Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kinect exercises

I love to make workouts fun for me. Hey, they're hard work. Why shouldn't I? Well I own a kinect and kinect adventures. So I figured I'd make a game out of exercising.

So a kinect, in case you don't know, is microsoft's answer to wii motion gaming. I'd argue where the wii doesn't exactly force you to get up, kinect does. It's a sensor bar that can recognize your body, arms, face, voice, etc... It's far more accurate than the wii which simply uses gyroscope technology to sense the wiimote is moving. So an equivalent work out game on the wii can be done by sitting down and just shaking the wiimote, the kinect can tell you're not moving. The technology is pretty amazing and might be the future of computers. But I digress.

One particular exercise I absolutely love, works my whole body and wears me down. You're on this moving platform. It is continuously moving forward in a linear fashion. The idea is to dodge obstacles on your left, right, above, and below you. So you're constantly side stepping, squatting, and jumping. Oh, and if you want to go faster, you can jump. So when there are no obstacles in your way, you are jumping so you can go faster (pictured below). It's a sustained workout that mixes the right amount of fun and physical activity. And I love video games. So what better then to have one that makes me get off the couch?

I will have to post a video sometime of the game in action. Probably not showing me doing the exercises. It's a little damaging to the ego :)


  1. Cool Stuff Jordan, who knew that making exercise fun works! :)
    Tigersue and I are funny about who we let see us exercise too, Michael is enough to put a damper on me for 4 hours. hehe.

  2. lol. Remember when he tried to do some with us?

  3. I love the Move on PS3 too. I have the Michael Jackson Dance game and it gets me shaking it. I feel better after I have done it though which is all that matters.

  4. I agree Kelly! I think this is kelly. Anything that makes you feel better is good.

  5. Ps3 move is a far more accurate device then the wii, though I never tried the move with an exercise game, playing sports champion was a great workout by itself. Volleyball was so fun.

    I've tried workout games on the wii and found myself frustrated. Since it only has the gyroscope technology to tell what the wiimote is doing, I'd be doing lunges and it wouldn't detect simply because I wasn't holding the wiimote or nun chuck at the right angle, forcing me to do dangerous angles for my body in order for it to track. Since the kinect can track my entire body, I don't have trouble getting it to tell where my body is. Now, clearing my living room so I have the 8-10 feet of space from the kinect is a different story.