Friday, June 8, 2012

100 Pushup Challenge

It's been a while since I've posted anything worth while.  I've not posted my running stats because I'm doing a few different things.  I've tried doing shorter runs but with pushing myself harder.  I want to do this for a bit and go back to what I was doing before to see if there's significant change.

I am currently trying out a free 100 Push-ups app on my phone.  It actually has a program in it to help you go from little-100 pushups in about a month.  I'm on the second week so far.  It's going really well, though it kicked my butt the other day.  Even when I was a teenager I could never do pushups very well.  Sit-ups I could do like no other, and pull ups weren't too bad either.  But pushups?  No way lol.  While this won't get me fit, I'm more concerned about my Endurance right now.  I have a hard time lasting for a long time in exercising, or doing the exercises I REALLY want to do.  It isn't so much about having an ideal body image, although that comes as a bonus.  I love hiking, biking, etc... and I find I can't do those very well these days.  I let myself go and I don't have the endurance I used to have.  I definitely want to get back to that.


  1. Boy do I understand that one. That is why I'm doing that interval training. I can do long and steady, but fast about kills me. I know some of it is because of activity induced asthma. I didn't realize that is what I had until around the time Michael and I got married. Then it made sense as to why I could never run across campus and back to the dorm, it really wasn't that far, maybe a mile 1/2 at best. I could make it to the institute building. Walk a bit and then struggle back to the dorm. I would cough, and cough, and cough for days.

    Sadly I am too stubborn to get an inhaler. I hope you can get it worked out for you. Push ups are a killer for me too. I'm not sure I will ever, ever get on my toes. ;)

  2. I'm so excited for you Jordan, you've been working so hard. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks babe :) I'm grateful for the love and support you, Tobi, my mom, and my Aunt Tanya give.

  4. I read at work but couldn't stop to comment then, but this is very cool.
    There was a patient at the state hospital(now stick with me here) that came not because he was dangerous or even any sort of "crazy"-he was just very good at escaping the lower security facilities he was doing time in and part of the reason he was very strong.

    When he first came to us we laughed at the story the one male RN told us about the funny scatterbrained RN that worked with us, and er reaction to this patient having his shirt off the first time because he was probably the most "cut" (defined muscle) person I had ever seen.

    His secret to such a body were two exercises done hundreds- yes hundreds of times a day with only his body weight- PUSH-UPS! and full form squats- again just body weight, we didn't allow him tools of any kind, not because he would have hurt anyone, but probably found some Houdini way out with them! lol
    This is an excellent challenge and push-ups are a fantastic exercise.
    Go Jordan!