Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Journey, starts with self love.  I have many tasks and goals to accomplish my June 4th.  Working out is one of them and, I was told to eat high protien and make it light meals. 

I need to get back to where I was before February 25th.  I am re reading my journal. 

Can I get hugs along the way of this new journey I am taking.  I am going through I believe states of mourning a loss.  I am so angry, so so so angry..  But I am wanting to just feel love. 

Laura on the left, is my inspiration.  I know she is walking with me as an angel on the other side. 

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  1. Hugs are free darlin sis, but doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is .. well yes insanity.
    This I hope will be a place for healing for you, and not stagnation of keeping the same attitudes, habits over and over. This place is about change of self-not others because their God-given right is to be the ones to affect their own change.
    Happiness is also a habit sweetheart. It is a choice like all of our other choices. We throw out that which makes us unhappy and keep that that does.
    You deserve a period of mourning for what you are going through- but again true mourning is not stagnation of same old attitudes and habits- it is the vehicles by which we open new doors.
    I pray for all of that for you