Thursday, May 10, 2012

I have no idea where to begin

Noelie has been encouraging me to get back to working out for a couple of weeks. I have been thinking about it for what seems like 3 or more years. Ever since my darling husband decided to finish our family room my workout space has gone from being there, to not being there, in several rooms. Finally I have a very, very small space in our basement. I mean small. I barely have room to move around and if I do some of the more active Firm tapes, I'm in big trouble.

Anyway about me. For some reason I have always had the feeling I was the biggest girl in the family. Not tall, but fat. Always. Noelie would say otherwise, and I suppose when I look at pictures I wasn't too bad. Still I was bigger than most girls in school, even at a young age. By the time I was 13, I weighed about 133 lbs, and my parents put me on a liquid diet about the time I entered 9th grade. I lost roughly 15 lbs in that 6 week period and kept it off for the better part of a year. Overtime I gained it back and weight about 140 when I graduated from highschool. At that time my mother put me on weight watchers. I didn't stay on it because the location of the meetings was not in the best part of town and riding the bus was even nerve wracking down in that area. I did stick with it, and walking around campus I lost weight to about 118. I was wearing a size 10 then, the smallest I have even been. Of course I didn't keep up with it, my roommate got married so I quit work outs with her. By the time I met my husband to be I was back up to the upper 140's low 150's. See the pattern? Loss weight gain back plus more. About that time, I was diagnosed with PCOS. (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) I wish I knew then what I knew now, the role of insulin in the disease. I probably had it from the time I turned 13, and I wonder if the liquid diet I went on didn't help the situation? Cutting calories to 900 a day for 6 to 8 weeks can't be good on an adolescent body.

I had babies, worked night shifts, did more yoyo loosing weight, and gaining. Most of the time I tried to eat well, not eat much, and of course never could loose much. I tried weight watchers again about 2 or 3 times, and I actually gained weight on it and the last time I started to loose hair. Not just small amounts, but handfuls everytime I took a shower. I guess I lost about 1/8 of my hair if not a bit more than that. It was too low on protein.

Forward several years and I start to have more trouble, I was diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia, a precancerous condition and started treatment for that. Everything seemed out of control. My weight, my health, and I couldn't figure out what to do to stop it. I eventually stopped working and started to workout. Noelie had told me about the Firm, and she had some "Basic workouts" that she gave me. I started those. A couple of months later she moved in and we were working out together. She would also use my treadmill. I loved the machine but with my activity induced asthma it was hard for me to control my speed the way I needed to. After about 6 months of working out, eating "well", she looked at me and said, I think there are changes. It took 6 months of hard workouts before my body would even think about reshaping let alone dropping weight. I went to the Dr. he changed my pill, put me on a couple of other meds, and I started to low carb using the Schwarzbein Principle. Within 2 years I lost 50 lbs, but that would be more accurate to say about 18 months because it took 9 to loose 12 lbs, most of that in the latter 3 months of that time period.

I'm a classic example of cutting calories are not that answer. After I lost that 50lbs, I came down with a case of pneumonia, and it took along time to get over it. I gained a small bit back because food just tasted horrible. Even veggies that I usually love had a metallic taste that wouldn't go away. In that time I found out I was pregnant. After years of wanting more children and accepting that I would only be blessed with two, I was going to have a baby without any infertility treatment. The low carb diet had healed my body to the point I was ovulating. I had never done that, ever. I had another baby about 18 months after that one. For me breastfeeding was the hardest. I gained weight, had not control over my appetite. Nothing I did could shut it off. After all the good I had done in my pregnancies I couldn't get back to workouts, eating right, and here I am 6 1/2 years after Abbie and I gained back that 50lbs. I had lost some on and off between but stress would set me right back to eating horribly. I couldn't get my workouts in, Walking out side is only good for me during spring and fall, so I was stuck.

So here we are to today. My eating is still yucky. Working on that. This week I started the same Firm working out, Noelie is doing. IT is hard for me. Mostly the lunges are killing my knees. If it wasn't a static position I might could manage by my knee can't hold it. So I'm sure I'm not getting the benefit in the muscle. I have to figure it out because it frustrates me. Lunges and dips were always hard, but this extra pain is rotten. On the other hand, I alternate with another Firm that I did lots when I was pregnant because other than the abd work it was very easy to adapt for pregnancy. That is Prime Power Fat Burning. It is more advanced than the basics, but easier than the full blown early firm workouts. I can do it all. I was sore the past couple of days after doing it so I know I was doing it well. I also throw in Leslie Sansone Home walking. I do a 1 or 2 mile depending on my time. I like to make my workouts at least an hour total. My mornings are still about tight on time, but next school year the girls should be in the early session of school so I can come right home and work out. This summer I should be able to get more serious. Right now I'm only using 1,2,3, and 5 lb weights. I hope in a couple of weeks I can add the 8 lb in for lat rows, and bicep work. I will also add in some more real weight work, I have tape I like, more walking, and start trying to figure out and remember what I really like.

I have some motivation to go with too. I have a daughter getting married in Sept. I know I can't loose 50lbs, but I have lost close to 20lbs before in that time period. If I really control what I eat, do a modified Dr. Rodier's diet I can do it. (I still low carb, allow red meat and pork, cut out all grains, most dairy for a couple of weeks, and all fruit. I also add more fat, avoid all starchy vegetables that I can.) It worked for me When I tried it about 4 years ago. I'm older so I don't expect much. At least I can say my body is happy I'm moving again. It feels right. My muscles are saying it is about time. So if nothing else, I will have some more tone, maybe loose some of the puffiness in my face, and look happier in a picture.

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  1. Just remember go at your own speed, but don't back off of tough :) I don't mean then lunges- lol I am even working at those, but sometimes, work a little bit through tough in stead of backing away- I am saying this for me too because I have had my moments of "backing away" the last week, and smack myself upside the head.
    I don't want to be a wilting flower of excuses!!! No.. that is how I got here. If you ave to make sure to concentrate on the diet like you did before- with your new SIL your dear hubby might be faced more with the fact that a balanced diet doesn't always have to include a fair share of grain, potatoes- as really you two are more connected. I think that obesity and gluten intolerance are just different faces of the same sugar induced metabolic damage.