Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm glad to be apart of this.

When I first heard about this blog, I was excited that tigersue, cindilou, and noelie were doing it together. I was even more excited when they asked me to contribute. The more people you have in this, the better.

I want to lay my thoughts down about health and what it means to be healthy. I see a lot of workout videos. Most of them have some sort of advertising like, "this could be you!" while flaunting the sexiest people you've ever seen in front of your face. The truth is they are lying. They are continuing this false idea we have that looks are everything. They never push on why people should really make exercise part of a semi-daily activity. The truth is, we'll never look like those perfectly photoshopped people they throw at us. But none of that matters! I heard someone tell me once, that we should eat healthy, forgive ourselves when we don't, exercise when we can, and let the lbs. fall where they fall. It's not about being lean, and perfect. It's about being ourselves and letting our inner energy be free.

Exercise is hard. Losing weight and having the ideal mental image of yourself is so daunting. It's the hardest thing most people can ever do. The second you believe that it will be hard and take work is the first step. Now, time to make it easy on yourself. Forget the scale and weight, they are just numbers. Forget these perfectly shaped people Hollywood throws at us, they aren't real. Bring with you what makes you happy. I love to run while listening to music that inspires me. I have people all the time say I'm crazy for running for exercise. I make it my own, bring my own personality into it. I even have this app on my phone that tracks my runs, how far I went, rate of speed/pace, etc... You can't imagine how good it feels when I start improving those times.

Be happy with yourself, while trying to push yourself. When exercising, from day one have some sort of measurement to see your progress. Use something like time, or speed. Not weight. The scale will lie to you, fluctuate. These victories will make you happy, push you further to succeed. And that's being healthy.


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