Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This is my week

I have been excited that in my search for something to coordinate with my Firm workouts I found the Les Mills Pump through Beachbody.

I know, I know-some of you are saying "so commercial!" Okay, but that is what makes what is left of the America I dream of wonderful: that you can still sell your product how you see fit and if you have something worthwhile, people will buy it. They do. However, nothing seemed quite a right fit until I saw this program.

And I have to say: I LOVE IT! They call their version of resistance training "the Rep effect". In truth how they mix up the moves is something I have seen in the old Firm workouts, but the focus is a little different that is mixing well with the more aerobic Firm workouts I am choosing on the off days.

What is really cool is I get that "wobbly mushy" muscle feel after a super-duper set of whatever it is that we are working on, and I really think it is going to be fantastic for my legs. Tigersue has one benefit over me in that she didn't inherit the family tree stump legs from my grandma and aunt- she got legs more like my mom, so when she finally gets down her legs, ankles and wrists are naturally just cuter than mine. So I am going to have to challenge them, and right now this is working. At some point I will have to "Stand Legs" them and "Tough Tape" them, but this is going to work beautifully for the next two months to get them where they need to be.

I have measurements today:

Neck: 14 3/4
Wrist: 7 1/4
Fore arm: 11
Elbow: 17 1/2
Upper Arm: 16 1/2
Ankle: 11
Calf: 16
Knee: 18 1/4
Thigh: 23 1/2
Hips: 46 1/2
Waist: 43
Rib Cage: 38 1/2
Bust: 42 1/2
Upper Chest 38 1/2

At this minute I am wearing the shirt I planned for July 4th, and a pair of pants I had given up wearing a long time ago because I had to work to get the buttons and then of course if I did it felt awful all day. Not today. I didn't have to work, and they feel great. They aren't small but they are SMALLER!

And that my friends is part of the point- the other is to feel better. I do. So I feel I am on the right track. I still study about it and try to find out more while I am doing this so I always feel better. I have great resources and am grateful for this internet age--you can quietly network into information and use what you feel is good.

Thanks to all for the support we have for This. I love you kids!


  1. You and Tanya look so amazing!! I am so proud of you guys :) and it was so good to see everyone yesterday what a great family we have! Love you!

    1. I keep wanting to do what Tanya does and find the like button

  2. I know, blogger seriously needs a like button. lol