Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Turn! The other two hold down the fort so well!

So my turn to tell you all what I did this week. My new "rotation" started with The Firm Parts: Upper Body and Maximum Body Sculpting . I do one of those ever other day starting with the Maximum Body Sculpting on Monday mornings. I work out six days a week. Right after I finish the weight training I walk three miles with Leslie Sansone and try to get in the stretch with Tammie Lee Webb. I also come home every night and do another two miles, and sometimes I am rushing around to get it all together, especially for Tuesday and Thursday nights!

I am making progress with upping the weights. My little two pounds sit alone these days as three is now the lowest weight I do, usually for the flies where you kneel over and work the back of your arms. My four and six pound weights made it in so I have been mixing the fours into spots I was using threes, and will use the sixes where I have been using five. I am also noticing that I probably should get a 12 pound for lat rows. I just barely got the 10 and now I seem to need more so that is nice.

I walk better than ever with Leslie, hardly ever needing to take a moment to walk around slowing for my burning hip muscles- although that girl can still get me with a long kickback/pull down combination. You know the ones where she reaches her arms to heaven for a moment to thank God for her blessings and then pulls those arms up and down.

I noticed the last few days when I finish the weight training my muscles feel like a good, professional masseuse just had a crack at them. How cool is that- a Massage from weight lifting. I really love that feeling.

The stretch with Tammie Lee is as valuable to me-I feel relaxed and not as if I just worked out with weights and did a long walk and her little floor work one is the one I have been doing. I should do a full version sometime soon.

As always I get those agonizing family pictures still- you know the ones if you are as big as I am-where your darling grandchild is standing with you GORGEOUS and you look like Jabba the Hut behind. Those are hard but realistic moments. This is where I am at, and I have to keep going or it could get even worse. Then I have the fear this is never going to happen.

So it led to my daughter Muggs and I having the reverse conversation we have during her school year that if she as done well and all her work all semester, which she does, it is impossible to fail the class on the final. Our conversation went like this:"Mom you can't work this hard and not have it work sometime. It's impossible."

I know it is true. Look at Tigersue losing nothing noticeable for FIVE months and then whoosh it started to come off, when she had built healthy body tissue to that point- so I have to keep reminding myself I am building healthy body muscle now and it will pay off.


  1. It's so true how difficult this is. People who don't battle with being over weight won't understand until they have to do it themselves. I am trying to work off my paunch I've had since I got married. I used to cart six hundred pound dressers up flights of stairs. Now I get winded if I go up a flight of stairs.

    Mom, I love you and I'm glad you are doing this. I contribute to this blog because I feel it's necessary to support you in this, to be a check so you don't stop, to have a check myself, and to get fit also. And Marlei is right. We won't have zero results from this much work.

    1. I love you too honey and I love that you contribute! I told Stephanie that today! I wouldn't mind having the whole fam damily blogging here if they want! We all have issues we want to work on and that is what I hope for here,

      So tat you were will to blog and brynn and KellyAnne come in and post is so entirely cool! It's wonderful and I LOVE IT!

  2. I'm using the 2 for the aerobic stuff and a bit of the delt work, mostly 3's. I use 5 for everything else, but moved to 8's for my bicepts and lat work this week. Keep going sis, with all the changes you have had it will just keep going. I keep telling myself that magic 6 mile mark. I figure the firms are worth at least 2 miles, and the longer tapes are well into a 3, so those walks just add more. My legs are really feeling it, not just the thighs but the calf muscles are really tired and weak. So I must be working those well. You have always done better than I have. You can do it. :)

    1. You seem right up there with me this time kiddo. Don't minimize the amazing work you are doing.

      I had no Idea that you would run with this like you have, but you have and I am excited!

  3. You are awesome Nedra! and I can tell a difference, I hope you are ok that I put that picture of you up with Ellie, she was just so excited to have you there :) I can take it down though. I am impressed that you are able to work out as often as you do, working full time is hard enough! Keep up the good work and know that we are behind you 100%. Love you!

    1. OH sweetie don't take it down :) It's just one of those hard moments. I love that little girl, and you guys so much. I just hate tat I let this go that far, but I feel all of the support and I appreciate it.

      Keep it where it is. It is hard to see, but that should help keep me focused :)