Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review of Zombies, Run!

I gave it a whirl today after I woke up.  I could only do 1 mission, other missions were still locked.  There are "Story" missions and "supply" missions.  The supply missions were all locked.  I assume that all the supply missions contains are picking up supplies and running from zombies.  So I'm not sure why they are locked.  I am positive they'll be unlocked as soon as I do more story missions.

I started the first mission.  One thing I instantly realized with this app was that it's completely British.  The voice actors, the pop culture references, etc... That doesn't bother me a whole lot, actually.  The story begins with you on a helicopter being delivered to "Abel Township".  This serves as your base and what you actually fortify with the supplies you pick up during the run.  The Helicopter gets shot down by someone with a rocket launcher.  Looks like you're the only survivor of the helicopter crash.  The radio operator from Abel Township tells you that the zombies are on your tail and you need to run.  Then it goes quiet for a while, unless you tell the app to play music.

The one thing I noticed was the voice acting was "passable".  There were some cringe moments.  But really, I'm just spoiled.  I listen to We're Alive.  An serial audio drama podcast that has amazing voice acting.  Mostly because the people that are used are ACTUAL actors.  Most likely the people in the zombies, run app are either acting students or friends of the developers.  The app worked fine without any crashing or anything like that.  I did have some complaints with the accuracy of my run.  The app showed that I ran a few miles, and gave me a pace during the run.  But when I finished it said my pace was 0.00 KM.  Which was kind of odd.  The other thing I have a complaint with is when there is no story segments going, there was pretty much silence.  I guess there were supposed to be audio cues when zombies are chasing you or you pick up supplies.  I thought I could hear some noises, but I assumed they were natural noises out in the world.  Whenever I picked up supplies my phone vibrated for a second.  But no such cue was given when zombies were chasing me.

If you have zombie chase set to on, the zombies will chase you during the run.  During this part, you need to speed up for 1 minute in order to outrun them.  If you don't, you'll drop any supplies you picked up.  At one point I looked down at my phone and I was being chased by zombies.  It was too late and by the time I sped up they caught me.  That frustrated me a little bit.

Even with those problems, the version of this app is still 1.0 for Windows phone.  For android it's .9 and has even more issues.  The app for WP7 does not require GPS connection to work.  When it can't get GPS it will use your accelerometer until GPS can be established again.  I guess Android doesn't use the accelerometer yet. 

One thing I was perfectly happy with in the app was its ability to use my Zune APIs in the app.  When I told the app I was going to play music during my run, it asked me what play list I was going to play, shuffle, repeat, etc... When story segments came up, the music paused while the talking was going. 

All in all for version 1.0 it is my new favorite running app.  When they were barking orders at me and telling me zombies were after me, it made me feel immersed and I ran that much better.  Apparently Version 1.1 for Windows phone will be out soon with fixes to the GPS and running stats accuracy.  There will also be an additional 5 missions exclusive to WP7.  So I'm pretty excited.  Hopefully in that update will also be fixes to the audio cues.  Once those are all fixed, this will be the perfect running game app and will be a great motivator.


  1. it sounds like it is a ton of fun!

  2. It was. I'm looking forward to more runs with it this week.