Saturday, May 26, 2012

So Posts about food also belong here

We had a funny moment this morning, because of circumstances I had two huge plates of food, most of it vegetable, I had one plate piled high with purple cabbage, a whole cut up cucumber, tomato slices, baby bella mushrooms, and red pepper. I don't think there was anything else, and the other plates was my omelet with cheese and green onion. Dr Terry Wahls would be proud of me, but my hubby, dear man thought it was hysterical. He said of course he realized all of the one plate was full of food that by the time I had finished eating was cancelled out by all the water in them, the fiber and the effort to chew them calorie-wise if not by the exercise before, but it was the sheer magnitude of the pile of food he laughed at.

I had been doing this the last week, and frankly it is the most amazing appetite suppressant I have ever used. I don't feel hungry until I go home for dinner and even then it is a lukewarm, "Okay let me hurry and eat to go do my walk." I know I will probably ease back until I am sure I can get the fat budging, but truly the healthy veggies, you know the ones that most other families have to force children to eat, if you fill up on those can give you this feeling of being well-fed. To be clear the short list of those would be broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow summer squash, spinach, cabbage-purple or green, mushrooms, peppers of any variety, celery, cucumber, chard, and asparagus. I am glad I discovered this.

My other buddy has been coconut oil and creamed coconut. Okay so I do have one treat I have discovered-mixing some creamed coconut and full fat cream together (NO SUGAR!) and poor that over berries. I love coconut oil. I eat it, I cook with it, and it is now my big treat source. And the creamed coconut can be a storage food! Yeah! I realized if you are a lipo-phobe that reads this and believes the old song and dance that the saturated fat in coconut is bad for you is dying inside right now, but it is a lie. Pure and simply it was a horrible lie that as so many parts of a "grand" experiment played on us by politicians and researchers with biases and bad science, and ignored evidence that we thrived on this one element for thousands of years, say what you will I will keep my fat and allow you all of my rice, potatoes, bread, pasta yadda yadda. At what point do you wake up and realize your food has the issue of having the same macro-nutrient makeup of what we use to fatten cattle and pigs with?

Since I am on one more little wild hair tonight STOP FEEDING MY CHICKENS A VEGETARIAN DIET! Chickens are not vegetarians and I don't want your soy in there. We can compromise on a coconut oil based feed, I know some farmers are doing it already but I am sick and tired of the "Vegetarian" fed chicken. They like bugs and worms and other assorted things vegetarians don't want anything to know about. Quit forcing your ideology on them.

Okay.. off the box now and I feel so much better.

My darling hubby is trying so hard so I was glad to find Dreyer's Sugar free ice cream for him. He likes it, so one snack is there for him! Also I make Jello for him, maybe not the best but certainly not the wordst but he isn't ready for different and this will work I think, bless him.

He actually tried something new tonight- He ate trout for the first time in is life. I think it was okay although he coated it in tartar sauce. That was okay, it meant I could have his lemon for my trout, and he gave me all of his broccoli, so I actually ended up eating more volume than he did again! At least the FLOTUS can't fault my veggie eating today- not that it is a huge concern of mine to disappointed a woman that will tell us all-force if she can, to do one thing and then do another herself, but such is life.

Consider finding out about food, and the distressing damage sugar has done to us and is continuing to do to us as a nation. Some of us have to wake up and eat our eggs and bacon and throw out the toast before it is too late! lol.


  1. I still need to do better on the eating end but it is much better than it has been. I focusing again on eggs, and getting veggies in. Lunch is the worst for me, I need to figure out what I can do that I can stand to eat and afford here at home. Working on that one. Thanks to Bountiful baskets there are always good veggies around. I'm making lots of that cucumber, tomato, onion salad, with the grapeseed oil, and I'm also adding peppers and radishes from time to time. Yum

  2. that sounds good :). Spinach or mushrooms sauteed in the bacon drippings in the mornings are two of my favorites for breakfast and I usually eat a tomato to help with the potassium since I am getting cramps in my feet/legs after working out that is also probably from fluid loss so I might starting taking some beef bouillon or chicken stock with salt instead of water when I work out to see if that helps.

  3. Good idea, my legs are really tight and crampy too.

  4. It's a hint I have been reading in all the best low carb sites/books these days--they even now suggest it just during Atkins induction phase to get people over the withdrawal problems so many have

  5. Oh, I bet making your own stock would really be great. I have tried it and loved in the past but then never use it. I have a bunch of soup bones that I could roast up to try. I won't get to it this week with so much going on. (I'm even pressed trying to to figure out when to work out some of the days.)

  6. Tues Michael's parents come in, and I have the girl field day. (I should be able to get some in before hand), Wed Abbie has Kindergarten graduation and 9:30, Kendra had an Authors tea at 12, Collin's graduation is at 4 and he has to be there at 3, He also should have an interview with the Stake President around 6:30 for his mission papers, and today, after I wrote the other post, there is a high chance he will be able to be endowed before he leaves for California. If that happens, much more to plan and do before he goes. It makes my head spin.

  7. Well we can scratch the endowment. Stake president says not until mission call is received. So chances of him being able to attend Natasha's wedding is slim. It was the bishop's idea to try and see if he could because he was hoping Collin could go to his sisters sealing.

  8. right, but that is one less thing this week. Just remember how good even a 1 mile walk feels :)
    If that is all you get in it is 1 mile more than you got in a few weeks ago :)