Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Through the fire and the flames

I did a run today and have an update on the stats. The first half never seems to go very well. I find I have to slow down often. I'm wondering what I can do better to warm up. I think that's my problem. I spend a good 20 minutes stretching, doing sit ups, push ups, etc... I looked at my time around 1 mile. I did a 12:34 minute mile. Which kind of discouraged me. I didn't get much chance to run since last week. Monday was way too exhausting for me. Tuesday I couldn't sleep all night. Last night was a better night and I needed to get back there.

People ask me how I can run for exercise. It's simple. I get a runner's high. I feel such a sense of accomplishment. It helps me work things out internally. When I'm out there, there is no one to disappoint but myself. It's liberating.

Here's my stats for this run:

Total time: 27:53
Total Distance: 2.28 miles
Average min/mile: 12:12

The good news here is after I passed the 1 mile mark, I did awesome. I turned on this song on my playlist. By dragon force and it's called through the fire and the flames. It's not a song noelie or tigersue will enjoy. Their musical tastes are much more refined than my own. But the song inspires me and gets me moving. I ran the second mile in 10:10. That is the victory here. For having an incredibly depressing week, this was the highlight. This was my victory. It felt so good to look down and see that. I turned on the 10 minute song and I just ran. I didn't stop until the very end. I pushed myself and it didn't hurt, or feel uncomfortable, or feel like something I couldn't do. This was something I could do and did.

Here's the chorus to that song.

So far away we wait for the day
For the lives all so wasted and gone
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days
Through the fire and the flames we carry on


  1. Maybe what you could do is planned interval training: You know do some slower whatever that speed is and then a minute or two of speed as fast as you can go, and then slower again for a few minutes. it won't be "faster" while doing it, but see about trying it for a week or two and then do a sustained run to see if you can get it faster.

    Good work, by the way of pushing through just how tired I know you must be from you night shifts!******applause!!!!******

  2. I'm sure lots of it is the tiredness. It is so hard to improve speed and time when you are tired. Working nights sap so much out of you even if you try to maintain a complete schedule. Our bodies are not designed to be up all night and sleep in the day. We can do our best, but it does effect us.

    I agree with Nedra, try interval training, and maybe just do a really, really good fast walk before you try the run. Also check your starting music, is there something else that would inspire you as you warm up your speed and your time? I used to love to run, but I am not good at it. So I'm not much help there at all.