Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life in the fast lane-----

Or at least that is what I feel as I get up early and do my main exercise for the day and then get ready and go to work and then come up and walk another walk and then whatever fits in the next couple of hours I have left over.

I am not complaining. I would rather be doing this than not.. but it all goes so fast.

I started a new week rotation on firm tapes- I am keeping Firm Parts upper body and am doing Maximum body shaping with Tracie Long on the off day. The girl kicks my butt in an entirely good way.

I ordered some four and six weights from amazon so I can work on getting heavier as Tigersue mentioned we talked about. sometime that 5-8 lbs jump is a little intense so I use them. I know some are saying, just go for it, but it just doesn't work as well as the slower climb up for me.

I continue to walk- about 5 miles a day for 5 days and 4 on the weekend, and am throwing in stretching, which does feel good.

I am glad Jordan has started posting, it really helps perspective.

Maybe I can convince my DH to do this too?


  1. way to go nedra! we are so proud of you, keep it up because it is working. next thing to do is go to zumba with me :) it is fun!

  2. I wonder if your dh would like some of the walking stuff. After all there is Leslie's Randy (grin) and the one I did today had a 72 year old male as part of the crew.

  3. Hehe I have zumba at home brynn, but I bet it is fun to go to class live- I just felt.uncoordinated lol hopefully some more inches will help that klutzyness I have. Then zumba here we come.. !

    I know I have told randy the walking is pretty good,but remember we are talking about the ultimate manly American male who I am sure thinks working out to dvd/tapes are good for me, but he wants 'real"
    Actually I know he still hurts and so that does make it hard to want to do anything, but maybe.

  4. I'm sure the hurting is awful. Poor man. ;( Would he swim? How much does it cost for a rec center membership?

  5. I think last I checked they're around $200 for an Orem resident for the year. It's also $4 per day. I get a pass through my work, I love the Orem rec. even if it does smell like a public gym lol.

  6. I know walking in the pool is a good exercise to start, I don't think he would be too excited by the water aerobics bless his heart. I don't know if Joyce Vedrals book for men would be something he might be interested in. He did weights years ago.

  7. Maybe he would. It is easy enough to do at home.