Monday, May 7, 2012

Once upon a make that twice upon a time I was slim. I was a slim kid and slim into my early 20's and then again in my 30's. But I let that all go. There was always another excuse around the corner, I didn't feel good, I didn't have time, I didn't know what to do, which was rather false because I do know what to do-what you work on is getting the body healthy. Of course some was I really didn't feel good or have any energy after my work day-and I have to admit 10 hours shifts I was working was sort of hampering the efforts.
My dh and I approach things differently with our physical ailments and there isn't a thing wrong with that but I am know he is rather bemused at the plethora of supplements I take, but I think I finally it upon a group that work for me energy wise: Vitamin d, Cal/mag, Iodine, Minerals from the great salt Lake, coconut oil and butteroil/fermented cod liver oil. I also take something tat I hope will kick my blood sugars down. I also eat low carb. I have to plan that well, my sweet hubby loves is taters and corn, and well they just don't do so well for me. I am sure he at times thinks if I could be a little more like my gorgeous daughter in law Brynn who can eat and enjoy such things and is still slim and graceful as a reed, but that is not to be in this lifetime, so we make a main dish that most of the time all three in my household enjoy and then he gets is side-dish of potato, corn or stuffing, and my girl Marlei usually ops to just have the veggies I eat on the side of my protein. It seems to be working for us, helped along by the wonderful program bountiful baskets.
A few weeks into this eating regime I felt it.. energy! Yeah! Now to tackle the exercise part of getting healthy. I have always loved two programs out there- Leslie Sansone and The Firm. But my favorite Firm was the older tapes- yes those with the at times campy sets and music, but aerobic weight training I know works. There are others I may try to tackle in the future, like insanity, but I am going to go this at my rate. I was excited to find a newer firm dvd with one of my favorite instructors of the past firms-Pam Cauthen Merriweather, The Firm - Body Sculpting System - Express Total Body Shaping (2004) Format: DVD. Eureka! It is tough, works out my lower body well and only.. yes kids..30 minutes! On Alternate days I the Firm: Firm Parts - Upper Body & Standing. My sis Tigersue, who I will explain more about in a minute got me into Leslie Sansone, so I try to do enough miles off of her various tapes to get in 2 miles. I have now done this for two weeks! I am into my third of this rotation, and have an active reward-me system in place that doesn't have to do with food.
I started this blog to help me and Tigersue. I challenged her to start exercising again like she did before her precious little Kendra came into the world and she looked fabulous during that pregnancy. I think we can do it again. I am so proud of her because she started my challenge to her a week or so ago and started again! I love you tigersue.. let's hope we can make this work I was tired of feeling sick. I am tired of seeing me in pictures with my wonderful family and feeling only shame. I have to make this work for me. There are side benefits of course, but I realize each morning I am up and in the middle of my workouts that I LIKE IT! So Yeah! for Tigersue and yeah for me. Follow us here for regular updates. Hugs :)


  1. I think I need an invite to blog. :)

  2. Thanks for the invite... not sure what to say.. I miss working out to the firm.. I hope at leat the next couple three weeks I can get to the gym... ALONE.. and work on me.

    I love my beautiful sisters.. you are so amazing to me. Thank you for being my sisters. And being patient.