Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two weeks what I notice

I have been at this now for two weeks. I never have been as good as Noelie and doing the 6 days a week, usually it is 5 at worst it is four. This past week it was a 4 day week, but that was okay. (I was painting last night, I think that counts for a bit, reaching, stretching, pushing, pulling, and squatting.) lol

We will be doing more painting this week but I still intend to work out this week, probably with the same tapes I have been doing since last week was so/so in many respects. The week after I will try to mix in a different Firm tape.

What I am noticing is a lengthening and shaping of my leg muscles. I have really concentrated on isolating the muscles I use and it is working that way. I even do it with Leslie walks, really focusing on what muscles are doing what. So a leg lift, I'm really working it, kicks the same, side steps the same. My arms I really pull, or push. That focus is working. When you can feel the outline of a muscle under fat you know it is going. I'm counting on muscle memory to help out. I want to do leg lifts, my body wants it, but I'm not sure I'm ready to work with the fanny lifter that way, but in a week I will be trying to through it in. I believe in listening to what my body says and if it is yelling for me to do something I better listen. I'm not taking measurements either, I'm not sure why, but I think because I know I will be obsessive about it. I'm sure I should. sigh.

On that massive weight gain, I'm down 8 now. What a relief. I can take the 2 lbs with adding weights, workouts and still not eating exactly the way I should it isn't off of what I would expect.


  1. Good Job sis! I started more at that medhelp place and am starting a diary on food too. I think the bending and stretching counts :)

  2. 4 workouts a week is nothing to be ashamed about especially! That's an amazing effort too!

  3. Part of the reason I usually don't get six in is that I found that Saturdays became impossible to work out. I was always interrupted, usually by Michael. :)