Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's been six weeks of exercise and fat is moving..... slowly. Tigersue will understand this one, and yet my head is determined that there are changes even if the measurements aren't.

Here area few I know of: My right forearm is starting to look like my arm to me- and the left is slowly following. Don't ask about the left side of my body...the poor thing adapts slowly to change. But what looks the same when essentially it is still fat? I don't know- just less puffy around the wrist and more sleek like it was when I was young.

I feel good. I do a mental check each day and while I think I can't go above the numbers for induction for carbs, I think my protein was a bit low so I was tired mid week- but the fat I get and will adjust more. I think I will start an account at Fitday because I think I trust their numbers more. but other than that I know I can do this. This ain't your mama's disastrous for cravings low fat diet, honey.

Even though my left leg follows slowly to the right it too is going down-the little water marks those that are puffy get when they lose water are starting to happen. I am figuring out my foot slowly, and have these nifty little soft toe things I used to spread my toes out- sort of like a pedicure looking thing, and do that a couple of times a day. It helps. It also helps to wear socks a bit- being cold sort of makes the problem worse and I have ordered a pair of sketchers to see if they help.

I have some clothing I am using to gauge progress because I was/am large enough I think the measure tape has some issues-I know it sounds dumb but I think some rolls of fat not measured go down and clothes fit before the measure tape goes down. I bought a cute light top in months back but couldn't wear it.. too tight everywhere, and while still not where I would want it to be to wear, it now goes down over the hips were it didn't before. My goal is to wear it to the family events on July 4. I also have a darling peach colored shirt I inherited from my aunt that is also being used for a "gee it fits now" progress, and I have a pair of pants that I can now start wearing comfortably with the cute top it goes with.

Now that I know I have to do induction phase carbs and only induction with higher fat, I might try the dreaded fat fast on a weekend I am home- Maybe next weekend would be idea because I would only have to work the Monday following for Tuesday is my Ilo day they call it at work for working the next Sunday.

I have increased weights in my workouts. I need another 10 lb dumbbell and to get at least one 12 lb. I also need to look into getting a good set of barbell and weights but that is for later.

All I know is don't judge that a person whose body insists on collecting fat is sitting around and kicking lettuce heads and eating bonbons all the time. I certainly haven't done that the last three months and change is coming slowly.

My goals for the next 4 weeks? To continue- and to work on really trying to add muscle, because I think that is the true golden ticket.


  1. I decided years ago that measurements for my abds and hips were horrible. Clothes fitting is much better, just because of how muscle lifts and pulls areas that sag, so the changes there are so fluid and dynamic. I love how muscle can make the body look better no matter what. I was doing a Leslie walk the other day, and when she does those arm moves where you pull the elbows in, I could see all the ladies, including her with their saggy triceps. I want to tell her pull out those weighted balls again, they were the best for your arms, not these bands. I love all the gals with their great muscular bodies, and how good they look when the move, Wendy and Andrian. I want my arms to have that kind of muscle tone, not saggy, baggy. They may be that way anyway but it is so nice to see what weights can do as opposed to just doing the walking workouts.

  2. I am so glad I am not the only one to notice those arms! Leslie's aren't too bad, but the other ladies never did any weight training, and it shows.

    Wendy and Adrea are my favorites for lovely gorgeous bodies. They aren't afraid of weights!

  3. Oh. I was going to say I think Deb is a naturally active womam pushing and pulling things-probably boating and skiing I would guess by the looks of her, no regular weights, but that kind of activity so she looks pretty good too!

  4. Yes she does. She is pretty amazing that way. I always liked that crew in the weighted ball set.