a full version sometime soon.

As always I get those agonizing family pictures still- you know the ones if you are as big as I am-where your darling grandchild is standing with you GORGEOUS and you look like Jabba the Hut behind. Those are hard but realistic moments. This is where I am at, and I have to keep going or it could get even worse. Then I have the fear this is never going to happen.

So it led to my daughter Muggs and I having the reverse conversation we have during her school year that if she as done well and all her work all semester, which she does, it is impossible to fail the class on the final. Our conversation went like this:"Mom you can't work this hard and not have it work sometime. It's impossible."

I know it is true. Look at Tigersue losing nothing noticeable for FIVE months and then whoosh it started to come off, when she had built healthy body tissue to that point- so I have to keep reminding myself I am building healthy body muscle now and it will pay off.

Friday, May 25, 2012

body fighting, or in transition

I seem to remember that years ago I would get points where I was weak, and could hardly do a thing. It would seem like I would have to drop weight, intensity, or shorten a workout. I think I'm at that point. If not that then my body is pulling something similar to Noelie's previous post about body fighting change. My right knee was zinging today. It did not want to do anything, lunges, squats or pliƩ. Usually only the lunges bother me, or squats if I do poor form. Not today. On top of that my legs feel like jelly, and didn't want to do anything.

Noelie told me to fight through tough, so I did. I fought it. (Other than the knee pain because that is too risky for me) I made sure I used good form, tried to get to that good muscle fatigue as much as possible. I also pushed through Leslies 4 Fast miles. I probably should have skipped that one, and did something else. But I did it. I even did most of the jogs in her intervals, at least 3 sets of the 5. For me that is amazing, with each calf burning, and my general fatigue. I pushed through it. I remembered Jordan training for his 5k. I remember Noelie and how hard she worked. It was a tough day, but I did the best I could. So here is hoping next week will show an improvement in stamina and endurance.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


This post is not really for Noelie or Tigersue.  They are already professed water lovers.  But it's always nice to have a reminder. 

This may sound a little dumb, but I HATE Gatorade advertising.  They advertise their drink like it's this water killer, and if you drink it you'll perform better than just plain water.  I'm going to call bull crap on that one.  Water is the stuff life came from!  NASA is constantly searching the stars for... you guessed it... WATER!  Why?  Because where there is water, there is life.  They are NOT looking for Gatorade in space.

I'm back on nightshift.  I worked nightshift a little over 2 years ago.  I tried all kinds of caffeinated drinks to keep me awake.  Soda, 5 hour energy, energy drinks, my brother even gave me Earl Grey Tea (kudos if you get the Star Trek reference).  The only thing I didn't try was coffee, but that stuff tastes like burnt water.  I'd rather fall asleep flat on my face. But NONE of it worked.  It only made me REALLY sleepy at about 2AM no matter what I did.  Funny thing is.... I was trying what I thought were different things and expecting results, when they were all the same thing and I was getting the same results!  Caffeine and sugar are all of those drinks' primary ingredient.

I'm not sure why or how I came to this conclusion, but I decided I was going to stop drinking it all.  I just stuck to water that night.  The most amazing thing happened... I had more energy then I've ever had on nightshift!  And it was that way ever since. 

Since then, I've read a few articles on water vs. caffeinated drinks such as coffee.  It's actually been proven that drinking water will give you more energy throughout the day then if you drank coffee.  This isn't because coffee gives you a crash, water is literally giving you higher sustained energy.  In fact, they say that most of the time the reason people get sleepy at around 3PM is because they are dehydrated!  Being well hydrated has also a key to fighting appetite.  They found that a well hydrated person has an easier time keeping a low appetite.  That in fact, many times when we feel hungry it is in fact that we are thirsty.  Thirst is not just a dry throat!

I used to drink a lot of soda.  I LOVE the cool refreshing taste of Coca Cola.  So going cold turkey and just drinking water is hard at first.  Not because I had caffeine withdrawls.  I don't think I've ever felt what that's like.  But because water tastes so plain and I can't drink a lot of it before I get sick of it.  The key here, though, is to continue to only drink water for a while.  A few days later, you'll notice your body craving it.  Your body is now receiving the water it needs and has found uses for it.  It will actually taste so much sweeter and refreshing.  Stay away from those flavor packets.  It's just more sugar.

Work out done, and what tapes do I have. :)

I managed a workout. After not getting to bed until after midnight thanks to a clogged drain, Wrylie woke us up about 4:15. Of course I have a hard time getting back to sleep particularly with this muscle strain that gets worse at night. It did give me an excuse to get up and dose up on ibuprofen and tylenol again, I was still really tired. I wish I was a morning person. My energy seems to go up in the afternoon/evening and I make good plans for the next day, and boom it starts all over, dragging in the morning.

I did Prime Power Fat burning, increasing weights where I can. Mostly bicep work, and I did up them for the Lat work as well. everything else is still real weak. I tried to increase the military press but no go. Abbie tried to do it with me but then played around on the health rider a bit, then with about 15 minutes left said she wanted me to call her when I did the walking. So that is what I did. She came and did about 23 minutes of walking in the 30 minute workout. I think she just wanted to be with her mommy.

I thought I would log my workouts, at least the ones from the Firm. (Bolded are Favorites or ones that I used often.)

Low impact aerobics #2
Aerobic Interval Training #3
Aerobic Work out with Weights #5 (heavy legs and abd work)
The Boomers # 6
Maximum Body Shaping (new for me)
Super Sculping
Upper Body
Super Body Sculpt
Tough Tape 2
Better Body & Buns
Firm Strength
Firm Cardio (cross trainer with Firm Strenght)
Tough Aerobic mix
5 day abds
Sculpted Buns, Hips and Thighs
Standing Legs
Prime Power Fat Burning - Beginning
Express Total Body Shaping
Basics Fat Burning, Sculpting with weights, Abds, buns, thighs- Beginning
Total Body Shaping Mix
Total sculpt +Abds
Maximum Cardio Burn +Abds
Tough Cardio

I have the Walk away the pounds with weight balls, toning, 1,2,3 mile walks
Walk away for Abds 1,2,3 and super challenge 1 mile
Walk Away the Pounds ultimate
1 mile (same as the weighted ball one mile)
2 milk brisk
3 mile advance
4 mile super challenge (? if this is that same as the one I did yesterday, I need to compare them)
Walk Slim Fast 1 and 2 mile
3 fast
4 Big Fast and Firm
fast firming
and Walk slim 4 fast miles.
Walk away express Super Challenge (tape very fast)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Here's what I'm doing

Every year for the past few years I've been running the 5k for the 4th of July. I'll be doing it again this year, but I need to work on my endurance a little. I'm back on nightshift so even on my days off I have to stay awake late. I'm planning on using the kinect to help me exercise at night. I'm also training myself for the 5k this year. I've been running 3-4 times a week since the end of April. Though, I had to take a break for about two weeks when I transitioned to night shift. That was kind of a hectic time with the schedule change, wife's birthday, and mothers day. But I've been back on it last week and this week.

Today I ran 3 miles exact. Though I think my GPS on my phone got a little wacky at some point. That should have been closer to the 3.14 miles for a 5k. But oh well.

Here's my stats for today's run.

Total time: 37:53 minutes
Average min/mile: 12:38
Total distance: 3.0 miles

So at my work, I know a lot of extremely intelligent people. They are probably the smartest people I know. The one thing they always tell me in our process is that we are only as good as our measurement. This is entirely true. If you set a goal you need to have a measurement down to see if you're traveling closer to or further away from that goal. This applies to exercise as well. So, I'm going to keep track of a run journal with my time, speed, distance.

So for contrast here's my stats from last week.

Total time: 32:42
Average min/mile: 13:44
Total distance: 2.38 miles

I'm not too concerned about distance, as I'm always running a minimum of two miles. I'm also not too concerned about my total time since that will fluctuate with distance. I'm looking at average min/mile. Today's run went really well. I felt great, respitory rate was constant and my rate of speed was much better my second half of the run. My goal is to be under a 10 minute mile by July 4th. Last year I had a competition with my old boss and I won. This year I plan to do the same, but I also want to beat my last year average min/mile which was 11:30. So time for me to get crackin'!

Life in the fast lane-----

Or at least that is what I feel as I get up early and do my main exercise for the day and then get ready and go to work and then come up and walk another walk and then whatever fits in the next couple of hours I have left over.

I am not complaining. I would rather be doing this than not.. but it all goes so fast.

I started a new week rotation on firm tapes- I am keeping Firm Parts upper body and am doing Maximum body shaping with Tracie Long on the off day. The girl kicks my butt in an entirely good way.

I ordered some four and six weights from amazon so I can work on getting heavier as Tigersue mentioned we talked about. sometime that 5-8 lbs jump is a little intense so I use them. I know some are saying, just go for it, but it just doesn't work as well as the slower climb up for me.

I continue to walk- about 5 miles a day for 5 days and 4 on the weekend, and am throwing in stretching, which does feel good.

I am glad Jordan has started posting, it really helps perspective.

Maybe I can convince my DH to do this too?

Today I did

I should say yesterday, I did my Prime Power Fat burning, and I'm trying to increase my weights on it. I realize the bicep work was much too easy, time to up weights to my 8 lbs. I hope that will be good, and Noelie and I talk going from 5 to 8 can be a real challenge for us. I think for the set I'm talking about it should be okay, it isn't very long, isolated bicep curls. Then I can drop down to the 5 lbs, for some of the other bicep work. Hopefully I will feel the muscle fatigue doing that. Everything else I feel it. Delts always burn, it doesn't take a very heavy weight at all, infact I picked up my 3 lbs and had to drop to my two right off, I knew they were too heavy. I am sure some of that is because of my injury. Still the over head presses I have to use my 5 lbs, my deltoids have always been weak. I know I'm going to have to look into getting either a set of 6 or a set of 7 lb weights.

I also did the three mile Leslie walk with the weighted balls. After that I painted for nearly 3 hours.

Today, I got up to get to the DMV for the lovely drivers license renewal. I came home and convinced myself to work out. I did The Firm workout with Pam. I know I work my legs with it, and some upper body. I really don't feel the burn in the upper body though, so next week I'm thinking of doing super sculpt instead. At least try it one day. I know I could do upper body, but I'm not sure I'm ready for it. I'm not sure I'm ready for super sculpt either but I have to figure out how to get everything working not just my legs. This is still a great 30 minute workout. After that I did a 4 mile express walk with Leslie and crew. I think it is one of the fastest I have ever done, and that includes the one I did last week with all the interval training in it. This one the walk was done at around 53 minutes I think. That is cruising, and the last mile was slow. The first 3 are fast, fast, fast. It is a good fast, probably about as fast as I can go with my asthma, my lungs don't burn so that is a good thing. I'm not a fan of the boost training because it does go into a light slow jog, that can set me coughing if I'm not careful. For me steady seems to be the way, it can be fast, but make it steady.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kinect exercises

I love to make workouts fun for me. Hey, they're hard work. Why shouldn't I? Well I own a kinect and kinect adventures. So I figured I'd make a game out of exercising.

So a kinect, in case you don't know, is microsoft's answer to wii motion gaming. I'd argue where the wii doesn't exactly force you to get up, kinect does. It's a sensor bar that can recognize your body, arms, face, voice, etc... It's far more accurate than the wii which simply uses gyroscope technology to sense the wiimote is moving. So an equivalent work out game on the wii can be done by sitting down and just shaking the wiimote, the kinect can tell you're not moving. The technology is pretty amazing and might be the future of computers. But I digress.

One particular exercise I absolutely love, works my whole body and wears me down. You're on this moving platform. It is continuously moving forward in a linear fashion. The idea is to dodge obstacles on your left, right, above, and below you. So you're constantly side stepping, squatting, and jumping. Oh, and if you want to go faster, you can jump. So when there are no obstacles in your way, you are jumping so you can go faster (pictured below). It's a sustained workout that mixes the right amount of fun and physical activity. And I love video games. So what better then to have one that makes me get off the couch?

I will have to post a video sometime of the game in action. Probably not showing me doing the exercises. It's a little damaging to the ego :)

I'm glad to be apart of this.

When I first heard about this blog, I was excited that tigersue, cindilou, and noelie were doing it together. I was even more excited when they asked me to contribute. The more people you have in this, the better.

I want to lay my thoughts down about health and what it means to be healthy. I see a lot of workout videos. Most of them have some sort of advertising like, "this could be you!" while flaunting the sexiest people you've ever seen in front of your face. The truth is they are lying. They are continuing this false idea we have that looks are everything. They never push on why people should really make exercise part of a semi-daily activity. The truth is, we'll never look like those perfectly photoshopped people they throw at us. But none of that matters! I heard someone tell me once, that we should eat healthy, forgive ourselves when we don't, exercise when we can, and let the lbs. fall where they fall. It's not about being lean, and perfect. It's about being ourselves and letting our inner energy be free.

Exercise is hard. Losing weight and having the ideal mental image of yourself is so daunting. It's the hardest thing most people can ever do. The second you believe that it will be hard and take work is the first step. Now, time to make it easy on yourself. Forget the scale and weight, they are just numbers. Forget these perfectly shaped people Hollywood throws at us, they aren't real. Bring with you what makes you happy. I love to run while listening to music that inspires me. I have people all the time say I'm crazy for running for exercise. I make it my own, bring my own personality into it. I even have this app on my phone that tracks my runs, how far I went, rate of speed/pace, etc... You can't imagine how good it feels when I start improving those times.

Be happy with yourself, while trying to push yourself. When exercising, from day one have some sort of measurement to see your progress. Use something like time, or speed. Not weight. The scale will lie to you, fluctuate. These victories will make you happy, push you further to succeed. And that's being healthy.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pregnancy workouts

I thought I would talk about workouts for pregnancy. I did really well with Kendra, and although not as much with Abbie I did do my prenatal ones, and some walking workouts.

I did the following
Prime Power Fat Burning, with Stacie Collins. I skipped any abd work on the back, did everything else.
I had a firm scuplting tape I don't remember the name, but it was all weight work. Again adapted for pregnancy. No floor work, lighter weights as needed.
All of Leslie's walking tapes I had. I did at least 3 miles a day, on top of what ever else I did.
The two pregnancy tapes I had that I used pretty much daily, usually in place of the firm.
Prenatal Pilates This tape has a part for each trimester. Excellent workout, tough, and will really prepare your body for childbirth.
Leisa Harts Hot Mama. Kind of funny in someways but also fun, different and has some Yoga moves.

I did really well with Kendra, I lost weight, yes lost weight while pregnant. It is safe if you are obese, and I low carbed. Again safe. I ate 90 gms of carb a day, did not starve, and looked well after I had Kendra. (My problem is after the baby, I can't control cravings for years.)

Don't be afraid of working out while pregnant, you can do it safely, and if you aren't used to it the Leslie walking and those two pregnancy tapes can help lots.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just a quick note on a really good stretch tape I found: Tamilee Webb's Total Stretch. This one is a keeper with one workout having short 10 minute sections, standing, sitting or on the ground, and then one workout for flexibility this is a keeper.

Tamilee Webb is another fitness person I have a great deal of respect for, and it rose in watching the workout today. It is going into my everyday workout with the shorter workouts. It's only 10 minutes for one of those sections so not a lot to have to figure out where I would fit it in.

Two weeks what I notice

I have been at this now for two weeks. I never have been as good as Noelie and doing the 6 days a week, usually it is 5 at worst it is four. This past week it was a 4 day week, but that was okay. (I was painting last night, I think that counts for a bit, reaching, stretching, pushing, pulling, and squatting.) lol

We will be doing more painting this week but I still intend to work out this week, probably with the same tapes I have been doing since last week was so/so in many respects. The week after I will try to mix in a different Firm tape.

What I am noticing is a lengthening and shaping of my leg muscles. I have really concentrated on isolating the muscles I use and it is working that way. I even do it with Leslie walks, really focusing on what muscles are doing what. So a leg lift, I'm really working it, kicks the same, side steps the same. My arms I really pull, or push. That focus is working. When you can feel the outline of a muscle under fat you know it is going. I'm counting on muscle memory to help out. I want to do leg lifts, my body wants it, but I'm not sure I'm ready to work with the fanny lifter that way, but in a week I will be trying to through it in. I believe in listening to what my body says and if it is yelling for me to do something I better listen. I'm not taking measurements either, I'm not sure why, but I think because I know I will be obsessive about it. I'm sure I should. sigh.

On that massive weight gain, I'm down 8 now. What a relief. I can take the 2 lbs with adding weights, workouts and still not eating exactly the way I should it isn't off of what I would expect.

I'm Melting, Melting, Melting!

It's a good fat loss week in my world. I am seeing INCHES gone this very week. I don't know pounds, and frankly don't care because lbs are so deceptive. You can lose pounds and still look and feel awful.

But inches are real, something you can point to and say "This is fat!"

I am never hungry, not even on the weekends when I attempt a mini-fast=take a little longer to get my breakfast in the morning than I usually do. After my good breakfasts I didn't even cry when they brought in Gandolfo sandwiches (if you are in Utah you would know why this could make you cry) I was okay. I guess I could have pulled out the filling, but the point is I didn't need it because I feel .. well nourished.

I even managed to low carb at Cafe Rio, even though the guys put a mountain of unneeded tortilla crisps on my salad, I pulled them out with the garden full of cilantro, ate the fish and cabbage out of my taco's, and enjoyed my salad with a full helping of their amazing dressing and chewed the Cilantro. You really can do this anywhere and almost any meal I believe!

Also this is my FOURTH week of 6 days a week of exercise: I usually do a weight workout and a longer 3-4 mile walk with Leslie Sansone in the early morning, and a walk when I come home after I eat dinner-usually the 2 mile walk.

I swear to you it can work and without feeling the pain of the american government pushed low fat pyramid and work without the pain, frustration and depression that horrendous experiment brought to me.

Measurement count down:

Neck: May 13- 17" May 20-16 1/4" Loss 3/4"
Wrist: May 13- 7 3/4 May 20-7 3/4" Loss 0
Forearm: May 13- 12 1/4" May 20- 11 3/4" Loss 1/2"
Arm: May 13- 17 1/4" May 20-17 1/2 gain 1/4" Not sure what is going on there, but as I now have old woman arms - they look like my grandma's, they could take major work to budge
Ankle May 13- 11 1/2" May-20 11 1/4" loss 1/4"
Calf May 13-17" May- 20 16 3/4" loss 1/4"
Knee May 13- 19 3/4" May-20 18 3/4" Loss 1" - excited about this one- I will never have the gorgeous tiny Tracie Long knees but I can live with something less heffalumpish.
Hips May 13-53 1/2" May 20-51 1/2" Loss 2" Can you imagine the fat loss needed in a area for a 2" loss???? Another exciting one!
Waist May 13-47" May 20-45" 2" Loss 2 " See note under hips :)
Rib cage May 13-41", May 20-40" 1 inch loss
Bust May 13-46", May 20-45 1/2" 1/2" loss
Upper Rib cage May 13-41", May 20-40 1/2" loss 1/2"

Total fat lost for the week- 9 inches!!! exciting. Imagine if I can keep this up! I might not look like Jabba the hut arriving in Illinois in October! Yeah!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Thought I would post this

I am sure Noelie has already seen it. After all she is the search Queen and if she is looking she would have found it. I'm not posting it because Anna Benson died but rather because of the authors post about what the Firm and weights did for her.
RIP Anna Benson

Walk, Walk, Walk

Noelie knows what I'm talking about with that title. One of our favorite workouts are the Leslie Sansone Walk at home set. They are really low key, and mostly non stress. You don't have to do all the stuff she does, just move. I have her weighted ball sets, the abd set, and a couple of sets that use a stretchy band. My favorites over all are the weighted ball set, but I don't mind the abd set either. I'm not a fan of the stretchy band but I think that is as much the music as anything else. I would recommend this for anyone that is trying to figure out what to do to start. With the added resistance to these workouts they help with muscle tone and encourage the protection of the muscle instead of the breakdown often seen with regular aerobic workouts. (That is why I like doing them with the Firm sets, they are a good fit). You can work hard with these by increasing your intensity by picking up your feet, wider hand movements, and really focusing on muscles that are working. They are good for people like me with activity induced asthma that moving fast is not so good, but brisk is great. I can always walk faster than I can run, even at my best shape.

I have had to back off with the workouts this week. I never knew an upper back injury would effect everything I do. I have had lower back injuries, sore muscles, stiff necks, you name it, having TMJD there is almost always some kind of pain in my head and neck. This is different in that every move, every step jars the muscles and causes deep pain. My husband pulled out our massager last night and tried to work it out. Every place that he worked on was so tender I couldn't believe it. It must have helped because today there is only a small bit of pain right around my scapula. So I pulled out a walking tape today after taking a break yesterday. I did the 3 mile walk for the abs. It is one of my favorites because of a piece of music in the first mile. I wish I knew what it was because I would find it. I chose this one because I knew I needed to get some good time in, and with the belt I could stretch and work the muscles in my back and shoulders at my own pace. I hope it works and I feel more healing. I wonder about how much weight inflammation causes? This week I literally put on 10 pounds over night. It is gradually coming off, roughly 7 lbs in the past two days, but I have never had a weight gain like that. 5 to 7 has been to most I have ever seen, but 10? So what do you think?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lift those weights, gain that muscle!

I wanted to make a quick post about weight training and why I have personal reason to believe ALL women should use weights MORE than aerobics. It is more than seeing tiny little Susan lift heavier weights than the guys in her cast and still lead The Firm workouts, it has to do with my grandmother.

She got bursitis when I was in my early teens. My little grandmother was the model patient. She would do religiously whatever she was told was good by a doctor, and in this case weight training was prescribed for that arm.

We couldn't believe the difference when we saw her: she was still plump- always would be until Lymphoma, but that arm and chest were firm and..well just more trim! I wonder that even then she didn't make the connection. I was too dumb to make the connection until Joyce Vedral and The Firm.

Weights are miracle workers for us women. The first time I got very slim I started walking, but the weight came pouring-yes pouring off when I added weight. I experienced the same thing when working out with Tanya: weights are a miracle worker.

Tigersue is the other reason I believe in weight training. In her case it was what she was able to handle, and yes it was around the 6 month mark of her doing the workouts that the conversation went like this:

"Sis have you measured yourself lately?"

Frustrated, what is Noelie doing to me now look, "No, why?"

"You have lost something, I know you have, I see changes". Her hubby, always a sweetheart nodded in agreement.

She did go up and sure enough there were- at that point with nothing else, there were changes. Muscles are good. We women can't easily bulk up like the guys: if you can you might want to be a body builder, but most of us just don't have required hormones/body make-up, but seriously I am starting to love the well built muscle. You either get it by being a ballet dancer/gymnast etc, or you lift the weights.

So if you want to know what I think you need to do: get off sugar and start doing weight training. It does the body good.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I had said that my knee was giving me grief with my workouts. I am a believer in shoes being a big culprit to knee problems. I discovered that years ago with a pair of new shoes that caused so much pain I could hardly walk. (I will never use payless athletic shoes again for that reason). I think it happened one other time as well. I tried another pair of shoes and the pain went away.

Michael asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. I figured my washer and dryer were good enough presents, but after really thinking about it I told him I needed new shoes. So yesterday we went out to look for a pair. Hunting for shoes for me is a pain. I have size 5 1/2 feet that are wide. Do you think you can find 5 1/2 in the stores? Nope. I haven't been able to for many, many years. That is probably why I used payless shoes because they do carry that size. I can sort of wear a regular 6. The width is okay, but the length is never right so my shoes always slip off my heal. We went to big 5 sports, and I did find a pair of running shoes for about 22 dollars on sale. They are snug enough for the most part. Still slip a little but I think they were the best I could find. Hopefully my knees will agree.

They are flexible enough that I should be able to bend my foot in the ways I need to for many of the firm moves.

Today I tried a 4 mile Leslie walk from a set that I bought years ago. I had lost the band with it when Michael finished our family room. I'm sure it is downstairs somewhere but it isn't with my equipment. That or Michael sent it to DI not knowing what it was. Good thing Noelie gave me another set that had a bad with it. This work out was a 4 mile with interval training. I'm not sure I like it as much as some of her others but that could be that I'm out of shape. I found the band hurt my hand with some of the moves so I may need to wear my gloves when I use it. The rubber really caused some friction.

At least I could do it today. I could still feel the pull on my Trapezius but it wasn't horrible. I decided against weights today just to rest the muscle a bit more hoping that this would warm it and stretch it out some more.

Monday, May 14, 2012

I did a funny thing Saturday and while walking all of a sudden felt this little pull in my upper leg/hip region. A definite twinge. I rested a second, and tried to start again and went 1 minute and stopped for that day. I had wanted to do more, but couldn't get it walked off. I did three miles + on Saturday and The firm with the body stick.

I started again this am, and got through upper body and was into mile 2 of a three mile walk and zing, it happened again. Now mind you when it happens I can barely take another step, but I kept arguing with my body.

I figure it goes like this:

"Hey fat lady! Yeah You! We don't want to stop being insulin resistant! We don't want to start listening to leptin! so stop, We mean it stop! STOP!" (twinge of pain shoots down my thigh.)

"Athletes work through pain, I will to!"

"hahahaaaah!! YOU? An ATHLETE?? You have to be kidding. Don't you dare.. don't you dare! Hey guys TOP now (twinge of pain)!"

Growl of frustration from me.

However today I managed to modify right down to pretending I was an 80 year old grandmother, or trying to do a Richard Simmons tape were you barely lift your foot- it doesn't even leave the ground. And I kept it up for the whole walk. And not only that but I got through this evenings walk as well, but fairly well and no TOP!

I truly believe in my thinking head- the one rejecting the whole lipid hypothesis that I have to keep trying because exercise is not about the calories but repairing my body. Making it feel better, getting healthier.

Here is to tomorrow morning! Yeah!

Discouraged today

I was dumb, really dumb. I lifted a big box of bananas off a truck when I volunteered for Bountiful baskets Saturday. I knew I wasn't strong enough yet, but I did it anyway and hurt my trapezius. So much that every movement, walking, reaching lifting, turning, you name it causes a significant amount of pain. I thought I would be doing much better today because although it ached yesterday it wasn't so bad. Today it feels like I did on Saturday. I don't even dare do a Leslie walk because every bounce hurts. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. I don't need a set back right now, no matter how minor it seems.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I had been concerned about my lack of flexibility, coordination and balance. I went to collage video to look at possibility for yoga and one tape stood out as a good choice - and would you believe it? It is one made by The Firm again- so I got it and it arrived yesterday.

I have had a chance this am to review it and I am thrilled, with the modifications she explains first for beginners I will be able to do this.

I think I will fit this in a couple of days a week- one being even on a Sunday for the lovely stretch and relaxing spirit it has

The Firm: Power Yoga
I get in this little place where I think that the lipid hypothesis is so false that it is self-evident that I forget that much of the world hangs onto it with all their might, mind and strength. This is a trend started by evangelizing vegetarians, yes I think Ancel Keyes was one of those, and the media- yes our horrendous sheepish media went along with the joke that I believe is killing thousands. We went against what made us survive for thousands of years and eat for this little experiment.

So here is the long and the short of it. I want anyone reading this to eat whatever you want. If you are a hard-core vegetarian, please have at it. I don't want to stop you. If you love your fries, potatoes, rice and other such things I will never take those from you.

But I expect the same respect back. I am going to be a meat eater. Yup indeed I am. I am going to be a saturated fat eater- yup I am. I am trying to toss out every goofy chemically made pufa's out of my life. I believe those things I refuse to eat now are killing me when I do. I have believed it for a long time.

I adore my hubby and trust me all my green veggies I love are not for him. I am pretty sure he thinks the low carb approach is for the birds. I don't make him eat the veggies-Okay I confess sometimes I sneak things into meatloaf or casseroles that I made that he won't normally eat. Mostly to prove they are actually pretty good. But I won't take his soda, potatoes, bread or corn away from him. I love him and he is an able functioning adult and he has the right to have those foods. Yes it means that our meal is a little more complicated because I have to make sure he has access to those foods. I think it makes my point. If I won't force him to eat swiss chard ( a family joke) then I won't force you to eat meat or take whatever it is that you choose to eat.

What I know is that right now with what I have been doing the last couple of months I have more energy so that I could start to exercise. I have a good appetite control- I know this because this last week was Gandolfo's sandwiches at work and I didn't even cry about not having one. I still love their sandwiches- but if I am well fed enough I can manage without them.

New topic sort of : I love coconut oil. Lately I used it for everything as my dear daughter points out. I use it for my hair, my skin, MY FEET .. And I eat the stuff. I cook with it. Look into it. Study the science. It is becoming my storage item. I think it is a great part of why I have the energy and feel better.

This was my first measurement day. I won't post them here until next Sunday--However no matter what the outcome= if I lose or don't lose right away I will pay heed to Tigersue's cautionary tale. She really had been working out for a while when I looked at her and said "have you been measuring yourself?" The change took time to kick in-six months she said in her post. If that is what happens to me help me stick with it.

If I feel better that as to be the ultimate gauge.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Journey, starts with self love.  I have many tasks and goals to accomplish my June 4th.  Working out is one of them and, I was told to eat high protien and make it light meals. 

I need to get back to where I was before February 25th.  I am re reading my journal. 

Can I get hugs along the way of this new journey I am taking.  I am going through I believe states of mourning a loss.  I am so angry, so so so angry..  But I am wanting to just feel love. 

Laura on the left, is my inspiration.  I know she is walking with me as an angel on the other side. 
So in my search for more information about how I eat- low carb - I found Fat Head: The Movie and then by extension I got to Fat Head: The blog.
I am slipping in reading as much as I can, looking at links about Leptin, Insulin, and ask myself why in goofy moments do I even wave at the old lipid hypothesis. No one wants to be fat, I don't, my sister doesn't, my darling son doesn't, yet here we are.

I am feeling so much better on what I am doing and gleaning every idea I can. My appetite seems to be working out- I get what I now believe is full- not that I can say I am full, but just at some minute I honestly can say I am done. I don't know that I understand full yet, and it won't be natural for several months more of healing.

I am grateful for one thing: My parents made sure that all of us ate our veggies- real ones, not starch ones, and that one simple thing will make this that much easier- those veggies carry the mitochondrial healing I now believe I need.

Hey Ho! Time to go cook some veggies for my morning meal :)

And Yes I have completed my "base" exercise for this week and got my treat of a new shirt last night. Yeah for me!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Yesterday I was exhausted. I had to absolutely push myself to do my workout of Prime Power Fat Burning and a 1 mile Leslie walk for the Abs. When I talked to my husband on the phone I couldn't even carry on a decent conversation. Once Collin got home I tried to read but I was so tired, I turned on my zune with my classical music and took a nap. I was out before the first two measures of the first piece. I slept through The Russian Easter Overture, Jupiter from the planets, and part of Scheherazade, woke up with Festive Overture. I felt so much better and alert. It was probably the best nap I had in a long, long time.

Today, it was the express workout and a two mile Leslie walk with the bands. Can I say I detest the music at the beginning of the walking workout. I wanted to tell them to shut it off already. Who decided that listening to "I want to walk, walk, walk, power walk, over and over in rap was not brilliant. She has other workouts with much better music. I'm not sure I can stand to do another workout with it. Thank goodness the rest of the workout was okay, but 5 minutes of the first one, was way too much for my ears.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Noelie If you would like a good place to track your stuff, I used to use I think I will go back to it. I'm Sofiana there.

I have no idea where to begin

Noelie has been encouraging me to get back to working out for a couple of weeks. I have been thinking about it for what seems like 3 or more years. Ever since my darling husband decided to finish our family room my workout space has gone from being there, to not being there, in several rooms. Finally I have a very, very small space in our basement. I mean small. I barely have room to move around and if I do some of the more active Firm tapes, I'm in big trouble.

Anyway about me. For some reason I have always had the feeling I was the biggest girl in the family. Not tall, but fat. Always. Noelie would say otherwise, and I suppose when I look at pictures I wasn't too bad. Still I was bigger than most girls in school, even at a young age. By the time I was 13, I weighed about 133 lbs, and my parents put me on a liquid diet about the time I entered 9th grade. I lost roughly 15 lbs in that 6 week period and kept it off for the better part of a year. Overtime I gained it back and weight about 140 when I graduated from highschool. At that time my mother put me on weight watchers. I didn't stay on it because the location of the meetings was not in the best part of town and riding the bus was even nerve wracking down in that area. I did stick with it, and walking around campus I lost weight to about 118. I was wearing a size 10 then, the smallest I have even been. Of course I didn't keep up with it, my roommate got married so I quit work outs with her. By the time I met my husband to be I was back up to the upper 140's low 150's. See the pattern? Loss weight gain back plus more. About that time, I was diagnosed with PCOS. (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) I wish I knew then what I knew now, the role of insulin in the disease. I probably had it from the time I turned 13, and I wonder if the liquid diet I went on didn't help the situation? Cutting calories to 900 a day for 6 to 8 weeks can't be good on an adolescent body.

I had babies, worked night shifts, did more yoyo loosing weight, and gaining. Most of the time I tried to eat well, not eat much, and of course never could loose much. I tried weight watchers again about 2 or 3 times, and I actually gained weight on it and the last time I started to loose hair. Not just small amounts, but handfuls everytime I took a shower. I guess I lost about 1/8 of my hair if not a bit more than that. It was too low on protein.

Forward several years and I start to have more trouble, I was diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia, a precancerous condition and started treatment for that. Everything seemed out of control. My weight, my health, and I couldn't figure out what to do to stop it. I eventually stopped working and started to workout. Noelie had told me about the Firm, and she had some "Basic workouts" that she gave me. I started those. A couple of months later she moved in and we were working out together. She would also use my treadmill. I loved the machine but with my activity induced asthma it was hard for me to control my speed the way I needed to. After about 6 months of working out, eating "well", she looked at me and said, I think there are changes. It took 6 months of hard workouts before my body would even think about reshaping let alone dropping weight. I went to the Dr. he changed my pill, put me on a couple of other meds, and I started to low carb using the Schwarzbein Principle. Within 2 years I lost 50 lbs, but that would be more accurate to say about 18 months because it took 9 to loose 12 lbs, most of that in the latter 3 months of that time period.

I'm a classic example of cutting calories are not that answer. After I lost that 50lbs, I came down with a case of pneumonia, and it took along time to get over it. I gained a small bit back because food just tasted horrible. Even veggies that I usually love had a metallic taste that wouldn't go away. In that time I found out I was pregnant. After years of wanting more children and accepting that I would only be blessed with two, I was going to have a baby without any infertility treatment. The low carb diet had healed my body to the point I was ovulating. I had never done that, ever. I had another baby about 18 months after that one. For me breastfeeding was the hardest. I gained weight, had not control over my appetite. Nothing I did could shut it off. After all the good I had done in my pregnancies I couldn't get back to workouts, eating right, and here I am 6 1/2 years after Abbie and I gained back that 50lbs. I had lost some on and off between but stress would set me right back to eating horribly. I couldn't get my workouts in, Walking out side is only good for me during spring and fall, so I was stuck.

So here we are to today. My eating is still yucky. Working on that. This week I started the same Firm working out, Noelie is doing. IT is hard for me. Mostly the lunges are killing my knees. If it wasn't a static position I might could manage by my knee can't hold it. So I'm sure I'm not getting the benefit in the muscle. I have to figure it out because it frustrates me. Lunges and dips were always hard, but this extra pain is rotten. On the other hand, I alternate with another Firm that I did lots when I was pregnant because other than the abd work it was very easy to adapt for pregnancy. That is Prime Power Fat Burning. It is more advanced than the basics, but easier than the full blown early firm workouts. I can do it all. I was sore the past couple of days after doing it so I know I was doing it well. I also throw in Leslie Sansone Home walking. I do a 1 or 2 mile depending on my time. I like to make my workouts at least an hour total. My mornings are still about tight on time, but next school year the girls should be in the early session of school so I can come right home and work out. This summer I should be able to get more serious. Right now I'm only using 1,2,3, and 5 lb weights. I hope in a couple of weeks I can add the 8 lb in for lat rows, and bicep work. I will also add in some more real weight work, I have tape I like, more walking, and start trying to figure out and remember what I really like.

I have some motivation to go with too. I have a daughter getting married in Sept. I know I can't loose 50lbs, but I have lost close to 20lbs before in that time period. If I really control what I eat, do a modified Dr. Rodier's diet I can do it. (I still low carb, allow red meat and pork, cut out all grains, most dairy for a couple of weeks, and all fruit. I also add more fat, avoid all starchy vegetables that I can.) It worked for me When I tried it about 4 years ago. I'm older so I don't expect much. At least I can say my body is happy I'm moving again. It feels right. My muscles are saying it is about time. So if nothing else, I will have some more tone, maybe loose some of the puffiness in my face, and look happier in a picture.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So I am not always the brightest cookies in the jar, but Tigersue finally said "I think you have to invite me"-I did and so hopefully she can show up to tell you about her accomplishments for herself.

I have been keeping up with my morning workout/walk and afternoon walk quite nicely. The only side effects are some frustrating periods of dizziness, my body not able to decide if it is old or young, and a little more emotionalism on my part---poor Hubby Randy is having to suffer through that, so I am going into the Dr just to make sure everything is okay. The dizziness still reminds me what I used to feel when it had been a while since I had ate, and I was actually comforted to have a rumbly tummy this morning when I had them.

I also have a weird left foot. Yes weird: the left ankle always feels a bit "weak" at the end of a two mile walk, and two of the toes feel sore--I keep checking for an ingrown toe-nail but I don't see anything out of the ordinary and I don't feel a thing bad when I take turns palpating and pinching the toe/nails.

I don't know.

I don't mean this to be kvetch kinda thing. I am happy to be doing this again...finally. but maybe if I talk about it someone will know something or have an answer.

Until that moment I am off to the store for band-aids because they help.

This am it was The Firm Parts: Upper Body and Walk away pounds express two mile walk with a stretchie-band- I just don't use the stretchie.

Later I will get in a walk with Leslie Sansone- I want to try to keep it to around 4 miles per day for now if I can manage. Sunday is my designated day off from working out- I will just take walks with my daughter Marlei and our dog Lily for the sheer fun of activity. I don't know that we do enough activity for fun.

That is the long and the short of it for me today=--oh besides getting a measuring tape and book to keep track of my measurements in.

Have a good one!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Once upon a make that twice upon a time I was slim. I was a slim kid and slim into my early 20's and then again in my 30's. But I let that all go. There was always another excuse around the corner, I didn't feel good, I didn't have time, I didn't know what to do, which was rather false because I do know what to do-what you work on is getting the body healthy. Of course some was I really didn't feel good or have any energy after my work day-and I have to admit 10 hours shifts I was working was sort of hampering the efforts.
My dh and I approach things differently with our physical ailments and there isn't a thing wrong with that but I am know he is rather bemused at the plethora of supplements I take, but I think I finally it upon a group that work for me energy wise: Vitamin d, Cal/mag, Iodine, Minerals from the great salt Lake, coconut oil and butteroil/fermented cod liver oil. I also take something tat I hope will kick my blood sugars down. I also eat low carb. I have to plan that well, my sweet hubby loves is taters and corn, and well they just don't do so well for me. I am sure he at times thinks if I could be a little more like my gorgeous daughter in law Brynn who can eat and enjoy such things and is still slim and graceful as a reed, but that is not to be in this lifetime, so we make a main dish that most of the time all three in my household enjoy and then he gets is side-dish of potato, corn or stuffing, and my girl Marlei usually ops to just have the veggies I eat on the side of my protein. It seems to be working for us, helped along by the wonderful program bountiful baskets.
A few weeks into this eating regime I felt it.. energy! Yeah! Now to tackle the exercise part of getting healthy. I have always loved two programs out there- Leslie Sansone and The Firm. But my favorite Firm was the older tapes- yes those with the at times campy sets and music, but aerobic weight training I know works. There are others I may try to tackle in the future, like insanity, but I am going to go this at my rate. I was excited to find a newer firm dvd with one of my favorite instructors of the past firms-Pam Cauthen Merriweather, The Firm - Body Sculpting System - Express Total Body Shaping (2004) Format: DVD. Eureka! It is tough, works out my lower body well and only.. yes kids..30 minutes! On Alternate days I the Firm: Firm Parts - Upper Body & Standing. My sis Tigersue, who I will explain more about in a minute got me into Leslie Sansone, so I try to do enough miles off of her various tapes to get in 2 miles. I have now done this for two weeks! I am into my third of this rotation, and have an active reward-me system in place that doesn't have to do with food.
I started this blog to help me and Tigersue. I challenged her to start exercising again like she did before her precious little Kendra came into the world and she looked fabulous during that pregnancy. I think we can do it again. I am so proud of her because she started my challenge to her a week or so ago and started again! I love you tigersue.. let's hope we can make this work I was tired of feeling sick. I am tired of seeing me in pictures with my wonderful family and feeling only shame. I have to make this work for me. There are side benefits of course, but I realize each morning I am up and in the middle of my workouts that I LIKE IT! So Yeah! for Tigersue and yeah for me. Follow us here for regular updates. Hugs :)