Monday, June 25, 2012

Things I noticed this week

Wow, what a week. Aside from a husband gone on trek, and a sick dog, I am noticing several things.
I find that I move more. Not just my forced workouts, which I have expanded to 6 to 8 mile of Leslie walks a day, but during the day I want to move more. I don't sit at the computer as much, I'm up and down the stairs. I actually would love to take a long walk outside, but I know I would wilt in this heat. That is amazing. I can't think of the last time I really wanted to go for a walk. I can't wait for cooler weather so I can start walking outside again. I love fall and spring for that reason.

I still hate to take measurements. I have always found it hard to get in the same spot every time so it frustrates me. Maybe someday I will love it but right now I hate it. I do it because I know sometime I will see a big difference from starting point to a current measurement but with my abdomen not budging a bit it gets discouraging. I know it is because it takes time when I'm this heavy but even a 1/8 off my hips would give me a happy dance feeling because then I would really know fat is moving there nicely not just shifting around.

I got a fitbit and I love it, and an aria. I really couldn't afford it but I know I do well with a pedometer. I had one before that I dug out but it needs a battery change if it opens up. That is one reason why I got it now, the other was it was on sale on Amazon, the plum one for 10.00 less than the fitbit site. I have no idea why the blue one was not on sale. Go figure. At the sametime I figured I would get the scale, I know Michael would like it if he can get to more serious workouts. His work has been awful lately and so he hasn't had time to even go do a workout like he used to do. Another reason to pray for cooler weather so we can walk at least once a week together.

I think my mood is better, my weight is down another 2 pounds or so this week. I think that is why I'm frustrated that measurements didn't go. I worry I'm wasting muscle not fat. Go figure I shouldn't be but since I'm sure I have adrenal gland fatigue it worries me a tiny bit.

Now if the flooding in my workout space doesn't get any worse another week is here. I'm still doing The Boomers workout. I used a 6 inch step today, except for the work between the squats and the leg press. I used the sculpting stick instead of my barbell but I probably still need the barbell. I think the aerobic work was good with 6, I might try it on 8 next week, but I'm still thinking about it.

Janet Jones Gretzky tape still gets me, but I'm doing better at it. If I have to slow down I do. Sometimes I find the spend in the weight work during the aerobics is too fast. Does that mean I'm using too heavy of a weight then? Or is it a range of motion issue and will get better as I loose weight. I'm not sure yet. I do know I go as heavy as I can, when I can. It is hard to judge with my darn weak shoulders. Someday I might be able to move beyond 2 or 3 pound weights on those. Otherwise I'm trying to use 12 on lat rows and biceps but I'm not sure if it is hurting my form or not at the moment. I'm trying to decide. There again it is Range of motion that keeps me from getting into good position so it is hard to tell.

I hope to keep up this rotation I'm on for another 3 weeks. Give it a month and see what changes and improvements I make. I'm looking mostly to be able to use the barbell on The Boomers and with luck be able to add weight. My upper body is willing, I'm not sure about the legs. With 15 pounds down since December, and roughly 10 since the end of April we shall see.


  1. I totally understand your worries. The Aria as alleviated my worries about getting no where. Now you can see the percent change-or if it does not. adjust something with your food intake to make a difference. I love it.

  2. I think it's so great Tanya that you are still pushing through your workouts through the craziness of life. I think we are definitely challenged more than ever when trying to make positive challenges like that in our lives and it's so inspiring to see you pushing through that, don't give up! I'm seriously so excited for both you and Nedra and so grateful for the example you are setting for others in the family.