Monday, July 16, 2012

"""Shreeeeeek""""!!!!! The dreaded Plateau is here causing weeping, wailing and gnashing of of teeth!!!

Two weeks of bouncing the same pound or two and fat percentages over and over and over.

I have a plateau and there isn't anything I can do about it. So I think it is about time to bite the bullet and add back a little extra aerobic work.

Tonight I did the Firm Express. Not excited about it, but it has interval work, which is what I am headed for. I am going to go out and discover what walking routes might have hills to incorporate as those worked so well for me the first time.

I wish I had just a bit more time in my day to devote to this, but with working full time that is not about to happen.

On the other hand I think sympathetically of my sweet sis as I go through this ridiculously infuriating valley, of the wanderer trying to get slim and fit, shadow.

Like everyone else that goes through these I want to know how those that say calories in calories out can't quite figure out it isn't that simple. I have been MORE careful, and absolutely no result. My body sits and just says, Nope.. not going there.

It's like stubborn three year old- wants to hold onto the fat because it thinks there is a ruddy famine. I wish we all had a bit more control over some.. well controls, so I could tell it I am not starving it. We are eating quite well thank you.



  1. Your title made me giggle :) You are doing awesome I'm sure it is frustrating but you are doing so great, don't let it get your down!!

  2. How I hate plateaus. They are the most frustrating thing ever. I have been doing Leslies fast 4 mile walk, it has interval training in it, and I also will do on the occasion another tape that has a 3 mile set with interval training. I know, you feel like you bang your head against that wall. I look for cooler weather to go out and do some nice walking. I also keep reminding myself what Dr. Schwarzbein talks about and that is the body healing, hopefully that is what it is.

  3. You can beat it! You've already made such amazing progress, just like Brynn said...don't let it get you down, you're doing fabulous!

  4. Thanks guys. I am so glad you are here. It is a choice between going in a complete slump or just site and Kvetch here- you know what I chose.

    Brynn- laughter is probably always the best medicine-hence the title. If I had a fairy Godmother I would say make me as pretty as Brynn! :) I love you.

    Tanya- I got right up and went through My dvd's. I am taking them downstairs, and I am going to do one of the ones I have with intervals today. I already did Janie's- and bless her heart she got me nice and.. out of breath. Then I tried the intervals in the Firm express again. I just just keep trying, but as I have time I think the 4 fast miles is an EXCELLENT choice. Thanks sis.

    Hey Steph, if I do beat it, it will only because of you guys and your support. I have done this alone before and it is the point I would quit. Not today. Nope.. not today because of my family!

  5. I had one other thought as I was doing my walking this morning. Are you drinking enough water? With this summer heat and working in a dry environment it is easy to think we are getting enough, and we might be short. Would it be worth adding an extra pint during the day? Just a thought.

  6. well I am pretty sure I drink enough, I will try to just edge it up a bit and see. Of course I did that four miles today and never quite caught up! lol