Monday, June 25, 2012

Things I noticed this week

Wow, what a week. Aside from a husband gone on trek, and a sick dog, I am noticing several things.
I find that I move more. Not just my forced workouts, which I have expanded to 6 to 8 mile of Leslie walks a day, but during the day I want to move more. I don't sit at the computer as much, I'm up and down the stairs. I actually would love to take a long walk outside, but I know I would wilt in this heat. That is amazing. I can't think of the last time I really wanted to go for a walk. I can't wait for cooler weather so I can start walking outside again. I love fall and spring for that reason.

I still hate to take measurements. I have always found it hard to get in the same spot every time so it frustrates me. Maybe someday I will love it but right now I hate it. I do it because I know sometime I will see a big difference from starting point to a current measurement but with my abdomen not budging a bit it gets discouraging. I know it is because it takes time when I'm this heavy but even a 1/8 off my hips would give me a happy dance feeling because then I would really know fat is moving there nicely not just shifting around.

I got a fitbit and I love it, and an aria. I really couldn't afford it but I know I do well with a pedometer. I had one before that I dug out but it needs a battery change if it opens up. That is one reason why I got it now, the other was it was on sale on Amazon, the plum one for 10.00 less than the fitbit site. I have no idea why the blue one was not on sale. Go figure. At the sametime I figured I would get the scale, I know Michael would like it if he can get to more serious workouts. His work has been awful lately and so he hasn't had time to even go do a workout like he used to do. Another reason to pray for cooler weather so we can walk at least once a week together.

I think my mood is better, my weight is down another 2 pounds or so this week. I think that is why I'm frustrated that measurements didn't go. I worry I'm wasting muscle not fat. Go figure I shouldn't be but since I'm sure I have adrenal gland fatigue it worries me a tiny bit.

Now if the flooding in my workout space doesn't get any worse another week is here. I'm still doing The Boomers workout. I used a 6 inch step today, except for the work between the squats and the leg press. I used the sculpting stick instead of my barbell but I probably still need the barbell. I think the aerobic work was good with 6, I might try it on 8 next week, but I'm still thinking about it.

Janet Jones Gretzky tape still gets me, but I'm doing better at it. If I have to slow down I do. Sometimes I find the spend in the weight work during the aerobics is too fast. Does that mean I'm using too heavy of a weight then? Or is it a range of motion issue and will get better as I loose weight. I'm not sure yet. I do know I go as heavy as I can, when I can. It is hard to judge with my darn weak shoulders. Someday I might be able to move beyond 2 or 3 pound weights on those. Otherwise I'm trying to use 12 on lat rows and biceps but I'm not sure if it is hurting my form or not at the moment. I'm trying to decide. There again it is Range of motion that keeps me from getting into good position so it is hard to tell.

I hope to keep up this rotation I'm on for another 3 weeks. Give it a month and see what changes and improvements I make. I'm looking mostly to be able to use the barbell on The Boomers and with luck be able to add weight. My upper body is willing, I'm not sure about the legs. With 15 pounds down since December, and roughly 10 since the end of April we shall see.

The clothes test

I continue to make strides in how well I am able to follow along with my exercise tapes. My only major challenge has been some issues with knee pain and of course my ever irritating left foot (that I do feel is getting better). I have increased weights for my lat rows up to 15 lbs and use the 5 and 6 pound weights for my deltoid muscles. The legs I manage to use good form without weights and a lower step for leg press, although I have decided that I will use the 10 inch step. I need to change out exercise benches so I have choices with firm stuff.

My clothes continue to fit better. I can easily wear the shirt I want to wear for July 4, and in the peach shirt I inherited from my aunt my arms fit in better all the time. I figure another 15 pounds needs to come off before I wear it "well". Clothes can tell you a great deal.

I continue to love my scale better than I thought it would, because it simply shows me fat percentage loss on many days that nothing else happens, so progress! That is an amazing thing so while I like my fitbit, my scale Aria is my buddy.

I continue to feel better- oh I did get another pair of sketchers that were on sale and love that brand of shoes for my feet. It is helping with that stubborn but improving left foot. I treat it well, rubbing and massaging with coconut oil and try to do little exercises with my feet and toes when sitting up or reading in bed.

I expect another program to arrive this week with a barbell and again seem to work in an "aerobic" type way- the best I could compare the firm and this to is circuit training.

I found an amazing recipe on Rachel Ray, chicken with pumpkin seed sauce I am going to try today. If it is good I will post the link here.

Food has to be good, filling and rewarding or you can't continue with it, low carb or high carb. That is a reality. So I keep working to find things that will work for everyone in my household, because I simply love them and want them to feel well.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

If exercise doesn't really cause weight loss---why do it?

All the reading and studying I have done lately reinforces that the idea that strictly calories in and calories out isn't quite.. well the way it works. Yes a calorie is a calorie, but it takes so much work to just lose a pound. For instance " let’s say you decide to walk at a speed of about two miles per hour for 30 minutes three times a week. That activity will burn about 157 calories per walk (more or less depending on your weight). At three times per week, you will burn 471 calories–nowhere near a pound. Now if you walk faster, say 3 miles per hour, you’ll burn 247 calories per walk. If you increase your walks to five times per week at a speed of 3 miles per hour, you will burn 1,235 calories per week from exercise. If you choose a more challenging workout, like bicycling at a speed of 12-14 miles per hour for a half hour you’ll burn 495 calories per workout. After seven workouts, you will have burned enough calories to lose one pound."

I got a copy of Dana Carpender's How I gave up my low fat diet and lost 40 pounds, which by the way I can't recommend highly enough on ways to figure out how to carb restrict the rest of your life. She was going over Dr. Sears Zone Plan and mentioned a little tidbit I vaguely knew from other places, but made my eyes pop wide open.

It had to do with Eicosanoids. What??? Well I hadn't remembered hearing that term for them even though I read at Dr. Eades Blog and apparently he mentions them or something, but hey forgive me- I a lady in menopause, and the brain doesn't work like it did when I was twenty. They area apparently intra-cellular hormones. Because their split second lives are short and don't reach the blood stream, it makes them hard to find, which is why no one has known fully about them until lately.

Dana divided them up into two groups, "good" and "bad", but as she makes the point and I will do, there isn't truly bad in a body until you have too much of the wrong thing. These little hormones do all kinds of things like narrowing blood vessels or dilate your blood vessels, or decrease inflammation and paid or increase both.

What hit me about the discussion is that of course most of the time we needs more of the ones that benefit our homeostasis in a good way. And that is where exercise and getting optimal protein come in. Those are two things that tend to effect many of the growth of the ones that lower blood pressure or increasing glucagon.

My explanation above is of course incredibly simplistic, but it is one reason that exercise-smart exercise is good for you. Don't be trying to do it for calorie in-calorie out, but smart exercise to help make those little deep cellular changes for the good!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I did 53 push ups today then went on my run.  It's easy to be discouraged, and there are those that probably get excited when I'm discouraged, but I feel like I'm not improving at all.  Here's my below stats.

Total Distance: 2.0 Miles.
Duration: 20:37
Avg. Speed: 5.81 MPH
Avg. Pace: 10:19

So then I pulled up my past runs from this month/last month.  Below are a few of them.

June 19
Distance: 1.32 Miles
Duration: 15.04
Avg. Speed: 5.25 MPH
Avg. Pace: 11:26 Min/Mile

June 6
Distance: 1.13 Miles
Duration 14:30
Avg. Speed: 4.7 MPH
Avg. Pace: 12:46 Min/Mile

May 30 (This has no average speed as it was a different app I was using.  I found a better run app)
Distance: 2.28 Miles
Duration: 27:53
Avg. Pace: 12:12 Min/Mile

So it's easy to get tunnel vision.  I was thinking I should be better, but then I remember that I'm where I wanted to be at by this point.  In fact, I'm on track to hit my ultimate goal.  Which was to be below a 10 min/mile.  To help this, I think I'm going to post my workouts in an SPC chart.

SPC - Statistical Process Control is basically a trend chart.  I do this a lot in my new job, and I think it'd be fun to see my workouts trending up.  I need at least 30 points, according to my new boss.  I have about a third of that, so this project will take a while.  I'll post it as soon as I have it.  This will help me chart my improvements and keep it realistic for me so I don't get discouraged even though I'm on my way to reaching my goals.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Okay I'm getting brave posting measurements. They really are hard for me to do because it moves so slowly for me. Even with my woosh this week not much difference so here we go with about a months snap shot.
Neck 5/21 15 1/4 in 6/18 15 down 1/4
L arm 5/21 14 1/4 6/18 14 down 1/4
R arm 5/21 14 6/18 14 1/4 up 1/4
L wrist 5/21 6 1/4 6/18 6 1/4 down no change
R wrist 5/21 6 3/8 6/18 6 1/8 down 1/4
Upper chest 5/21 43 1/2 6/18 42 1/4 down 1 1/4
Bust 5/21 48 6/18 47 down 1
Lower chest 5/21 43 6/18 42 3/8 down 5/8
upper hips 5/21 51 6/18 50 3/8 down 5/8
hips 5/21 51 1/2 6/18 51 1/2 no change :(
lower Hips 5/21 49 1/2 6/18 49 down 1/2
L thigh 5/21 23 6/18 22 3/4 down 1/4
R thight 5/21 23 1/2 6/18 23 down 1/2
L calf 15 1/2 no change
R calf 15 no change
L ankle 8 3/4 no change
R ankle 8 1/2 no change.

The Firm Volume 6 Boomers Workout

I could do a happy dance! I decided to try the boomers workout. I know I loved it before and I hesitated pulling it out because of the intimidation of her set of squats and leg presses. I thought I would try because I really needed to bump up my intensity and time for my legs. I remember the first few times I did this one, I couldn't do an aerobic step, and I had to do a 10 inch box for the leg lifts so many years ago. Today, I did it with the 4 inch step for the aerobic work, I might could have done 6 but I was worried about tiring out my legs too soon. I made it through all the squats using the sculpting stick instead of my bar bell. I did all leg lifts using the sculpting stick for balance and maybe a bit of a cheat to work through the lift but I still focused on my legs. I got to muscle fatigue easily on my legs. Yippee, I can do a tough tape. It has completely made my day. I think I will try volume 2 tomorrow. If that goes well, super sculpting on Wed. Then back to volume 2, and friday end with volume 6. That will leave me able to do a shorter workout on Saturdays if I have time. Prime power fat burning can be good for that since it is a great upper body workout for an intermediate beginning tape.
I also did a 6 mile walk right after doing this firm workout. For missing 3 days of good workouts it felt good. I was so tired Friday I could hardly do the housework I needed to do. Here I am back at it today.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eight weeks!

I have been exercising for 8 weeks although I did pull back on the aerobics I was doing(walking) because I caught the nasty cold/flu thing going around. I had the dreaded sore throat last Saturday, and immediately upped my vitamin D- I didn't avoid the cold part, but seemed to go through each "step" much quicker- I am now just at feeling the junk in my upper chest, and even that is not that bad at all, so Yeah! for vitamin d!

I did keep the weight training-of the two I feel that is the most important to accomplish and after I have done the work out I love how I feel. I am always wondering during of course :)

I lost a total of 10 pounds with the fat fast and I didn't slide back. I haven't lost since going off it- interesting how I did so well on high fat huh? It does mean I think my right direction is to up the fat besides watching my calories. So I have been scouring ideas on how to do that but one thought I had was to eat dinner for my family, but do the three previous meals as the 90% fat and small calories (mini meals).

I have been reading on the internet and many others have discovered the wonder of eating so much fat. I know if you are a high carb/low fat person I am scaring you to death. It's okay I will be fine ;) fat is not the enemy- that message is getting out.

I got a 15 pound dumbbell today for my Lat rows- I am so excited to be getting up in my weights. I also have sent for some ankle weights- adjustable ones sort of like my sister's.

I have six days of work in a row in front of me, and then a nice long weekend. I still like how this seems to be clearing out my brain fog. I will do a bit more walking this week as my energy allows.

Lesson learned: You can rest when you need to and it is okay

Friday, June 15, 2012


Been inactive in the running for a bit.  This week we found out we were moving THE day we were moving.  We moved into a bigger place and it's much nicer.  I also feel that I got a good workout over the course of 3 days!  So I'm feeling pretty good.  I'll probably go on a run tomorrow and see how I improved over before moving.  I'm glad I started running before the move.  I think it really helped my endurance.  I've been letting myself go, because I used to move furniture all day.  I don't even have the heavy stuff I used to lift.  Other then my couch... I hate how heavy that thing is.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Firm express total body shaping update

I'm still doing this one because my legs yell at me every time I do. I am noticing a couple of things now as I do it. First the static lunges are getting a bit easier. Not that my legs are not killing me because they are, I have always hated static moves, but I can tell my form is improving slightly. I'm feeling it the way I should be.

Second her set of squats, when she toughens it up by focusing on one leg, I did today with the leg resting on the other knee. Big move for me. I have been doing the isolated squat with the foot back but I got brave today just to see if I could do it. I had to balance with one hand on the sculpting stick and the other on my health rider bar, I need the wider hand space rather than both on the stick but I could do it. My right leg his muscle fatigue with one move left and I pushed my left all the way through it.

I'm trying to do tougher every couple of times, and this might be it for a bit. I can't do some of the upper body with the leg work at this point but every bit of making it harder has got to be a good sign.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

couch to 5k program

I thought I would post this for Jordan. He might find it interesting with his goals. Couch to 5k

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I had a small woosh today. :)

I was so surprised to weight myself after I had breakfast, (usually I don't wait that long) and I was down two pounds. That makes about 10 down since before Christmas, that is when I saw my highest weight, even over that huge gain earlier. I was surprised because I really had a horrible sleep last night the worst in a couple of days, and I woke up with one of my TMJD headaches. Pain behind my right ear, and pain just above and behind my right eye. I still did a workout. Mostly because I really hoped the stretching would help the muscles that cause these rotten headaches.

I am starting to push myself to do 6 miles a day with Leslie. I hope to even get a couple of days a week to 7. I would like to get to where I'm walking 30 to 35 miles a week. I think that will be a good goal for me over the summer. When school starts I want to start attending the temple once a week so if I can do extra on a couple of days that will give me some flexibility on those days as to how much to put in.

Kendra is really having fun with me. She comes down at will do 4 or 5 minutes of walking with me, and yesterday she had a friend down with me who also said she had lots of fun. Kendra is bursting with energy. She is jumping, skipping, sliding, moving constantly. I came up from my workout and they girls had found some kind of dancing for kids and they were doing that. Made me smile. Just their kind of workout. ;)

Eating is still tricky, and this week I have my anniversary so that day will have to be a free day. With getting right back to it on Monday. Hopefully I get lots of walking in since Michael wants to go see the new mall in SLC.

I still know I need to mix up my Firm workouts. My legs still feel it on the express total body, but the squats not so much. Next week I need to get to some serious what should I do, and what can I do that will challenge me without discouraging me or wiping me out. I want tough but I want to be able to feel like I can do all the reps of a move before hitting muscle fatigue half way there. I watch form points and got some idea. For example when I can't do anymore leg lifts, substitute in some squats.

I had also done some looking around for the "box" that I use. A Novel Notion made mine but I can't find them on the internet anymore. For me it was one of the best purchases I made. The tool box substitute was a bit too high for me even though it wasn't quite 14 inches. Noelie and I decided years ago that 14 is much to high for me, 12 seems to be a better fit for leg lifts. This box is a multilayered square that can adapt from 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches. It is easy to move the configurations around, and is very stable. The most unstable is the 4 inch, (yes I have had it flip onto my shin if I landed on it too close to the edge) to stabilize it I use the collar under it and it isn't as likely to flip up. I love it and wish it was still online to buy. For someone that has step aerobic equipment, you won't need it, for me that had nothing it is perfect.

So that has been my week. I have an account at Fitocracy, and I started one at Fitbit, plus the one at medhelp. I like Medhelp because I can track my pain and sleep and other health concerns not just weight, and food. I still wish these sites would be more friendly to low carbers and aerobic/weight training. Both for some reason is ignored.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A lot of method behind the fat fast Madness!

Okay so my weight finally really budged, and measurements did go down again but the really exciting thing is what happened at the restaurant last night. I had decided ahead what I would eat-salmon because I love it and it is so rich in those lovely Omega 3 fats we all needs so much. When we got there and comparing the cost of the full dinner or the Salmon Caesar Salad, I decided with what I am trying to accomplish ordering the salad would be my best bet.

I ordered with no croutons, although I forgot to add to keep the cornbread muffin back. I didn't eat it of course :) although I forgot that they add sugar to their butter- I was going to plop it on the salmon! Good thing I tasted it first-that could have been a mini-disaster! At any rate, I enjoyed my salad, and when the waiter came he asked in concern "Was that enough food for you?".

I know, huh? He was very sweet, but talking to the fat lady and wondering if she was about to need to break out into a gorge session. I had to smile inside, thinking all the things I could teach him about why people become slothful and fat- as Dr. Lustig, the sugar enemy #1 would say "it isn't a person's fault, they don't choose this, they are only responding the way that their body has been designed to do." But I also thought about how I felt at that minute and it was positively STUFFED! I had 2 days of prior fat fast meals that are so low in volume that my tummy now felt distended on about 1.5 cups of salad and 3 oz of salmon. I really, really like that.

As many know, for most people Atkins doesn't mean they have to be thinking about calories, but there is a small contingent of us that do. My hubby just cut out pop and a few other things and he is dropping the weight like crazy, and I have to work so hard. But that is the way it is. So now my sensors can start to let me know-if I remember to totally slow down, at a smaller volume of food. That has been the true eye opening experience.

I completed week 7. I LOVE my Fitbit. I need to be a bit better at logging activity with it but folks, it logs sleep patterns, it logs stairs, weight-if you have the aria automatically, if not you can input. I just clip it to my bra and a way you go. I think where some have trouble is that they clip it to some thick pair of jeans- read the instructions is all I have to say to that. It doesn't take long to charge it and can go 5-7 days without needing to recharge.

I have one other thing I totally love. I bought a pair of sketchers. They are big and heavy, in part because people would talk about their fitting tight so I bought them bigger, but.. if with that my foot discomfort has greatly diminished in my left foot. I am going to order another pair or two, a bit smaller, although still technically too large for my foot, just because they are still little fat feet, but so that they are a bit more attractive. These will work for working out and going to work, but they are clunkers. They also force me to wear at least little light nylon socks as they are hot otherwise, but nice to know a shoe company I can wear and fix my feet issues.

I think I am going to decide for sure which other firm I am going to start using instead of upper body to shake things up with. So Here is to week 8 of my new fit healthy life!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Atkins fat fast

So with my new Aria I was tired of the ever increasing upward with no down in the weight cycle and with my measurements having slow change I had enough.

I decided the other day it was time to pull out the big guns, and I started a fat fast of 1000 calories of 90% fat- a diet described by a doctor/scientist by the name of Kennewick. Dr. Atkins would put his most resistant patients on it after they had tried everything else to reach ketosis.

I am pretty sure I am in at this point, and I will continue with one small "cheat" going out with the hubby to Goodwood tonight where I will enjoy the salmon on the menu.

It's gone well with 5 small meals a day. I am hungry right after my first one of the day and then I am fine until near bedtime, at which time I just go to bet and ignore it.

I feel a bit "weaker" during workouts, but that could be my end of the week thing going on too. Other than that I am good. I go to modified starting Wednesday which means upping the calories to 1200 and doing 4 small meals a day-increasing the protein to cover the difference.

Then hopefully my stubborn metabolically resistant body will cooperate. I will take anything just as long as it is moving in the right direction!


Here's my favorite Poem.  It's written by William Ernest Henley.  At an early age he lost his left leg due to tuberculosis in the bone.  I love this poem, it's really powerful.

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as pitch from pole to pole.
I thank whatever Gods may be,
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance,
I have neither winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance,
My head is bloody but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade.
And yet the menace of the years,
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how straight the gate,
How charged with punishment the scroll,
I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul.
--William Ernest Henley

Some people don't realize how difficult it can be for some people to get in shape.  They say, "Just diet and exercise."  What they don't understand is most people put their selfworth into nearly everything they do.  I don't always have the best self esteem.  So when my 2 year old wants to keep rough housing, and after 20 minutes I'm winded, it makes it worse.  Then from there I'm suddenly judging how good of a father I really am.  If I make a mistake at work I'm questioning my competence.  Then it only comes to self destruction when someone says those things outloud that you've been thinking yourself.  Don't believe them.  They are liars, phonies, fakes.  Don't believe those lies you were telling yourself.  They're only true when you believe them to be true.

I believe there's an unshakeable core inside of us.  Get out there and put it on display.  Be defiant, be spontaneous, be active, be healthy.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Weight Watchers what are you thinking?

I have no idea if it is true or not, but considering the number of people I know that are on or have been on Weight Watchers I have to believe it. On their point system that they just revamped, fruit is 0 points. Say What? I couldn't believe it. Why, oh, Why when insulin is the cause of fat gain, would make something available to eat in unlimited amounts that causes increase in Blood Sugar? Another reason for me to strike Weight Watchers off my list for many more years.

100 Pushup Challenge

It's been a while since I've posted anything worth while.  I've not posted my running stats because I'm doing a few different things.  I've tried doing shorter runs but with pushing myself harder.  I want to do this for a bit and go back to what I was doing before to see if there's significant change.

I am currently trying out a free 100 Push-ups app on my phone.  It actually has a program in it to help you go from little-100 pushups in about a month.  I'm on the second week so far.  It's going really well, though it kicked my butt the other day.  Even when I was a teenager I could never do pushups very well.  Sit-ups I could do like no other, and pull ups weren't too bad either.  But pushups?  No way lol.  While this won't get me fit, I'm more concerned about my Endurance right now.  I have a hard time lasting for a long time in exercising, or doing the exercises I REALLY want to do.  It isn't so much about having an ideal body image, although that comes as a bonus.  I love hiking, biking, etc... and I find I can't do those very well these days.  I let myself go and I don't have the endurance I used to have.  I definitely want to get back to that.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I have figured something out.

Since my big weakness spell, I have been doing much better. I'm getting in at least 4 miles in ontop of what ever firm I'm doing. I'm really working my upper body hard. (Today my deltoids, particularly my left, is feeling it.) Yesterday I could actually feel my lats trying to pull and do what they are supposed to do on lat rows, as opposed to feeling like my arms are always doing it. Nice feeling when you can actually feel the target muscle doing the work. As I was working out I felt like I needed to start some interval training. My walk just wasn't enough. So I did a one mile interval after walking nearly 3 already. It was good to do. I realized a good way for me to get ready for those first firm workouts that are killers in the aerobics for me, (yes the weights are killers but the aerobics wipe me out big time) would be to do the Leslie 4 mile with boosts.

In it she does 5 sets of boosted walking, I haven't timed it but I think it is something on the par of 3 to 5 minute brisk fast walk, with 2 minutes of boosted jogging. I think if I can get to where I can do that really well I might be able to handle Janet Jones Gretsky? (I don't have the 1st tape so that is why #2 is mentioned.)

I don't know if I will be able to do the boosted walking everyday, but as long as I have energy I will do something, I will concentrate on the 4 mile because it is a fast 4 mile. (45 minutes) Wish me luck. Hopefully my cardiac will be much better in 2 or 3 weeks.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I have two new toys in my effort to get healthy thanks to my husband Randy. You can read about them here

Monday, June 4, 2012


I really tried to do Maximum body shaping today. It is tough, and what I liked is that I vaguely remembered it from when Noelie had it here before. Assuming it was the same one. It has her wearing brown shorts, but I have another tape with her in blue and since it is a parts tape I'm not sure which one that is. Frustrating for me is I'm still as weak as can be. It is hard to put any effort, it is as if I have not muscle anywhere. I can still work my upper body okay, but my legs are like dead fish. I don't think I'm ready for it, so I suppose work on super sculpt until I can do leg lifts a bit better.

I like prime power fat burning but I feel like I need something slightly tougher. I don't know. I'm not sure what is best for me. It is a good upper body workout, not so great on legs. but I guess if I keep splitting it with the express body shaping maybe it is okay for another couple of week? At least until I figure out why I am so tired.

I did a 3 mile Leslie walk too, and it was as if I could hardly pick up me feet. I don't know if it is because I couldn't work out for so many days last week, but I honestly thought I would be stronger. This exhaustion has been going on for about a week. (Okay maybe less I just feel that way since Thursday when I couldn't even do super sculpting) I'll keep plugging away until I find the right fit. Sometimes I think I should do The Boomers but I am not ready for it either.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cilantro sour cream/mayo

1/2 cup sour cream or mayonnaise
2 to 3 tsps chopped cilantro leaves
juice of one lime
dash or two of red pepper to taste.
Stir and serve with your favorite grilled steak, pork or chicken.
This one comes from I have made this cheesecake a couple of times and Cindylou loves it. I have been promising to post it.

It is a dessert and so as such should only be eaten on occasion, but enjoy it when you do!

Lemon Cheesecake


1 ¼ cup almond meal
2 Tablespoons butter, melted
3 Tablespoons sugar equivalent in artificial sweetener
1 ½ lbs (3 packages) cream cheese, room temperature
1 ¼ cups sugar equivalent in artificial sweetener (preferably liquid, see below)
1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract
¼ teaspoon salt
4 eggs, room temperature
¼ cup lemon juice (fresh is best)
1 Tablespoon lemon zest
¼ cup heavy cream
1 cup sour cream
Juice and zest from 1 medium lemon (about 2 Tablespoons juice and 1 Tablespoon zest)
¼ cup sugar equivalent in artificial sweetener (powdered erythritol or liquid sweetener preferred)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract


Heat oven to 375 F.
Prepare a springform pan. I like to put a piece of parchment paper over the bottom of the pan; no need to cut it to size, just snap it into place when you tighten the sides of the pan. Butter the sides and bottom of the pan, including parchment. Wrap the outside of the pan in heavy-duty foil to protect it from leaks.
Combine ingredients for crust. Press the mixture into the bottom of your springform pan. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes until fragrant and beginning to brown. Remove from oven.
Lower oven temperature to 350 F.
Gather ingredients for the filling. Beat cream cheese until fluffy. Scrape sides of bowl and beaters. (The mixture will gradually become lighter as you add in the rest of the ingredients, and the denser stuff will cling to the bowl. If you don't scrape, you won't be able to incorporate the remaining ingredients as well.)
Add sweetener, vanilla, salt, and 2 of the eggs. Beat well, scrape.
Add the other 2 eggs. Beat well, scrape.
Add lemon juice, lemon zest, and cream. Beat well, scrape, and pour filling mixture into the pan over the crust.
In another bowl, mix together ingredients for topping and set aside.
Place a baking pan large enough to hold your springform pan into the oven and fill it halfway with boiling water. Place the springform pan into the baking pan and bake for about 60 minutes (give or take 10 to 15 minutes), until the cheesecake is mostly set but is still wobbly in the middle.
Remove cheesecake from oven, spread the topping over the cheesecake, then bake for an additional 10 minutes.
Cool to room temperature (1 to 2 hours), then chill completely for several hours before serving.
Nutritional Information: Each of 16 servings has 3 grams effective carbohydrate plus 1 gram fiber, 7 grams protein, and 295 calories


I found this at the Atkins for life slow loser thread and I am going to try it for a dinner next week:

Crack Slaw
Crack Slaw - Yes it's that addicting!!
1 lb ground beef
1 lb shredded cabbage
2 Tbsp sesame oil
2 Tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp splenda
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp sriracha hot chili sauce
Brown ground beef and then drain most of the fat off, add in everything else and cook until cabbage is tender. Add more sriracha sauce if desired for more spice!

HT to the Atkins for Life user VickylovesAtkins

Recipes- Kale Slaw

I saw Melissa d'Arabian make this slaw and knew it would be good for here:

1 head kale, stems removed and thinly sliced
1 large carrot, grated
1/2 an orange, juiced
1/2 a lemon, juiced
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 red onion, sliced very thinly
1 slice bacon, cooked crisp and chopped
1 rounded tablespoon mayonnaise
Place the kale into a salad bowl. Toss with the carrot, orange juice, lemon juice ,and salt, and using your hands, rub the acid into the kale. Let the kale sit a few minutes while you shock the onion. Prepare a large bowl of ice water and a saucepan with boiling water. Place the thinly sliced onion into the boiling water for 15 to 30 seconds, and then shock them in the cold water, stopping the cooking immediately. Drain the water and blot the onions with a paper towel. Add the onion, bacon, olive oil, salt and pepper and toss well. Add the mayonnaise and mix the slaw well. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Can be made several hours in advance.

Serves 4

Calories: 136

Total Fat: 8 grams

Saturated Fat: 1 gram

Protein: 4 grams

Total carbohydrates: 15 grams

Sugar: 2 grams

Fiber: 3 grams

Cholesterol: 3 milligrams

Sodium: 245 milligrams


It took me a bit to figure it out and it will be fun to try to remember all the firm activities, but I LOVE Fitocracy. What a fun way to log workouts! I think there will still be things I am figuring out for a while, but I HIGHLY recommend it as fun while you get fit!
It's been six weeks of exercise and fat is moving..... slowly. Tigersue will understand this one, and yet my head is determined that there are changes even if the measurements aren't.

Here area few I know of: My right forearm is starting to look like my arm to me- and the left is slowly following. Don't ask about the left side of my body...the poor thing adapts slowly to change. But what looks the same when essentially it is still fat? I don't know- just less puffy around the wrist and more sleek like it was when I was young.

I feel good. I do a mental check each day and while I think I can't go above the numbers for induction for carbs, I think my protein was a bit low so I was tired mid week- but the fat I get and will adjust more. I think I will start an account at Fitday because I think I trust their numbers more. but other than that I know I can do this. This ain't your mama's disastrous for cravings low fat diet, honey.

Even though my left leg follows slowly to the right it too is going down-the little water marks those that are puffy get when they lose water are starting to happen. I am figuring out my foot slowly, and have these nifty little soft toe things I used to spread my toes out- sort of like a pedicure looking thing, and do that a couple of times a day. It helps. It also helps to wear socks a bit- being cold sort of makes the problem worse and I have ordered a pair of sketchers to see if they help.

I have some clothing I am using to gauge progress because I was/am large enough I think the measure tape has some issues-I know it sounds dumb but I think some rolls of fat not measured go down and clothes fit before the measure tape goes down. I bought a cute light top in months back but couldn't wear it.. too tight everywhere, and while still not where I would want it to be to wear, it now goes down over the hips were it didn't before. My goal is to wear it to the family events on July 4. I also have a darling peach colored shirt I inherited from my aunt that is also being used for a "gee it fits now" progress, and I have a pair of pants that I can now start wearing comfortably with the cute top it goes with.

Now that I know I have to do induction phase carbs and only induction with higher fat, I might try the dreaded fat fast on a weekend I am home- Maybe next weekend would be idea because I would only have to work the Monday following for Tuesday is my Ilo day they call it at work for working the next Sunday.

I have increased weights in my workouts. I need another 10 lb dumbbell and to get at least one 12 lb. I also need to look into getting a good set of barbell and weights but that is for later.

All I know is don't judge that a person whose body insists on collecting fat is sitting around and kicking lettuce heads and eating bonbons all the time. I certainly haven't done that the last three months and change is coming slowly.

My goals for the next 4 weeks? To continue- and to work on really trying to add muscle, because I think that is the true golden ticket.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Water Follow up

(don't ask about workouts this week. Not a good week at all)
Someone on Bountiful Baskets posted this site for making flavored water, Sounds fun and I have done some on my own.
Flavored Water