Sunday, May 13, 2012

I get in this little place where I think that the lipid hypothesis is so false that it is self-evident that I forget that much of the world hangs onto it with all their might, mind and strength. This is a trend started by evangelizing vegetarians, yes I think Ancel Keyes was one of those, and the media- yes our horrendous sheepish media went along with the joke that I believe is killing thousands. We went against what made us survive for thousands of years and eat for this little experiment.

So here is the long and the short of it. I want anyone reading this to eat whatever you want. If you are a hard-core vegetarian, please have at it. I don't want to stop you. If you love your fries, potatoes, rice and other such things I will never take those from you.

But I expect the same respect back. I am going to be a meat eater. Yup indeed I am. I am going to be a saturated fat eater- yup I am. I am trying to toss out every goofy chemically made pufa's out of my life. I believe those things I refuse to eat now are killing me when I do. I have believed it for a long time.

I adore my hubby and trust me all my green veggies I love are not for him. I am pretty sure he thinks the low carb approach is for the birds. I don't make him eat the veggies-Okay I confess sometimes I sneak things into meatloaf or casseroles that I made that he won't normally eat. Mostly to prove they are actually pretty good. But I won't take his soda, potatoes, bread or corn away from him. I love him and he is an able functioning adult and he has the right to have those foods. Yes it means that our meal is a little more complicated because I have to make sure he has access to those foods. I think it makes my point. If I won't force him to eat swiss chard ( a family joke) then I won't force you to eat meat or take whatever it is that you choose to eat.

What I know is that right now with what I have been doing the last couple of months I have more energy so that I could start to exercise. I have a good appetite control- I know this because this last week was Gandolfo's sandwiches at work and I didn't even cry about not having one. I still love their sandwiches- but if I am well fed enough I can manage without them.

New topic sort of : I love coconut oil. Lately I used it for everything as my dear daughter points out. I use it for my hair, my skin, MY FEET .. And I eat the stuff. I cook with it. Look into it. Study the science. It is becoming my storage item. I think it is a great part of why I have the energy and feel better.

This was my first measurement day. I won't post them here until next Sunday--However no matter what the outcome= if I lose or don't lose right away I will pay heed to Tigersue's cautionary tale. She really had been working out for a while when I looked at her and said "have you been measuring yourself?" The change took time to kick in-six months she said in her post. If that is what happens to me help me stick with it.

If I feel better that as to be the ultimate gauge.

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