Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I had said that my knee was giving me grief with my workouts. I am a believer in shoes being a big culprit to knee problems. I discovered that years ago with a pair of new shoes that caused so much pain I could hardly walk. (I will never use payless athletic shoes again for that reason). I think it happened one other time as well. I tried another pair of shoes and the pain went away.

Michael asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. I figured my washer and dryer were good enough presents, but after really thinking about it I told him I needed new shoes. So yesterday we went out to look for a pair. Hunting for shoes for me is a pain. I have size 5 1/2 feet that are wide. Do you think you can find 5 1/2 in the stores? Nope. I haven't been able to for many, many years. That is probably why I used payless shoes because they do carry that size. I can sort of wear a regular 6. The width is okay, but the length is never right so my shoes always slip off my heal. We went to big 5 sports, and I did find a pair of running shoes for about 22 dollars on sale. They are snug enough for the most part. Still slip a little but I think they were the best I could find. Hopefully my knees will agree.

They are flexible enough that I should be able to bend my foot in the ways I need to for many of the firm moves.

Today I tried a 4 mile Leslie walk from a set that I bought years ago. I had lost the band with it when Michael finished our family room. I'm sure it is downstairs somewhere but it isn't with my equipment. That or Michael sent it to DI not knowing what it was. Good thing Noelie gave me another set that had a bad with it. This work out was a 4 mile with interval training. I'm not sure I like it as much as some of her others but that could be that I'm out of shape. I found the band hurt my hand with some of the moves so I may need to wear my gloves when I use it. The rubber really caused some friction.

At least I could do it today. I could still feel the pull on my Trapezius but it wasn't horrible. I decided against weights today just to rest the muscle a bit more hoping that this would warm it and stretch it out some more.


  1. Hey, I just remembered that I still have that armband for your zune player. Can I bring it to you next week?