Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another quick review of The Firm Boomers workout

I simply love this one and I decided the reason why is the controlled movement. They made this specifically so a wide range of age groups could do the workout- so the aerobic portions are a speed that is great for young healthy marines and older women.

Don't kid yourself however. I was soaked after I was done with it this morning. You are just doing a bit slower and controlled step ups on a low bar interspersed with a bit of weight training. It is doable.

I admire the lead, Janie. I love the fact the cast has older women, one I believe is the creator of the firm Anna Benson. It looks like her. Tigersue and I also get a kick out of the oh so serious marine at the end of the first row. He just picks up heavier weights and follows right along with the rest.

This would probably be the one I would hand out as a Christmas present to someone I wasn't sure the type of exercise they like, but wanted a great dvd to work out with. I firmly believe you could use this one and a few good walks for most healthy people and stay in great shape.

You can still get copies of these older firm workouts here. Look past the age to the great result of just how you feel when you do them!


  1. No kidding. I must be extra tired today because I put this one on for my break between the other two and I had to stop. The first time since I started this one I couldn't got much past that squats. I'm not sure what is going on with me at least tomorrow is a new day. I love this workout. I love how adaptable it is, if you don't come out of this one feeling like you did something it is time to up the size of step or up the weight.
    Oh there is the other guy also that has 50 pounds on his barbell, and I always wonder what size dumbell those two guys are using, they looks massive doing those pec flies.

  2. That sounds fun, I'll have to check it out when Grayson gets here and I can start getting rid of my baby weight and hopefully more! I did start prenatal water aerobics and I LOVE it, your fantastic examples are keeping me motivated when I don't feel like going so a big huge thank you to both of you!

  3. Stephanie, I tried to get my two pregnancy workouts back from someone I loaned the to, but no go. One was pilates, and it was great, and the other was aerobic salsa dance, yoga, and prenatal prep, it was good too. I was going to give them to you. :(

  4. I think I found one tonight I will get you - You can do Yoga with Leslie Sansone- and Jordan I am going to get the four fast miles. I think it will help greatly with his speed- slower a few days a week and then he can go out and rip it up :)

    Then when you have the baby I will get you this workout if you want. It truly is a keeper

  5. Tigersue, thank you so much for thinking of me, it's the thought that counts! And Noelie, that sounds great! I'd like to do what I can while I'm pregnant to get myself ready for October, thank you!