Thursday, May 24, 2012

Work out done, and what tapes do I have. :)

I managed a workout. After not getting to bed until after midnight thanks to a clogged drain, Wrylie woke us up about 4:15. Of course I have a hard time getting back to sleep particularly with this muscle strain that gets worse at night. It did give me an excuse to get up and dose up on ibuprofen and tylenol again, I was still really tired. I wish I was a morning person. My energy seems to go up in the afternoon/evening and I make good plans for the next day, and boom it starts all over, dragging in the morning.

I did Prime Power Fat burning, increasing weights where I can. Mostly bicep work, and I did up them for the Lat work as well. everything else is still real weak. I tried to increase the military press but no go. Abbie tried to do it with me but then played around on the health rider a bit, then with about 15 minutes left said she wanted me to call her when I did the walking. So that is what I did. She came and did about 23 minutes of walking in the 30 minute workout. I think she just wanted to be with her mommy.

I thought I would log my workouts, at least the ones from the Firm. (Bolded are Favorites or ones that I used often.)

Low impact aerobics #2
Aerobic Interval Training #3
Aerobic Work out with Weights #5 (heavy legs and abd work)
The Boomers # 6
Maximum Body Shaping (new for me)
Super Sculping
Upper Body
Super Body Sculpt
Tough Tape 2
Better Body & Buns
Firm Strength
Firm Cardio (cross trainer with Firm Strenght)
Tough Aerobic mix
5 day abds
Sculpted Buns, Hips and Thighs
Standing Legs
Prime Power Fat Burning - Beginning
Express Total Body Shaping
Basics Fat Burning, Sculpting with weights, Abds, buns, thighs- Beginning
Total Body Shaping Mix
Total sculpt +Abds
Maximum Cardio Burn +Abds
Tough Cardio

I have the Walk away the pounds with weight balls, toning, 1,2,3 mile walks
Walk away for Abds 1,2,3 and super challenge 1 mile
Walk Away the Pounds ultimate
1 mile (same as the weighted ball one mile)
2 milk brisk
3 mile advance
4 mile super challenge (? if this is that same as the one I did yesterday, I need to compare them)
Walk Slim Fast 1 and 2 mile
3 fast
4 Big Fast and Firm
fast firming
and Walk slim 4 fast miles.
Walk away express Super Challenge (tape very fast)


  1. Awesome job! As a person who gets very little sleep also, I understand completely. This is when it's hardest to exercise and also when it's probably most crucial. Discouragement is definitely the enemy.

  2. You are doing such a great job. Just remember to put 100% of what you can into even if today's effort is different than yesterday's 100% and you will continue to do fine.