Monday, May 14, 2012

I did a funny thing Saturday and while walking all of a sudden felt this little pull in my upper leg/hip region. A definite twinge. I rested a second, and tried to start again and went 1 minute and stopped for that day. I had wanted to do more, but couldn't get it walked off. I did three miles + on Saturday and The firm with the body stick.

I started again this am, and got through upper body and was into mile 2 of a three mile walk and zing, it happened again. Now mind you when it happens I can barely take another step, but I kept arguing with my body.

I figure it goes like this:

"Hey fat lady! Yeah You! We don't want to stop being insulin resistant! We don't want to start listening to leptin! so stop, We mean it stop! STOP!" (twinge of pain shoots down my thigh.)

"Athletes work through pain, I will to!"

"hahahaaaah!! YOU? An ATHLETE?? You have to be kidding. Don't you dare.. don't you dare! Hey guys TOP now (twinge of pain)!"

Growl of frustration from me.

However today I managed to modify right down to pretending I was an 80 year old grandmother, or trying to do a Richard Simmons tape were you barely lift your foot- it doesn't even leave the ground. And I kept it up for the whole walk. And not only that but I got through this evenings walk as well, but fairly well and no TOP!

I truly believe in my thinking head- the one rejecting the whole lipid hypothesis that I have to keep trying because exercise is not about the calories but repairing my body. Making it feel better, getting healthier.

Here is to tomorrow morning! Yeah!

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