Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So I am not always the brightest cookies in the jar, but Tigersue finally said "I think you have to invite me"-I did and so hopefully she can show up to tell you about her accomplishments for herself.

I have been keeping up with my morning workout/walk and afternoon walk quite nicely. The only side effects are some frustrating periods of dizziness, my body not able to decide if it is old or young, and a little more emotionalism on my part---poor Hubby Randy is having to suffer through that, so I am going into the Dr just to make sure everything is okay. The dizziness still reminds me what I used to feel when it had been a while since I had ate, and I was actually comforted to have a rumbly tummy this morning when I had them.

I also have a weird left foot. Yes weird: the left ankle always feels a bit "weak" at the end of a two mile walk, and two of the toes feel sore--I keep checking for an ingrown toe-nail but I don't see anything out of the ordinary and I don't feel a thing bad when I take turns palpating and pinching the toe/nails.

I don't know.

I don't mean this to be kvetch kinda thing. I am happy to be doing this again...finally. but maybe if I talk about it someone will know something or have an answer.

Until that moment I am off to the store for band-aids because they help.

This am it was The Firm Parts: Upper Body and Walk away pounds express two mile walk with a stretchie-band- I just don't use the stretchie.

Later I will get in a walk with Leslie Sansone- I want to try to keep it to around 4 miles per day for now if I can manage. Sunday is my designated day off from working out- I will just take walks with my daughter Marlei and our dog Lily for the sheer fun of activity. I don't know that we do enough activity for fun.

That is the long and the short of it for me today=--oh besides getting a measuring tape and book to keep track of my measurements in.

Have a good one!

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