Sunday, July 29, 2012

Still experiencing a little frustration

Things maybe moving or they may not- I guess the good news is that while everything else seems to be the same with the same weight, measurements and body fat percent (okay maybe that is down a percent or so) my waist measurement went down an inch from July 4. My left foot while still not "normal" is so much better at times it actually looks like it is a match to my right foot. It actually seems to get better with the jogging/running intervals I do when I use the Leslie Sansone tapes.

Speaking of Leslie she as a new one that I plan on getting soon- actually two that use the same interval type training. If anything is working at all the intervals are. I might have to get Insanity!!! Yikes!

I still work to find out as much as I can about eating, food and the severe addictive type way so many of us are responding to food and have been in doing in increasing numbers since the 1980's. I listen to a lot of of the backlog pod-casts I have missed from Jimmy Moore's site because he is so willing to have a lot of different people on with him to interview including low carb enemies like Dean Ornish. You can learn a lot from his interviews.

I am also going to get serious about testing for blood sugar after meals. If I am not in "normal" range I will start with getting Berberine- a natural answer to Metformin. I think some of this is important.

I am NOT going to step on my scale for 2 weeks. I am not going to measure officially for another couple of weeks. I am going to be working out 2-3 hours a day.. now don't get scared.. some of that is walking for mental health during my lunches. My steps Monday through Saturday the goal is 15,000-17,000 per day.

I am going to be using standing legs Monday, Wednesday and Friday and working on getting up to using the 14 inch step for leg press and getting up to my 10 pound weights for lunges and 15 pounds for my squats.

For Upper body I am going to get back to figuring out to lift my weights on the upper body- and work a bit more on the side with push-ups

I will also use a set up core strength/yoga before I go to bed at night. My Yoga is Leslie Sansone so pretty simple- even my daughter Mugs was impressed at how low key and relaxed she is for me to work into it. The core will be the 5 days abs.. one set per day.

My goals will have nothing to do with the scale and measurements as you can see. I am driving myself crazy in this plateau patch. If I say it I will leave it alone! Hehe.

For eating I am trying to figure out budget ways to include more grassfed meat to our meals. That is a tough one. I believe in it.. but yowzers it is expensive. I might just have to sneak it into a meatloaf for the other two here and there. Randy is moving back to more of his cereal breakfasts and eating toast. Its hard to do what I am doing unless you believe in it.. and while I worry for him, he is a grown up and can make his decisions.

The other thing I am trying to do is eat some kind of fish every day. Often Sardines, which I happen to love- always have- since I was a kid. My other goal is to post one good recipe per week on our other blog about low carbing. To make it work you have to have real recipes that people can use.


  1. I think that sounds like a great plan! And my doctor always recommended that I not focus so much on the scale because it was so discouraging it can hurt your progress. I'm rooting for you and I'm excited to see what the next two weeks bring for you!

  2. I'm in the same spot, sort of. But more because I am finding I'm exhausted more than I want to be. I have a day or two where I can work hard, but then a day where I can hardly move. I worry about adrenal gland exhaustion and how much is too much, even with the intervals. I'm not sure what stresses me and what doesn't. I know fast does, but how much fast is bad over all for me I haven't figured out yet. Luckily I believe walking is a great workout or I would worry more about the time spent, I'm almost to the point of thinking I need to move up to 10 miles of Leslie walks in a day. I'm not sure I have the oomph for that though. 8 seems to push me too much and the time is a killer with the kids around. I don't know how you are doing it with work, it makes me tired thinking about it for you.

    I wish I could do grass fed beef and free range chicken/eggs. They are major expensive. I try to look online for local farmers but I haven't had much luck for affordable stuff which "people" seem to say is available and cheaper than store stuff. I have yet to believe it myself. :)

  3. You are doing great Nedra! I love hearing about your achievements and I agree with Tanya I don't know how you do it!!!

    Tanya my neighbors dad sales beef, we get the hamburger whenever it is available and love it!! If you would like I can let you know when they are selling it again. I'm not sure if it is what you are looking for though.

  4. A good Local farmer is probably exactly what we need. I know I should head to the farmers markets to see if I can find eggs.

  5. Noelie, we might need to check out Traders Joe when it opens up maybe they will have stuff we can afford. Brynn I would love to know, I need to clear out freezer space. ;) Noelie I see a place that sells eggs when I drive the girls to piano lessons, I should remember to drop by.

  6. where is trader Joe going to be?

  7. Up in SLC somewhere. I just remember seeing it being announced.

  8. Wow! 17000 steps a day sounds fantastic! This plateau is the most frustrating part of your journey. You want results and they aren't coming or they are coming slowly. But remind yourself of the world of good you are doing to your whole body. Your heart, your lungs, your circulatory system. Just imagine your heart becoming stronger with each and every beat it takes while you exercise. Also imagine what it's doing for your spiritual, and emotional health. You're a different person these days, mom. You're strong, confident, and have more energy. It's an example to those around you, don't give up!

    1. Thanks Jordan. I do try to tell myself all those things, but it helps to hear others say them as well.

      I love you!

    2. It's why I'm on here doing this with you guys! We got to keep eachother motivated and moving! Love you too :)