Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I did 53 push ups today then went on my run.  It's easy to be discouraged, and there are those that probably get excited when I'm discouraged, but I feel like I'm not improving at all.  Here's my below stats.

Total Distance: 2.0 Miles.
Duration: 20:37
Avg. Speed: 5.81 MPH
Avg. Pace: 10:19

So then I pulled up my past runs from this month/last month.  Below are a few of them.

June 19
Distance: 1.32 Miles
Duration: 15.04
Avg. Speed: 5.25 MPH
Avg. Pace: 11:26 Min/Mile

June 6
Distance: 1.13 Miles
Duration 14:30
Avg. Speed: 4.7 MPH
Avg. Pace: 12:46 Min/Mile

May 30 (This has no average speed as it was a different app I was using.  I found a better run app)
Distance: 2.28 Miles
Duration: 27:53
Avg. Pace: 12:12 Min/Mile

So it's easy to get tunnel vision.  I was thinking I should be better, but then I remember that I'm where I wanted to be at by this point.  In fact, I'm on track to hit my ultimate goal.  Which was to be below a 10 min/mile.  To help this, I think I'm going to post my workouts in an SPC chart.

SPC - Statistical Process Control is basically a trend chart.  I do this a lot in my new job, and I think it'd be fun to see my workouts trending up.  I need at least 30 points, according to my new boss.  I have about a third of that, so this project will take a while.  I'll post it as soon as I have it.  This will help me chart my improvements and keep it realistic for me so I don't get discouraged even though I'm on my way to reaching my goals.


  1. Very cool. You are doing great. I have a hard time understanding how others can rejoice over discouragement. We all have it at some point over a variety of things.

    I'm always discourages, particularly with my weak legs. They always hurt when I work them. I'm not sure if I will ever get out of that.

    Don't give into it. You have done great and doing something I will never do. I will stand up and cheer for you.

  2. I have issues with my legs too. When I work out I get shin splints. When I don't workout my legs get restless and they keep me up all night. Quite literally they'll twitch on their own. Something that I'll probably live with too.

  3. Have you thought of looking at mineral supplementation? That sure helps some of what I go through with my muscles and legs, perhaps a cal/mag for for the magnesium. I know Steph is preparing to do more low carb, but that all can help with that issue too. I know I have read things with restless legs, I will try to look more up today

  4. well here is one link:

  5. Jordan I think it's great that you keep going. I want to run, but I keep making excuses for myself. Right now I have an issue with my foot and it makes me mad. keep working on it and remember, you aren't doing it for other people so as long as you can keep your chin up you will do great.

  6. Noelie -

    Wow I'm going to have to look at that. I don't think I have the issue chronically, only when I'm on my legs for long periods of time. It helps now that I'm an Engineering Technician with a desk rather than an operator on their feet all day.

    Kelly -

    Thanks for the motivation! I hope your issues with your foot get resolved and then you can join us!

  7. Kelly, Noelie and I could get you copies of Upper body (it has very little standing stuff and what it does you could skip or see if you foot could take the stress, we skip the warm up finding that working with the weights like that we don't need it on that tape) and a copy of sculpted buns, hips and thighs, that one is all floor work and is excellent. It won't give you that aerobic workout but the feeling of getting muscles in shape is wonderful and might could help you feel so much better. You could alternate them or do them both on the same day and skip a day, what ever works for you with those two busy children and work. We love you and hope that foot gets better, it is so hard, we know exactly how hard it is.