Monday, June 25, 2012

The clothes test

I continue to make strides in how well I am able to follow along with my exercise tapes. My only major challenge has been some issues with knee pain and of course my ever irritating left foot (that I do feel is getting better). I have increased weights for my lat rows up to 15 lbs and use the 5 and 6 pound weights for my deltoid muscles. The legs I manage to use good form without weights and a lower step for leg press, although I have decided that I will use the 10 inch step. I need to change out exercise benches so I have choices with firm stuff.

My clothes continue to fit better. I can easily wear the shirt I want to wear for July 4, and in the peach shirt I inherited from my aunt my arms fit in better all the time. I figure another 15 pounds needs to come off before I wear it "well". Clothes can tell you a great deal.

I continue to love my scale better than I thought it would, because it simply shows me fat percentage loss on many days that nothing else happens, so progress! That is an amazing thing so while I like my fitbit, my scale Aria is my buddy.

I continue to feel better- oh I did get another pair of sketchers that were on sale and love that brand of shoes for my feet. It is helping with that stubborn but improving left foot. I treat it well, rubbing and massaging with coconut oil and try to do little exercises with my feet and toes when sitting up or reading in bed.

I expect another program to arrive this week with a barbell and again seem to work in an "aerobic" type way- the best I could compare the firm and this to is circuit training.

I found an amazing recipe on Rachel Ray, chicken with pumpkin seed sauce I am going to try today. If it is good I will post the link here.

Food has to be good, filling and rewarding or you can't continue with it, low carb or high carb. That is a reality. So I keep working to find things that will work for everyone in my household, because I simply love them and want them to feel well.


  1. YAY!! I am so happy for you Nedra and can't wait to see you and all the changes. You really are an inspiration to the family. Good job! Love ya!

    1. Thanks Brynn :) your support means a lot. We can't wait to see you and the other kids this weekend

  2. I agree, Clothes can tell lots. I'm kind of going by that right now myself. Wouldn't it be nice if I could get back into my red dress by Christmas?

  3. That's so great Nedra! It's such an amazing feeling to fit better in your own clothes and to even wear clothes that haven't fit at all for a while. You're all making such great progress and I'm so excited for you!