Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Firm express total body shaping update

I'm still doing this one because my legs yell at me every time I do. I am noticing a couple of things now as I do it. First the static lunges are getting a bit easier. Not that my legs are not killing me because they are, I have always hated static moves, but I can tell my form is improving slightly. I'm feeling it the way I should be.

Second her set of squats, when she toughens it up by focusing on one leg, I did today with the leg resting on the other knee. Big move for me. I have been doing the isolated squat with the foot back but I got brave today just to see if I could do it. I had to balance with one hand on the sculpting stick and the other on my health rider bar, I need the wider hand space rather than both on the stick but I could do it. My right leg his muscle fatigue with one move left and I pushed my left all the way through it.

I'm trying to do tougher every couple of times, and this might be it for a bit. I can't do some of the upper body with the leg work at this point but every bit of making it harder has got to be a good sign.


  1. great job. I decided on doing super sculpting which is a nice compliment to the other I am doing, and I will need to get a 15 pound dumbbell soon for lat rows. I will say it again I love weights!
    I am so happy for you and the progress you are making! It gives me joy-surely this has gospel application too :)

  2. I love super sculpting. To this day I think it is one of my favorites. Even if Nancy Tuckers leg presses do kill me. :) What are you doing with it? I'm not sure what to add to it. I have tough areobic mix, but I think I'm not ready for that yet. I think before I probably just alternated it with a good walking day. :)

  3. I am still doing tracie body shaping one. still weights- I know some would say that doesn't follow the old rules, but I still have questions about the old rules being for body builders and not us that are building a new body :)