Saturday, June 2, 2012

Water Follow up

(don't ask about workouts this week. Not a good week at all)
Someone on Bountiful Baskets posted this site for making flavored water, Sounds fun and I have done some on my own.
Flavored Water


  1. Fixed. Don't ask me why. The link was there. :)

  2. Haha, nice! Looks delicious. I may try this. I still love my plain regular water. Not sure what it is, but I never find it "boring" like she did. Then I also want to ask her about her drinking NASTY coffee and then thinking water is boring? I see lots of people that drink black coffee and I can't imagine drinking anything so.... bleh.

  3. Really nice Tigersue! I love it

  4. We love plain water too, and frankly I probably wouldn't do much of the fruit ones, still sugar in there. I love mint water, it is so cool on these hot summer days that about do me in. After Noelie finding Alaya's water a few years ago, mint became on of my favorites.