Monday, July 2, 2012

Another Day, Another week

Most of my family knows last week was a rough week in the Robinson household. Needless to say my workouts, although still more than I was doing in May, were rough and hard to get through. I think I pushed through them just because I needed too. I skipped my afternoon walks, it was just too much at the time. Today I didn't even want to do my measurements, my weight on the scale was all over today. After my workout it showed a loss but I don't know how much of that was just water, I hope some was glycogen because I really ate more carbs than I should have last week. Not horrible, still too much.
So here are the measurements for this week, showing change from 5/21
Neck 15 1/4 today 14 7/8
Left Bicep 14 1/4 today no change
Right Bicep 14 1/4 no change
Left forearm 9 7/8 today 9 3/4
Right forearm 10 today no change
L wrist 6 3/8 today 6 1/4
R wrist 6 3/8 today 6 1/8
Upper chest 43 1/2 today 42 1/4
Bust 48 today 46 3/4
Lower chest 43 today 42 3/8
waist 43 1/2 today 42 3/4
upper hips 51 today 49 1/2
Hips 51 1/2 no change
lower hips 49 1/2 today 48 5/8
L thigh 23 today 22 3/4
R thigh 23.5 today 22 3/4
R and L knee 14 no change
L calf 15. 5 no change
R calf 15 no change
L ankle 8 3/4 no change
R ankle 8 1/2 no change

Things are moving around my abdomen, its about time. The tape measure was sitting different, and even though hips aren't moving since upper and lower are, that is telling it is shifting around. I also notice a difference in looking at my upper back, posture is better, and it is becoming more flat. Those are the kind of changes I like to see because this how clothes fit, and how they look on.

As far as doing the boomer's workout, I tried the 8 inch box for the first two sets, I did okay with those, but dropped to the 6 because I was getting to tired and I wanted to make it through the squats and the leg lifts. I tried using the sculpting stick for the leg lifts, and couldn't make it through the whole set so still need to do it without added weight. Next week I will try it again and see if I'm any stronger and I will stick with the 6 inch box for a bit. I'm still trying to walk 6 to 8 miles a day, focusing on 8.

I read what Noelie posts, love them. They help out so much. Here is to a better week.


  1. I hope this week goes better for you too Tanya, although I have to say it's so great that you still pushed through some of your workouts last week, it takes a lot of strength to do that! You're doing great and I can't wait to see you again and see all the wonderful changes your hard work has brought you!

  2. go tanya!! i keep thinking about what you and Nedra are doing, I am so impressed at your ability to just keep going! Can't wait to see you on Wednesday :)

  3. I am so glad you have been able to do what you area doing and you ARE seeing results, any little inch/quarter inch, oz in the right direction is stellar!

  4. and don't you love our crew that comes in to cheer us on! It helps sooo much.

    thank you Stephanie and Brynn and I ave to say thanks to Tyler who is always telling everyone how hard I work :)