Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Mistake

I woke up late which these days is 4:30 am to be going on the exercise by 4:45, and I woke up at 4:50ish.
I hopped out of bed to get going and turned on the DVD, which I placed the night before and it was the wrong one! I tried for a moment to decide what to do in that sleep fogged way, and just decided as I was late and didn't want to rifle through all my DVDs to find the right one.

The wrong video is Sculpted Buns, Hips and Thighs with Tracie Long. I loved this dvd in the past. It is a "cool-down" day choice without being easy either, and I realized my hips need all the bridge work it does. It felt great and I was a wee-bit stiff tonight before I walked in the hips area so I must have gotten work done. I plan on fitting it in somewhere in my non-existent downtime. For the guys out there I realize you are wondering just why women love that sort of workout, and once you have childbirth hips, talk to me and I can tell you. Its a no brainer for men. You are built so that those muscles just sort of follow along with everything else.

There is one part that is useful to men and woman with the classic Firm Workouts and that is the pelvic floor work involving internal contractions of the pelvic floor. I know, I know none of us wants to think about it, but those are important muscles, so consider doing a few reps of them a day.

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