Monday, May 21, 2012

Pregnancy workouts

I thought I would talk about workouts for pregnancy. I did really well with Kendra, and although not as much with Abbie I did do my prenatal ones, and some walking workouts.

I did the following
Prime Power Fat Burning, with Stacie Collins. I skipped any abd work on the back, did everything else.
I had a firm scuplting tape I don't remember the name, but it was all weight work. Again adapted for pregnancy. No floor work, lighter weights as needed.
All of Leslie's walking tapes I had. I did at least 3 miles a day, on top of what ever else I did.
The two pregnancy tapes I had that I used pretty much daily, usually in place of the firm.
Prenatal Pilates This tape has a part for each trimester. Excellent workout, tough, and will really prepare your body for childbirth.
Leisa Harts Hot Mama. Kind of funny in someways but also fun, different and has some Yoga moves.

I did really well with Kendra, I lost weight, yes lost weight while pregnant. It is safe if you are obese, and I low carbed. Again safe. I ate 90 gms of carb a day, did not starve, and looked well after I had Kendra. (My problem is after the baby, I can't control cravings for years.)

Don't be afraid of working out while pregnant, you can do it safely, and if you aren't used to it the Leslie walking and those two pregnancy tapes can help lots.

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