Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today I did

I should say yesterday, I did my Prime Power Fat burning, and I'm trying to increase my weights on it. I realize the bicep work was much too easy, time to up weights to my 8 lbs. I hope that will be good, and Noelie and I talk going from 5 to 8 can be a real challenge for us. I think for the set I'm talking about it should be okay, it isn't very long, isolated bicep curls. Then I can drop down to the 5 lbs, for some of the other bicep work. Hopefully I will feel the muscle fatigue doing that. Everything else I feel it. Delts always burn, it doesn't take a very heavy weight at all, infact I picked up my 3 lbs and had to drop to my two right off, I knew they were too heavy. I am sure some of that is because of my injury. Still the over head presses I have to use my 5 lbs, my deltoids have always been weak. I know I'm going to have to look into getting either a set of 6 or a set of 7 lb weights.

I also did the three mile Leslie walk with the weighted balls. After that I painted for nearly 3 hours.

Today, I got up to get to the DMV for the lovely drivers license renewal. I came home and convinced myself to work out. I did The Firm workout with Pam. I know I work my legs with it, and some upper body. I really don't feel the burn in the upper body though, so next week I'm thinking of doing super sculpt instead. At least try it one day. I know I could do upper body, but I'm not sure I'm ready for it. I'm not sure I'm ready for super sculpt either but I have to figure out how to get everything working not just my legs. This is still a great 30 minute workout. After that I did a 4 mile express walk with Leslie and crew. I think it is one of the fastest I have ever done, and that includes the one I did last week with all the interval training in it. This one the walk was done at around 53 minutes I think. That is cruising, and the last mile was slow. The first 3 are fast, fast, fast. It is a good fast, probably about as fast as I can go with my asthma, my lungs don't burn so that is a good thing. I'm not a fan of the boost training because it does go into a light slow jog, that can set me coughing if I'm not careful. For me steady seems to be the way, it can be fast, but make it steady.


  1. wow! You did fantastic today, I am really proud of you. How do you feel now?

  2. I'm okay, still very sore, but the workouts do seem to help stretch the muscles a bit so I'm not as sore as I am in the morning.