Friday, May 18, 2012

Walk, Walk, Walk

Noelie knows what I'm talking about with that title. One of our favorite workouts are the Leslie Sansone Walk at home set. They are really low key, and mostly non stress. You don't have to do all the stuff she does, just move. I have her weighted ball sets, the abd set, and a couple of sets that use a stretchy band. My favorites over all are the weighted ball set, but I don't mind the abd set either. I'm not a fan of the stretchy band but I think that is as much the music as anything else. I would recommend this for anyone that is trying to figure out what to do to start. With the added resistance to these workouts they help with muscle tone and encourage the protection of the muscle instead of the breakdown often seen with regular aerobic workouts. (That is why I like doing them with the Firm sets, they are a good fit). You can work hard with these by increasing your intensity by picking up your feet, wider hand movements, and really focusing on muscles that are working. They are good for people like me with activity induced asthma that moving fast is not so good, but brisk is great. I can always walk faster than I can run, even at my best shape.

I have had to back off with the workouts this week. I never knew an upper back injury would effect everything I do. I have had lower back injuries, sore muscles, stiff necks, you name it, having TMJD there is almost always some kind of pain in my head and neck. This is different in that every move, every step jars the muscles and causes deep pain. My husband pulled out our massager last night and tried to work it out. Every place that he worked on was so tender I couldn't believe it. It must have helped because today there is only a small bit of pain right around my scapula. So I pulled out a walking tape today after taking a break yesterday. I did the 3 mile walk for the abs. It is one of my favorites because of a piece of music in the first mile. I wish I knew what it was because I would find it. I chose this one because I knew I needed to get some good time in, and with the belt I could stretch and work the muscles in my back and shoulders at my own pace. I hope it works and I feel more healing. I wonder about how much weight inflammation causes? This week I literally put on 10 pounds over night. It is gradually coming off, roughly 7 lbs in the past two days, but I have never had a weight gain like that. 5 to 7 has been to most I have ever seen, but 10? So what do you think?


  1. I am sure a lot of what happens to us is inflammation making it hard to lose weight. I think a lot of what is happening with Randy is just that, and of course it doesn't make him feel good, so then he feels less able to do something about it,

  2. Indeed walk,walk,walk! And then there is nice,nice,nice :) I am starting to know the conversations so well I can tell what is coming, but isn't that comforting?