Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eight weeks!

I have been exercising for 8 weeks although I did pull back on the aerobics I was doing(walking) because I caught the nasty cold/flu thing going around. I had the dreaded sore throat last Saturday, and immediately upped my vitamin D- I didn't avoid the cold part, but seemed to go through each "step" much quicker- I am now just at feeling the junk in my upper chest, and even that is not that bad at all, so Yeah! for vitamin d!

I did keep the weight training-of the two I feel that is the most important to accomplish and after I have done the work out I love how I feel. I am always wondering during of course :)

I lost a total of 10 pounds with the fat fast and I didn't slide back. I haven't lost since going off it- interesting how I did so well on high fat huh? It does mean I think my right direction is to up the fat besides watching my calories. So I have been scouring ideas on how to do that but one thought I had was to eat dinner for my family, but do the three previous meals as the 90% fat and small calories (mini meals).

I have been reading on the internet and many others have discovered the wonder of eating so much fat. I know if you are a high carb/low fat person I am scaring you to death. It's okay I will be fine ;) fat is not the enemy- that message is getting out.

I got a 15 pound dumbbell today for my Lat rows- I am so excited to be getting up in my weights. I also have sent for some ankle weights- adjustable ones sort of like my sister's.

I have six days of work in a row in front of me, and then a nice long weekend. I still like how this seems to be clearing out my brain fog. I will do a bit more walking this week as my energy allows.

Lesson learned: You can rest when you need to and it is okay


  1. All right!! Look at you go! Keep up the hard work. Looks like it's really paying off!

  2. I think my brain fog is going, but I think it is still exhaustion from not sleeping well that is effecting mine. I hope this mini fat fast works for you. I don't see why it shouldn't it sort of follows the carbohydrate addicts diet with the very low during the days and higher in the evening, other than it is fat not protein you are focusing on eating.