Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We're officially low carbing at my house.

Hey everyone,

Been a while since I wrote anything.  Let me give a quick update into what I've been doing.  To sum it up, pretty much nothing.  Things have been rather hectic lately.  Moxtek Lagoon party, Rodeo, Batman, etc... I'm doing all of the house work because Steph just can't physically do it.  Also, I've been helping Grandpa with restoring his dining set, so that's been sucking up a lot of time.  But I'm ready to get back into it this week.  Got to keep my survivors happy in that zombie apocalypse ;)

Anyway, so with Steph's pregnancy she's been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes again.  On top of a diet change, she has to be on insulin again.  Here's the dilemma we're facing with her meals.

We struggle at breakfast a lot.  If you look at breakfast, everything is loaded with carbs.  Every typical meal under the sun is carb central.  Cereal, eating some fruit, bagels, toast, etc...  Everything cheap and quick has carbs with the exception of eggs, bacon, or sausage.  Steph doesn't like eating that every day, obviously.  Do you two have any ideas?  She really likes my scrambled eggs lol.  which is good because I don't really like eggs a whole lot.

I'd also like some ideas on lunch and dinner.  We have a few dishes that actually are low carb to begin with.  I know each meal differs on the amount of carbs she can have.  But I think max she can have in one meal is 40 grams of carbs.

They've actually changed her diet since last time.  I think they removed some snacks and increased the amount of carbs she can have per meal and that's helped her more.  Because last time it really frustrated her that she couldn't hardly eat anything, especially for breakfast.  By lunch and dinner she had more options for eating low carb. 


  1. Frankly I always ate eggs for breakfast, and with my gestational diabetes, to keep my blood sugar as close to 80 as possible, I generally could only eat one. Then I could eat a snack a couple of hours later. I found that I had a pretty good dawn effect and breakfast I just couldn't do much. For a starch I would eat 1/2 a wasa cracker with my poached egg, but not very often.

    I pretty much stuck with 30 grams of carb with my other 2 meals, sometimes less. I would do yogurt with 1/2 cup of berries, and a few almonds for my evening snack some nights.

    We found a great new site with low carb recipes, one I found interesting was an egg broiled in a tomato with a pesto sauce on top. Looked yummy.

    Also for breakfast she can brown up hamburger, I do that often. If she likes fish you can do fish, pork, left over chicken. Pretty much any meat can be good.

    I would sometimes eat sauteed summer squash. Her pepper steak as I mentioned before looked excellent. I hope those ideas helped and as I think of some more I can post them. Noelie has our low carb blog going again, I'll make sure the link is up. The link to that blog is on our site.

  2. Oh the website to the low carb blog is here, Noelie beat me to the punch, it is the 24/7 diner, I was really impressed with some of the recipes there. I'm pretty excited about that site.

  3. You could make a shake that is low in carbs: Cream, water, whey powder (Plain 1gram carb) 1/2 cup berries- which ever you like, and a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil, ice and stevia or splenda whatever you handle better.

    Also there are recipes for Oopsie rolls, you could make those and put a bit of ham,chicken, bacon avocado...just used your imagination for what you do like :)
    You will also find recipes out there similar for oopsie rolls for pancakes.. I like them

    There is also this website items http://holdthecarbs.com their pancakes were pretty good. I won't use them a lot as I try to learn to do without any grain products, but probably great for you!

  4. That sounds great! We'll give it a whirl.

  5. You can also find low carb tortilla's out there. We love taco salads, and those are very easy to low carb with. I do a good green salad with a wide variety of vegetables, taco meat, avocado and olives. Do not add beans or rice or corn, which is common these days. You can have a small amount of doritoes to make it yummy and crunchy. (also grated cheese). Sour cream, ranch dressing (homemade if you can), hot sauce, salsa, what ever else.

  6. OH and you can order cafe Rio salads with out the tortilla, rice, beans and chips on it. Yummy.

  7. hehe.. in fact we just had taco salads last night that way..w ell no avacado or olives.. but I was feeding Randy and Marlei and tyler were not there yet so I didn't want to get those things out just for me to have too much leftovers.... lol!

  8. There are some good sausages out that might be low carb. I have bought some that aren't low (10gms per sausage) but wow are they good. Check packages for info, maybe she would like something like that for breakfast. Not breakfast links, I find these down the cheese isle of macey's near the bacon, pepperoni, canadian bacon, and stuff. Several brands.