Monday, May 28, 2012

New rotation, I think

I started today with Super Sculpting. One of my favorite firm workouts. I did this one throughout my entire pregnancy with Kendra. I only skipped the abdominal work then and went right to my Pilates workout. It is all weight work except for the warm up and anyone that says weight work can't be cardio is nuts. My heart is pounding by the time I get done with Nancy tuckers leg work. I was feeling it to today. I forgot, for the first to reps that I needed to drop my box to 12 inches. Fourteen is just too tall for me. I even remember at one point warming up to 12 because that was too hard on my knees. I made the 12 inch work today. With only stopping a couple of times. For me that is huge because leg lifts have always been hard, and I get to muscle fatigue really fast with them. I didn't use a weight with them and used the sculpting stick for balance. I might be remembering wrong and did use the sculpting stick for weight. I will have to see next time I use it. I'm not sure when I will get to it again, it might be Thursday but I had to try today so I could figure out where I was with it. I do know for upper body work I need to use my barbell even without weights, the sculpting stick is much to light for this tape. I should increase my ankle weights from 2 lbs to 3 lbs and go from there. Upper body I may need to throw in 10 lbs for bicepts and other stuff. I did feel burn but I can't remember if I got to muscle fatigue on some of the sets.

Can I say Jennifer Carmen is for me what Tracy Long is for Noelie. I love Tracy, but I want to look like Jennifer. In this tape she is amazing.

One change I noticed this week was somehow I had some upper abdominal definition showing up. Don't ask me how. Everyone seems to say that you have to loose fat to see anything, I have always believed it so I was rather shocked myself. Somehow I have really worked that part of me and not realized it. Amazing.

I did measurements, I might post them when I have time but the only real difference was a bit in chest, and waist. My arms were up but I could blame that on a heavy bicep work can't I? I will see how the rest of the week will go. I will keep doing the express workout if I have time, and walks. I have a rather busy next couple of days and my workout time will have to be adjusted.


  1. Yes, fatigued muscle swells so you could count that. I like jennifer carmen too- at this point I was told I could copy any females shape on the firm I would be happy.

  2. I must have really worked my delts. I upped my weights on Prime Power fat burning. I did 3 lbs for the 4 limb movement, and 10 on biceps and lat rows. When it came to the delt work I used 3 lbs, and tried to up to 5 which what I usually use at this point for the military press. I couldn't manage. I even tried to drop down to 3 and do you think I could lift those up? Not at all. My shoulders really hurt. Maybe I was using 2 lbs before? My brain is so fried I can't remember. lol