Sunday, July 29, 2012

Still experiencing a little frustration

Things maybe moving or they may not- I guess the good news is that while everything else seems to be the same with the same weight, measurements and body fat percent (okay maybe that is down a percent or so) my waist measurement went down an inch from July 4. My left foot while still not "normal" is so much better at times it actually looks like it is a match to my right foot. It actually seems to get better with the jogging/running intervals I do when I use the Leslie Sansone tapes.

Speaking of Leslie she as a new one that I plan on getting soon- actually two that use the same interval type training. If anything is working at all the intervals are. I might have to get Insanity!!! Yikes!

I still work to find out as much as I can about eating, food and the severe addictive type way so many of us are responding to food and have been in doing in increasing numbers since the 1980's. I listen to a lot of of the backlog pod-casts I have missed from Jimmy Moore's site because he is so willing to have a lot of different people on with him to interview including low carb enemies like Dean Ornish. You can learn a lot from his interviews.

I am also going to get serious about testing for blood sugar after meals. If I am not in "normal" range I will start with getting Berberine- a natural answer to Metformin. I think some of this is important.

I am NOT going to step on my scale for 2 weeks. I am not going to measure officially for another couple of weeks. I am going to be working out 2-3 hours a day.. now don't get scared.. some of that is walking for mental health during my lunches. My steps Monday through Saturday the goal is 15,000-17,000 per day.

I am going to be using standing legs Monday, Wednesday and Friday and working on getting up to using the 14 inch step for leg press and getting up to my 10 pound weights for lunges and 15 pounds for my squats.

For Upper body I am going to get back to figuring out to lift my weights on the upper body- and work a bit more on the side with push-ups

I will also use a set up core strength/yoga before I go to bed at night. My Yoga is Leslie Sansone so pretty simple- even my daughter Mugs was impressed at how low key and relaxed she is for me to work into it. The core will be the 5 days abs.. one set per day.

My goals will have nothing to do with the scale and measurements as you can see. I am driving myself crazy in this plateau patch. If I say it I will leave it alone! Hehe.

For eating I am trying to figure out budget ways to include more grassfed meat to our meals. That is a tough one. I believe in it.. but yowzers it is expensive. I might just have to sneak it into a meatloaf for the other two here and there. Randy is moving back to more of his cereal breakfasts and eating toast. Its hard to do what I am doing unless you believe in it.. and while I worry for him, he is a grown up and can make his decisions.

The other thing I am trying to do is eat some kind of fish every day. Often Sardines, which I happen to love- always have- since I was a kid. My other goal is to post one good recipe per week on our other blog about low carbing. To make it work you have to have real recipes that people can use.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We're officially low carbing at my house.

Hey everyone,

Been a while since I wrote anything.  Let me give a quick update into what I've been doing.  To sum it up, pretty much nothing.  Things have been rather hectic lately.  Moxtek Lagoon party, Rodeo, Batman, etc... I'm doing all of the house work because Steph just can't physically do it.  Also, I've been helping Grandpa with restoring his dining set, so that's been sucking up a lot of time.  But I'm ready to get back into it this week.  Got to keep my survivors happy in that zombie apocalypse ;)

Anyway, so with Steph's pregnancy she's been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes again.  On top of a diet change, she has to be on insulin again.  Here's the dilemma we're facing with her meals.

We struggle at breakfast a lot.  If you look at breakfast, everything is loaded with carbs.  Every typical meal under the sun is carb central.  Cereal, eating some fruit, bagels, toast, etc...  Everything cheap and quick has carbs with the exception of eggs, bacon, or sausage.  Steph doesn't like eating that every day, obviously.  Do you two have any ideas?  She really likes my scrambled eggs lol.  which is good because I don't really like eggs a whole lot.

I'd also like some ideas on lunch and dinner.  We have a few dishes that actually are low carb to begin with.  I know each meal differs on the amount of carbs she can have.  But I think max she can have in one meal is 40 grams of carbs.

They've actually changed her diet since last time.  I think they removed some snacks and increased the amount of carbs she can have per meal and that's helped her more.  Because last time it really frustrated her that she couldn't hardly eat anything, especially for breakfast.  By lunch and dinner she had more options for eating low carb. 

For Tigersue

I keep meaning to stop and post this and then forget.

Tigersue..... you will want to know that you Mom said the other night that she can tell the difference with all the work you have been doing!

Isn't that great????!!!!! :)

Tortoise and Hare

I have been doing these two workouts for the past week. I have done each 3 times now and they are getting easier. The hare mostly because I remember it fairly well from what I did before. The abdominal work still kills me on that one. I really need to look for a beginner move for the isometric hip lifts. I never could do them well, and my hip flexors are yelling at me when she does them. I guess it is just do what I can, and do regular lower work when I can't. The ballroom steps can be hard for me, depending on speed. I feel clumsy on the waltz, cha-cha, and swing.

Today doing the tortoise I could do the leg lifts with my barbell with 5 pounds of added weight. Stepping on a scale today I was lifting 20 pounds for the leg lifts, lunges and upper body work. I am very pleased as this is the first time I could do the same weight for my upper and lower body without needing to lighten up for the legs. They are catching up at last. The tortoise I can do the abdominal work pretty well. I'm still trying to figure out how to do the aerobic work well on this one. It seems hit and miss with the heavy weights and then the step work between. I'm working hard I'm, not feeling the consistent heart rate up with the stop and go. I suppose I will see how my body adjusts and if I loose weight in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I'm in a stall but it is of my own doing so I can't blame anyone but myself.

One thing I'm missing in these two workouts is a really good deltoid work out. I know the barbell is doing it but not having deltoid flies I'm not sure how it is working. I may add in upper body, or prime power fat burning on the occasion just to keep those going.

I'm still trying to do 6 to 8 miles of Leslie walks during the week, and trying to do a little bit of something on the weekend. Measurements were slightly down on upper body this week and slightly up on the abdominal measurements.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One more reminder to my beloved family

If you would like to be a contributor to this blog to tell us what you are doing for your good health and get a few cheers, or those precious mommies to those precious grandchildren, just let me or Tigersue or Jordan know. We can get you added.

The more the merrier I always say!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another quick review of The Firm Boomers workout

I simply love this one and I decided the reason why is the controlled movement. They made this specifically so a wide range of age groups could do the workout- so the aerobic portions are a speed that is great for young healthy marines and older women.

Don't kid yourself however. I was soaked after I was done with it this morning. You are just doing a bit slower and controlled step ups on a low bar interspersed with a bit of weight training. It is doable.

I admire the lead, Janie. I love the fact the cast has older women, one I believe is the creator of the firm Anna Benson. It looks like her. Tigersue and I also get a kick out of the oh so serious marine at the end of the first row. He just picks up heavier weights and follows right along with the rest.

This would probably be the one I would hand out as a Christmas present to someone I wasn't sure the type of exercise they like, but wanted a great dvd to work out with. I firmly believe you could use this one and a few good walks for most healthy people and stay in great shape.

You can still get copies of these older firm workouts here. Look past the age to the great result of just how you feel when you do them!

Monday, July 16, 2012

"""Shreeeeeek""""!!!!! The dreaded Plateau is here causing weeping, wailing and gnashing of of teeth!!!

Two weeks of bouncing the same pound or two and fat percentages over and over and over.

I have a plateau and there isn't anything I can do about it. So I think it is about time to bite the bullet and add back a little extra aerobic work.

Tonight I did the Firm Express. Not excited about it, but it has interval work, which is what I am headed for. I am going to go out and discover what walking routes might have hills to incorporate as those worked so well for me the first time.

I wish I had just a bit more time in my day to devote to this, but with working full time that is not about to happen.

On the other hand I think sympathetically of my sweet sis as I go through this ridiculously infuriating valley, of the wanderer trying to get slim and fit, shadow.

Like everyone else that goes through these I want to know how those that say calories in calories out can't quite figure out it isn't that simple. I have been MORE careful, and absolutely no result. My body sits and just says, Nope.. not going there.

It's like stubborn three year old- wants to hold onto the fat because it thinks there is a ruddy famine. I wish we all had a bit more control over some.. well controls, so I could tell it I am not starving it. We are eating quite well thank you.


A new week of measurements.

Last week was a rough week for me. I tell myself, as Noelie would, that it was still more than I would have done a few months ago. Still with a Migraine that lasted several days I missed a couple of days working out, and the others we very, very weak for the most part. I figured rest was more important at this point.

This week I'm starting a new rotation. I am going to do the Tortoise and the Hare, I'm still trying to decide if I should through something different on Wed, or just keep doing them one after another for a couple of weeks until I have the step patterns down. I plan on working hard on the weight work, and I amazed myself today with the leg press and abdominal work. The upper body seemed hard for me, which still maybe effects of not feeling well last week as my upper back muscles are tight as can be.

So for this week, all the upper body measurements were the same except lower chest which went down another 1/2 inch. Legs are still the same, but truthfully, I have a hard time measuring so who really knows?

5/21 Upper chest 43 1/2 today 42 down 1 1/2
5/21 waist 43 1/2 today 42 5/8 down 1 1/8
5/21 upper hips 51 today 48 3/8 down 2 5/8
5/21 hips 51 1/2 today 50 3/4 down 3/4 (first decrease)
5/21 Lower hips 49 1/2 today 47 1/2 down 2
5/21 L ankle 8 3/4 today 8 1/2 down 1/4
5/21 r ankle 8 1/2 today 8 1/4 down 1/4.

Makes me happy to see the abdominal measurements finally really doing something. Not shabby at all for me. I will be adding one more abdominal measurement in the future, that is an umbilical, around my abdomen, across the belly button. This is one that I can be sure is consistent. Mostly so I can be sure I'm getting the others right. The abdominal measurements can be tough at this weight with how fat moves around and shifts, I can almost never be sure I'm measuring accurately. This one will help out lots in the future.
Thanks everyone for your support, it means a great deal to me.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Need Noelie advice

I'm sure I need to sit down and watch these tapes again to figure out what I want to do. I figure it is time to adjust my rotation. I figure I should either to Tortoise/Hare, or Firm strenght/Cardio. My problem is I don't remember which set is easier. I'm sure it is the first with Traci Long. I don't remember doing Firm Cardio much because I think the cardio was still a bit hard for me. I also know I had a bit of a hard time with the steps in the tortoise and the Hare. So which should I work on first? Eventually I think I would like to get them to a rotation where I do all four in a week with a good sculpting tape in between, and on Saturdays when possible. I know that mix will be a few months down the road as I learn these well again. What do you think?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review of Zombies, Run!

I gave it a whirl today after I woke up.  I could only do 1 mission, other missions were still locked.  There are "Story" missions and "supply" missions.  The supply missions were all locked.  I assume that all the supply missions contains are picking up supplies and running from zombies.  So I'm not sure why they are locked.  I am positive they'll be unlocked as soon as I do more story missions.

I started the first mission.  One thing I instantly realized with this app was that it's completely British.  The voice actors, the pop culture references, etc... That doesn't bother me a whole lot, actually.  The story begins with you on a helicopter being delivered to "Abel Township".  This serves as your base and what you actually fortify with the supplies you pick up during the run.  The Helicopter gets shot down by someone with a rocket launcher.  Looks like you're the only survivor of the helicopter crash.  The radio operator from Abel Township tells you that the zombies are on your tail and you need to run.  Then it goes quiet for a while, unless you tell the app to play music.

The one thing I noticed was the voice acting was "passable".  There were some cringe moments.  But really, I'm just spoiled.  I listen to We're Alive.  An serial audio drama podcast that has amazing voice acting.  Mostly because the people that are used are ACTUAL actors.  Most likely the people in the zombies, run app are either acting students or friends of the developers.  The app worked fine without any crashing or anything like that.  I did have some complaints with the accuracy of my run.  The app showed that I ran a few miles, and gave me a pace during the run.  But when I finished it said my pace was 0.00 KM.  Which was kind of odd.  The other thing I have a complaint with is when there is no story segments going, there was pretty much silence.  I guess there were supposed to be audio cues when zombies are chasing you or you pick up supplies.  I thought I could hear some noises, but I assumed they were natural noises out in the world.  Whenever I picked up supplies my phone vibrated for a second.  But no such cue was given when zombies were chasing me.

If you have zombie chase set to on, the zombies will chase you during the run.  During this part, you need to speed up for 1 minute in order to outrun them.  If you don't, you'll drop any supplies you picked up.  At one point I looked down at my phone and I was being chased by zombies.  It was too late and by the time I sped up they caught me.  That frustrated me a little bit.

Even with those problems, the version of this app is still 1.0 for Windows phone.  For android it's .9 and has even more issues.  The app for WP7 does not require GPS connection to work.  When it can't get GPS it will use your accelerometer until GPS can be established again.  I guess Android doesn't use the accelerometer yet. 

One thing I was perfectly happy with in the app was its ability to use my Zune APIs in the app.  When I told the app I was going to play music during my run, it asked me what play list I was going to play, shuffle, repeat, etc... When story segments came up, the music paused while the talking was going. 

All in all for version 1.0 it is my new favorite running app.  When they were barking orders at me and telling me zombies were after me, it made me feel immersed and I ran that much better.  Apparently Version 1.1 for Windows phone will be out soon with fixes to the GPS and running stats accuracy.  There will also be an additional 5 missions exclusive to WP7.  So I'm pretty excited.  Hopefully in that update will also be fixes to the audio cues.  Once those are all fixed, this will be the perfect running game app and will be a great motivator.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Zombies, Run!!

Confession!  I love zombies.  I have a hard time watching zombie flicks, with the gore and all.  But I love the idea, the zombie apocalypse.  As far as apocalypse fiction goes, I like the viral outbreak stuff the most.  They're terrifying scenarios and I admit, it scares the tar out of me.  Which is probably why I like it so much.  I feel that if you prepare for a zombie apocalypse, you'll be prepared for just about any end of the world scenario.  Yes, I know, zombies don't exist and never will.  But the way a zombie apocalypse plays out is exactly the same as a viral outbreak like a plague or devastating flu virus.  Which is why places like the CDC have a zombie apocalypse scenario.  But I digress...

I found this app on my Windows Phone marketplace.  I believe it was also on the iPhone (which would make it available for iPods too), though I can't confirm that.

The app is called 'Zombies, Run!' and it's $7.99 which is like... $100,000,000 in app world money.  But, the concept is VERY cool and for $8 it seems like an investment.  The idea is that you run to your music, and occasionally this app will chime in and give you a sort of audio story as you go.  As you run you encounter zombies, supplies, people, etc... At the end of your run you'll return to your "base" and use the supplies and people you gathered to beef it up.  You play out this story in a quasi-augmented reality.  It won't use my camera to over-impose zombie images in real time, lol.  But, it will talk to me during my run. 

I think I'm going to give it a go.  It sounds like a lot of fun!  I just hope it also tracks my running stats.  If it does, it will completely replace my fitness activity app I us on my phone.

I also heard about a zombie 5K where you're running the 5K and it's sort of like a flag football race where people dressed as zombies will be around the course and will try to grab your flag.  I'm going to keep track of this 5K as it moves around the country.  As soon as it's within 1 state of here I think I'm going to take a trip :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

5K run

The 5K came and went and in all of my excitement and training for it, I didn't make a post until now.  It's been a crazy few weeks.  Unfortunately, that put off some of my training and I think that's where I suffered.  I didn't actually hit any of my goals this time.  I didn't beat my old boss, or make it to the time I wanted.  But that's alright.  If we hit all of our goals all the time then what's the point of them?  That just means I need to push harder, and I have a whole year to be where I want to be.  The point of it all was that I did it, and I had fun doing it. 

For the first two miles, I actually was doing really well.  I kept checking my phone and I was about an 8:30-9min/mile average.  If I had sustained this pace, I would've beat my boss and my goals.  The third mile was the worst for me and was where I struggled.  Every time I tried to push myself, I just couldn't do more than 30 yards of running before I had to stop again.  Funny thing, I couldn't even slow my pace to a slower jog.  I had to either walk or nothing.

Here's the total stats for the run.

Total Distance: 3.14 Miles
Duration: 35:28 (I didn't stop the app for a minute after I got to the end.  I got a text from the organizers that said my time was 34 minutes for the 5K)
Avg. Speed: 5.31mph
Avg. Pace: 11:18 Min/Mile

So my average pace must've actually been in the high 10 minute mile average, which was where I wanted to be.  As I said, I didn't realize the app was continuing to run at the finish line. 

I ran with my friend Adam.  It was great to have him along.  He's been like a brother to me lately, so that was cool to have him come with.  He did much better, around an 8 minute mile average pace for him.  He finished at around 26 minutes.  Below is a picture of us after we finished the race.

The 5K is a great experience, and I want to do it every year.  Adam and I want to keep running and keep training ourselves to eventually run a half marathon.  I think that'll be it for me with running.  I'm not wanting to get too serious with running as I know a lot of runners who get damage in their legs and back and have a difficult time later in life.  If I do 1 half marathon a year and 1 5K a year I think I will be happy.  It will be a good excuse to keep exercising and training.  Now that the 4th of July season is done I can rest easy and get back to my regular schedule of exercise.  It will also help a lot if I can get back to Day shift.  I was so much better about consistency in my exercise when I was on days.

Progress, Progress

I love the word progress, it is always in motion, what we should be doing. I love Noelie's progress, she motivates me daily. Always has. Looking at her last post it is great, and I'm so happy she found something else to work with.

Today I was a bit tired, from the 4th of July, and I knew I just didn't have the mental motivation to tackle Janet Jones Gretzy. I thought, hmmm, do Prime power fat burning. It is a low intermediate tape, would get me moving, and I could work my upper body, and see my progress since I haven't done it for a couple of weeks.

Wow, I couldn't believe it. I did 12 pounds on lat rows, and isolated bicep curls. I used 10 pounds on my other bicep set that I used 5 or 8 before. I used 10 on french press, which amazed me, It shouldn't have because I have been trying to do with Janet, but on this tape, I was using 5 pounds last time I did it. The only reason I didn't make it through the set was because of my neck hurting, which I have to watch because of the TMJD stuff. I wanted to jump up and down with joy. Then the big one came with the deltoid work. For me it has always been the hardest set to do. The frontal, anterior and posterior delt work I always had to use 2 pounds because even using 3 I couldn't even lift a 3 pound weight when she moved to the military press which should be a heavy weight. Today I did 3 pounds for the regular delt work, and I was able to lift 8 pound weights on the military press. Happy, Happy day. Janet Jones Gretzky may kill me do her tape but it has obviously worked using it the past 2 weeks. It tells me the rotation I have been doing is working, my strength is improving in a measurable tangible way. It tells me muscle memory is coming back, and faster than anticipated.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This is my week

I have been excited that in my search for something to coordinate with my Firm workouts I found the Les Mills Pump through Beachbody.

I know, I know-some of you are saying "so commercial!" Okay, but that is what makes what is left of the America I dream of wonderful: that you can still sell your product how you see fit and if you have something worthwhile, people will buy it. They do. However, nothing seemed quite a right fit until I saw this program.

And I have to say: I LOVE IT! They call their version of resistance training "the Rep effect". In truth how they mix up the moves is something I have seen in the old Firm workouts, but the focus is a little different that is mixing well with the more aerobic Firm workouts I am choosing on the off days.

What is really cool is I get that "wobbly mushy" muscle feel after a super-duper set of whatever it is that we are working on, and I really think it is going to be fantastic for my legs. Tigersue has one benefit over me in that she didn't inherit the family tree stump legs from my grandma and aunt- she got legs more like my mom, so when she finally gets down her legs, ankles and wrists are naturally just cuter than mine. So I am going to have to challenge them, and right now this is working. At some point I will have to "Stand Legs" them and "Tough Tape" them, but this is going to work beautifully for the next two months to get them where they need to be.

I have measurements today:

Neck: 14 3/4
Wrist: 7 1/4
Fore arm: 11
Elbow: 17 1/2
Upper Arm: 16 1/2
Ankle: 11
Calf: 16
Knee: 18 1/4
Thigh: 23 1/2
Hips: 46 1/2
Waist: 43
Rib Cage: 38 1/2
Bust: 42 1/2
Upper Chest 38 1/2

At this minute I am wearing the shirt I planned for July 4th, and a pair of pants I had given up wearing a long time ago because I had to work to get the buttons and then of course if I did it felt awful all day. Not today. I didn't have to work, and they feel great. They aren't small but they are SMALLER!

And that my friends is part of the point- the other is to feel better. I do. So I feel I am on the right track. I still study about it and try to find out more while I am doing this so I always feel better. I have great resources and am grateful for this internet age--you can quietly network into information and use what you feel is good.

Thanks to all for the support we have for This. I love you kids!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sane Recipe posted on Facebook today

Gazpacho Salad. Looks YUMMMY!!!!

Another Day, Another week

Most of my family knows last week was a rough week in the Robinson household. Needless to say my workouts, although still more than I was doing in May, were rough and hard to get through. I think I pushed through them just because I needed too. I skipped my afternoon walks, it was just too much at the time. Today I didn't even want to do my measurements, my weight on the scale was all over today. After my workout it showed a loss but I don't know how much of that was just water, I hope some was glycogen because I really ate more carbs than I should have last week. Not horrible, still too much.
So here are the measurements for this week, showing change from 5/21
Neck 15 1/4 today 14 7/8
Left Bicep 14 1/4 today no change
Right Bicep 14 1/4 no change
Left forearm 9 7/8 today 9 3/4
Right forearm 10 today no change
L wrist 6 3/8 today 6 1/4
R wrist 6 3/8 today 6 1/8
Upper chest 43 1/2 today 42 1/4
Bust 48 today 46 3/4
Lower chest 43 today 42 3/8
waist 43 1/2 today 42 3/4
upper hips 51 today 49 1/2
Hips 51 1/2 no change
lower hips 49 1/2 today 48 5/8
L thigh 23 today 22 3/4
R thigh 23.5 today 22 3/4
R and L knee 14 no change
L calf 15. 5 no change
R calf 15 no change
L ankle 8 3/4 no change
R ankle 8 1/2 no change

Things are moving around my abdomen, its about time. The tape measure was sitting different, and even though hips aren't moving since upper and lower are, that is telling it is shifting around. I also notice a difference in looking at my upper back, posture is better, and it is becoming more flat. Those are the kind of changes I like to see because this how clothes fit, and how they look on.

As far as doing the boomer's workout, I tried the 8 inch box for the first two sets, I did okay with those, but dropped to the 6 because I was getting to tired and I wanted to make it through the squats and the leg lifts. I tried using the sculpting stick for the leg lifts, and couldn't make it through the whole set so still need to do it without added weight. Next week I will try it again and see if I'm any stronger and I will stick with the 6 inch box for a bit. I'm still trying to walk 6 to 8 miles a day, focusing on 8.

I read what Noelie posts, love them. They help out so much. Here is to a better week.