Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lift those weights, gain that muscle!

I wanted to make a quick post about weight training and why I have personal reason to believe ALL women should use weights MORE than aerobics. It is more than seeing tiny little Susan lift heavier weights than the guys in her cast and still lead The Firm workouts, it has to do with my grandmother.

She got bursitis when I was in my early teens. My little grandmother was the model patient. She would do religiously whatever she was told was good by a doctor, and in this case weight training was prescribed for that arm.

We couldn't believe the difference when we saw her: she was still plump- always would be until Lymphoma, but that arm and chest were firm and..well just more trim! I wonder that even then she didn't make the connection. I was too dumb to make the connection until Joyce Vedral and The Firm.

Weights are miracle workers for us women. The first time I got very slim I started walking, but the weight came pouring-yes pouring off when I added weight. I experienced the same thing when working out with Tanya: weights are a miracle worker.

Tigersue is the other reason I believe in weight training. In her case it was what she was able to handle, and yes it was around the 6 month mark of her doing the workouts that the conversation went like this:

"Sis have you measured yourself lately?"

Frustrated, what is Noelie doing to me now look, "No, why?"

"You have lost something, I know you have, I see changes". Her hubby, always a sweetheart nodded in agreement.

She did go up and sure enough there were- at that point with nothing else, there were changes. Muscles are good. We women can't easily bulk up like the guys: if you can you might want to be a body builder, but most of us just don't have required hormones/body make-up, but seriously I am starting to love the well built muscle. You either get it by being a ballet dancer/gymnast etc, or you lift the weights.

So if you want to know what I think you need to do: get off sugar and start doing weight training. It does the body good.


  1. This is true. Unfortunately, our society likes to think men and women need to look certain ways. They believe men need to be beefy and women need to be slim and sleek. They believe that if women do weight training they'll turn into those muscled women that just look awful. No... that only happens with steroids.

    Fact of the matter is, building muscle will burn fat so much faster then just plain aerobics. After awhile, your body adapts to what it's doing. Throw strength training in there though and you throw off your muscles.

    Great stuff, noe.

  2. I can tell I'm a facebook addict, I keep looking for that like button. :)

  3. Jordan I am so glad you are posting! I it is so good to have a guys view! I think you have authorial privileges too, so feel free to login and.. post! Lol Tigersue I was doing that earlier this week. I think blogger should include that feature!