Sunday, June 10, 2012

A lot of method behind the fat fast Madness!

Okay so my weight finally really budged, and measurements did go down again but the really exciting thing is what happened at the restaurant last night. I had decided ahead what I would eat-salmon because I love it and it is so rich in those lovely Omega 3 fats we all needs so much. When we got there and comparing the cost of the full dinner or the Salmon Caesar Salad, I decided with what I am trying to accomplish ordering the salad would be my best bet.

I ordered with no croutons, although I forgot to add to keep the cornbread muffin back. I didn't eat it of course :) although I forgot that they add sugar to their butter- I was going to plop it on the salmon! Good thing I tasted it first-that could have been a mini-disaster! At any rate, I enjoyed my salad, and when the waiter came he asked in concern "Was that enough food for you?".

I know, huh? He was very sweet, but talking to the fat lady and wondering if she was about to need to break out into a gorge session. I had to smile inside, thinking all the things I could teach him about why people become slothful and fat- as Dr. Lustig, the sugar enemy #1 would say "it isn't a person's fault, they don't choose this, they are only responding the way that their body has been designed to do." But I also thought about how I felt at that minute and it was positively STUFFED! I had 2 days of prior fat fast meals that are so low in volume that my tummy now felt distended on about 1.5 cups of salad and 3 oz of salmon. I really, really like that.

As many know, for most people Atkins doesn't mean they have to be thinking about calories, but there is a small contingent of us that do. My hubby just cut out pop and a few other things and he is dropping the weight like crazy, and I have to work so hard. But that is the way it is. So now my sensors can start to let me know-if I remember to totally slow down, at a smaller volume of food. That has been the true eye opening experience.

I completed week 7. I LOVE my Fitbit. I need to be a bit better at logging activity with it but folks, it logs sleep patterns, it logs stairs, weight-if you have the aria automatically, if not you can input. I just clip it to my bra and a way you go. I think where some have trouble is that they clip it to some thick pair of jeans- read the instructions is all I have to say to that. It doesn't take long to charge it and can go 5-7 days without needing to recharge.

I have one other thing I totally love. I bought a pair of sketchers. They are big and heavy, in part because people would talk about their fitting tight so I bought them bigger, but.. if with that my foot discomfort has greatly diminished in my left foot. I am going to order another pair or two, a bit smaller, although still technically too large for my foot, just because they are still little fat feet, but so that they are a bit more attractive. These will work for working out and going to work, but they are clunkers. They also force me to wear at least little light nylon socks as they are hot otherwise, but nice to know a shoe company I can wear and fix my feet issues.

I think I am going to decide for sure which other firm I am going to start using instead of upper body to shake things up with. So Here is to week 8 of my new fit healthy life!


  1. Nedra you are awesome!! Way to go and keep going, you are an inspiration to the family. I love how dedicated you are. Know that we are proud of you and love you!

    1. Thank you so much Brynn, I feel with all the support you all are giving me I can do this :) at 4 in the morning I wonder, but I do, because you all support so well. Thank you :)

  2. Go, Go, Go Sis. I'm so happy you are figuring out what you need to do.