Friday, May 11, 2012


Yesterday I was exhausted. I had to absolutely push myself to do my workout of Prime Power Fat Burning and a 1 mile Leslie walk for the Abs. When I talked to my husband on the phone I couldn't even carry on a decent conversation. Once Collin got home I tried to read but I was so tired, I turned on my zune with my classical music and took a nap. I was out before the first two measures of the first piece. I slept through The Russian Easter Overture, Jupiter from the planets, and part of Scheherazade, woke up with Festive Overture. I felt so much better and alert. It was probably the best nap I had in a long, long time.

Today, it was the express workout and a two mile Leslie walk with the bands. Can I say I detest the music at the beginning of the walking workout. I wanted to tell them to shut it off already. Who decided that listening to "I want to walk, walk, walk, power walk, over and over in rap was not brilliant. She has other workouts with much better music. I'm not sure I can stand to do another workout with it. Thank goodness the rest of the workout was okay, but 5 minutes of the first one, was way too much for my ears.

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  1. eh, none of leslie's music is my favorite, but I just pay attention to the beat and her and the walkers and tune out the music.

    I can listed to better music after I am done.. lololololol