Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm Melting, Melting, Melting!

It's a good fat loss week in my world. I am seeing INCHES gone this very week. I don't know pounds, and frankly don't care because lbs are so deceptive. You can lose pounds and still look and feel awful.

But inches are real, something you can point to and say "This is fat!"

I am never hungry, not even on the weekends when I attempt a mini-fast=take a little longer to get my breakfast in the morning than I usually do. After my good breakfasts I didn't even cry when they brought in Gandolfo sandwiches (if you are in Utah you would know why this could make you cry) I was okay. I guess I could have pulled out the filling, but the point is I didn't need it because I feel .. well nourished.

I even managed to low carb at Cafe Rio, even though the guys put a mountain of unneeded tortilla crisps on my salad, I pulled them out with the garden full of cilantro, ate the fish and cabbage out of my taco's, and enjoyed my salad with a full helping of their amazing dressing and chewed the Cilantro. You really can do this anywhere and almost any meal I believe!

Also this is my FOURTH week of 6 days a week of exercise: I usually do a weight workout and a longer 3-4 mile walk with Leslie Sansone in the early morning, and a walk when I come home after I eat dinner-usually the 2 mile walk.

I swear to you it can work and without feeling the pain of the american government pushed low fat pyramid and work without the pain, frustration and depression that horrendous experiment brought to me.

Measurement count down:

Neck: May 13- 17" May 20-16 1/4" Loss 3/4"
Wrist: May 13- 7 3/4 May 20-7 3/4" Loss 0
Forearm: May 13- 12 1/4" May 20- 11 3/4" Loss 1/2"
Arm: May 13- 17 1/4" May 20-17 1/2 gain 1/4" Not sure what is going on there, but as I now have old woman arms - they look like my grandma's, they could take major work to budge
Ankle May 13- 11 1/2" May-20 11 1/4" loss 1/4"
Calf May 13-17" May- 20 16 3/4" loss 1/4"
Knee May 13- 19 3/4" May-20 18 3/4" Loss 1" - excited about this one- I will never have the gorgeous tiny Tracie Long knees but I can live with something less heffalumpish.
Hips May 13-53 1/2" May 20-51 1/2" Loss 2" Can you imagine the fat loss needed in a area for a 2" loss???? Another exciting one!
Waist May 13-47" May 20-45" 2" Loss 2 " See note under hips :)
Rib cage May 13-41", May 20-40" 1 inch loss
Bust May 13-46", May 20-45 1/2" 1/2" loss
Upper Rib cage May 13-41", May 20-40 1/2" loss 1/2"

Total fat lost for the week- 9 inches!!! exciting. Imagine if I can keep this up! I might not look like Jabba the hut arriving in Illinois in October! Yeah!


  1. I'm looking for that like button again. Good for you. I'm not sure how this week is going to to go for me. We are painting that bathroom! :)

  2. That's a great victory! Keep it up. I have a few apps for you to use on your phone that could help track your work outs, goals, etc... One I use is called run keeper. It's free and you can use it to any workout, not just running. The other one is called optumizeme. Think of that one like a social network app for health. You can set up custom challenges and view your goals, and earn medals from the activity. I'm on there if you want to check it out. Both should be free, though I can't speak for android.

  3. Don't you love Cafe Rio? That is one of my favorites. I usually get a salad with no tortilla, chips, rice or beans. Ordering online they have options for extra lettuce, lime, and you can even get more of the salsa and pico de Gallo. I ordered extra meat last time too. ;) I find I like the beef the best, either the shredded or the steak. I find the pork much to sweet, and the chicken doesn't have enough flavor to go with their yummy dressing. (At least I find it hides) It is an easy place for me to low carb. I don't know what the hidden carbs are but I figure it is better than most.