Monday, August 27, 2012

Tigersue's face

So the post I wanted to make today is the changes I see in Tigersue since I last saw her face-to-face. She came to my home last night to celebrate my husbands birtday, and while I see weight having come off her body it was her face that is showing the most incredible inprovement in her skin texture, tone and color, and overall shape.

It wasn't just sorta kinda, it is a striking difference. Way to go sis!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Changing my week

I was telling Noelie the other day that I have no oomph in my legs. I seem to have plenty of energy, other than the days I really, really, don't sleep well. When I did the Tortoise and Hare this week, I could hardly do the leg lifts, and I was debating if I could even do the weights. I tried hard but I felt very weak. Doing the fast 4 miles has been horrible too, my thighs and calves just can't seem to do it. I can do other walks just not the interval training. So Wednesday I decided to stop my firm workouts for a couple of days, wondering if I was having over training symptoms. I have read on other weight lifting sights that mandatory week breaks are necessary. I thought the weekend away would have covered that, but I guess not.

So I'm doing the 20,000 steps a day, and I will pull the weightlifting back in next week. As of yesterday and today I could do the Fast 4 miles again. Nice, my legs still feel like jelly sometimes, but I can pick them up and go.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My update

Hey everyone,

I took a week... doing kind of a "reboot" of sorts.  Changing up my daily life and schedule.  Turns out it's a lot harder than it should be!  Going from night shift back to day shift is as hard as I thought it would be.  I sleep at night, but not very well and because of that it makes me more tired in the day.  But, with my exercise schedule the way it is, I've actually had more energy in the day.  But something came up this past few weeks that's kind of thrown my schedule out the window.  But, it's okay because I feel like I'm still exercising lol.

So Grandpa is redoing his dining room.  He's putting new flooring and fixing up the dining set.  I'm excited for them because it's going to look really nice when it's finished.  He's asked for my help (when I can) and Jayson's help.  Jay and I have been redoing the floor.  I'm only able to help once or twice a week due to work and trying to get chores at home done.  But working on that floor is a lot of work, and puts me in a good sweat.  So I'm going to count it.  Once it's all done I can go back to my schedule because so far I really like it.  I may have to change the hours.  I do once in the morning (when I wake up, early) and once in the evening.  I think the evening one is a little too late or early.  It's kind of right around dinner time.  It's going to do wonders when I can go back to day shift.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Another update

As a commented on Noelie's post the weekend went fairly well. Luckily we have great friends we stayed with that had lots of salad on hand, and fixed chicken, beef, and had lunch meat around. We took up nuts that I snacked on and cheese as well. I did gain a pound or so, not surprising and most of that should be glycogen and water retention from salt.

My measurements were good today, with small dips,and some no change. I can be very pleased with that since my workouts missed one full day, about 15,000 steps short of my goal for those 5 days. What is frustrating me is my blood sugars. I think I have seen a small dip below 100 but everything else I take is showing well over 100, usually 105 to 109. Today after my 3 hours workout, I took my blood sugar and it was 120. What? I have not been eating breakfast before my workouts so I'm typically only getting late snack/lunch and dinner. I take my metformin at night, it is only 500 mg, so I may need more. This week I'm going to switch to taking it during the day like I used to years ago and see if that stabilized my daytime sugars, and see what happens with my morning fasting sugar. I suppose if I think I need it I can use what Nedra is using though my copay on the metformin is low. I will have to think about it, and see what happens. My fasting sugars have always been good so I don't know if this a change over the past year, or if it is the strips I just bought or if my meter is old. I know I should try to compare it with someone elses meter sometime and see how accurate it is.

Today I knew I wasn't up to doing Tortoise or the Hare so I tried a tape that I used to do fairly often on the cardio end, and paired it with super sculpting way back when. It is The Firm Tough Cardio. I forgot how nice of an aerobic workout it is. The first half or so, is all step aerobics. I did it with my 4 inch but should get it up to my 6 inch because I flipped the smaller one up and hit my shin. It took me a couple of minutes to get back into the workout. The 2nd half is regular aerobics but only one set throws me off an is a bit fast for what I do. I just walk through what I can't do at this stage. I'm pretty sure I was able to get to do it ages ago, so eventually as I learn it I should be able to do it. The routines are taken from Fat blaster, Firm Strength and Firm cardio. I logged over 3461 steps and that will get higher as I remember the routines and don't flip that darn box. It also has several routines that use 4 limb movement with weights. Not a bad workout at all, and a nice one to mix up with my walking when bored.

The reason I have done so many steps and focusing on it is partly because I remember Noelie loosing weight with walking so many years ago, but a similar study as theAmish one but the Japaneese version, finding that people that are thin tend to walk 10,000 steps a day. They also have the pedometer, and I used on years ago and loved it. I know I have to do more than that 10,000 to loose, but I think it is a great goal to get to to maintain weight. I know it worked for me when pregnant, because I concentrated on that 10,000 steps a day. That is a bit on how my weekend went.

I am increasing or focusing on taking supplements, vit D (10,000 a day), super B complex, extra Niacin for Isonitol, chromium picolinate, a regular vit, and magnesium and calcium. I also bought some creatine for my weight workout days. Not sure if I will use it often though as one of the side effects is water retention and I'm not sure I want that either. I'm also getting my adult kids and husband to take Vit D because I believe we all need it. Right now I'm telling them to take 2,ooo u, Michael I might bump up more than that. I'm convinced we are all so low on Vitamin D, that taking even that amount will do some good.

One other concern I have is my hormones are just wonky and have been getting worse over the past 6 months or so. I keep hoping to see an improvement. Endometrial Hyperplasia is rearing its ugly head, and I really, really don't want to do anything to treat it. I keep hoping that somewhere in the exercising and the low carbing, and trying to get my IR under control, that this will get better. This is a condition that really concerns me. I know I need to see a dr. soon, I was hoping to do that after Collin leaves on his mission, partly because I just don't want to deal with scheduling tests right now, but I want to give time for my weight and diet to start to work and heal my body.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


So as you are all aware I stepped up the intensity of my aerobic workout while scaling back a bit on weight training.

Let me be clear I would no have done this were I not preparing for a family event at the end of October. I just know from past experience that walking- a lot of it like the Canadian Amish works for me.

I have logged a lot of steps, some thanks to my hubby as we would go for a mile or so walk each night as well. I noticed on those nights my blood sugar would be lower in the morning.

On the subject of blood sugar I got the berberine supplements and have noticed a slow but continual drop in my blood sugar. I even get some that are bordering on the kind of numbers the esteemed Dr. Bernstein would start to approve of. I am excited because damage from blood sugar happens to EVERYONE starting at lower levels than we thought for years. I think the kindle book I found about it was right on target, and I notice I feel younger as those numbers start to move.

On the other hand I have had a couple of episodes of "Atkins Flu". I am not sure why unless losing poundage/bs lowering can cause it on the way down. Essentially I am okay, I just feel sort of flu-like for a few hours. The cure... seems to be salty fluid and fasting. Go figure.

So.. Here it is I am EIGHT POUNDS DOWN from two weeks ago. That is right. My hubby asked if it is okay to lose that fast, but as I am most definitely NOT going hungry I am pretty sure it is a side effect of the Keto-adaption and how obese I have been.

The peach 1x shirt in my closet.... fits beautifully now. Next family dinner it is going to gets worn.

Tigersue: there is a free paleo recipe book out there for your Kindle. Just eyeballing the recipes I get a feeling of "Schwarzbein" that you might like. I love the Paleo granola recipe and plan on making some as soon as I can.

Upshot of this is that I plan on keeping up my activity and the fluidity bar until after the wedding, then will readjust to firm workouts again.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Like button

I once said I wish there was a like button similar to what is on facebook. Well you got one! I found it on the post edit, so now there are several options to pick from. If you can think of more let me know, and I will add them in. So here we go to giving props to each other!

Monday, August 6, 2012

This weeks update

I had a nice woosh this week. It seems adding the extra walking in and the increased weights have helped this week. My hormones are still squanky so who knows how they are effecting me. I really don't want to go to a doctor yet, I keep hoping they will straighten out on their own. Please?

So here are this weeks measurements.
Neck 5/21 15 1/4 8/6 14 5/8
L bicep 14.25 Today 14 (biceps and thighs are still hard for me to get accurate measurments, Maybe someday?"
R bicep 14.25 today 14
L elbow 10.5 today 10 1/4
R elbow 10 1/4 today 10 1/4
L Forearm 9 7/8 today 9 1/2
R Forearm 10 today 9 5/8
L wrist 6 1/4 today 6 1/8
R wrist 6 3/8 today 6 1/8
upper chest 43 1/2 today 40 1/2
Bust 48 today 45 1/2
lowerchest 43 today 41
waist 43 1/2 today 42
upper hips 51 today 48
Hips 51 1/2 today 50 1/8
lowerhips 49 1/2 today 46 3/4
Thighs 23 today 22 3/4
L knee 14 1/8 today 14
R knee 14 13 7/8
L calf 15 1/2 today 15 3/8
R calf 15 today 15
L ankle 8 3/4 today 8 5/8
R ankle 8 1/2 today 8 5/8

I have found I get really tired trying to do 4 days of full Firm workouts in a row. So I am still doing the tortoise/hare rotation but throwing in Prime Power Fat burning on Wed. If I get stronger I will do The Boomers workout. With the Tortoise and the Hare I alternate which one I start with on Monday, so it will be a HTTH, or THHT, this way I alternate which ones are hitting on my stronger days and keeping them back to back. I really wanted to do them 5 days a week and be on this pattern hthth ththt, but I do need to scale back. I have also added more steps in a day. I would get into stalls, not like Nedra's but enough that it is frustrating to see what is really going on.

So my goal is like hers sort of. I plan on getting 17,ooo to 20,000 steps Mondays through Friday, as close to that 20,000 as possible. On Saturday I just want to focus on what I can do, and Sunday rest day.

Unfortunately it is taking up so much time I'm not getting anything done around the house. The girls room is a disaster and when it gets this bad it takes me 4 hours to organize. I feel like all I'm doing is working out and hardly spending time with my kids. I hope that soon hormones will start to repair so I can have a consistent weight loss with only a couple of hours a day and not pushing 4. Good thing I can do the fast 4 miles 2 times a day, that is saving about 20 minutes off of those eight miles. It also gets me a bit over 12,000 steps. I'm getting close to my first mini goal, but I am worried about this weekend. We are headed to IF for Michael's parents 50th wedding anniversary, and eating lowcarb is impossible there. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, and how to manage it. This is when it gets hard because down here at least Nedra and I know what we can do, and mom and dad are good about fixing basic meats. Up there I can't even be guaranteed a basic meat without lots of sugar and a green salad. I expect my weight to be way up by the time I weigh again next week. Wish me luck. I will need it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I am an exercise product Junkie

And I have a piece of equipment that leaned against the wall that occasionally served as a place to put my towel or some clothes on occasion.

It is called a Fluidity Bar. That's right, you might have seen it on TV. I know in my rambles on youtube I found a young man putting it down as a mode of any sort of workout. But you know how some young guys can be......

Anyhow I broke down and broke it out last Friday and .. I love the thing. My hamstrings felt like they had been through a ringer...they were exhausted! I didn't really do all that much either!

I did it again today- again some problems with trying to do a few things because of my general weight, but much of what I did exhausted some little muscles in my butt and arms.

Needless to say... I am going to continue. It is really cool. Still continuing with the serious steps...I am tired, but I think it works.

Just wanted to report in on the one thing I have added I am doing.

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Exercise Schedule

I sat down at my computer and hit out a new exercise schedule on my e-mail calendar.  I think the synchronization of the digital calendar is one of the coolest features of a smartphone. I've been talking to Steph a lot about what I really want to do and what I really need with my exercises. When I first started doing this with you guys I was working on running mostly.  Sure, I did some kinect exercises and tried the 100 Pushup challenge program (which I'm still doing, it's just slower than what the program expects), but mostly I just run.  The difficult part of that is I'm out of shape.  It hurts my legs, and I need a day or two to recover at least.  Even doing something like kinect wasn't very good when I started to get shin splints.  So I'm scaling back running.  I'm still going to do it, only slightly less than what I was before.

I told Steph that I really need to do this as close to one-two times a day as possible.  Some days that's not possible.  Often times I get home at around 10:00AM from work, head straight to bed.  I get up at around 5:00PM (most of the time later than that even) and I have time to shower, eat, maybe do a load of dishes then it's off to work.  Days like those I can't do anything.  So I figure that will be my rest day.  The day to give my body a chance to recover.

My new schedule is something like one exercise in the morning, one at night.  On sunday nights I work, I'll only do one the monday evening since I work until 10:00AM on those days.  All of this was relatively easy to set up on a digital calendar.  I even have reminders set up an hour before, and I even have the sundays figured out when I work.  I'm really happy with it so far and I'm excited to give it a test run starting Monday.  I've changed from mostly running to actually mostly water aerobics/weight lifting.  I love running, but I know too many runners at moxtek who have leg, knee, and back problems later in life from constant marathon running.  The morning exercise will be good because I'll be getting up before Steph or Tobi and do some running or Kinect before they wake up. 

Steph's supportive about it, especially when I express my frustration at not really moving anywhere due to me simple not being serious about it.  I'm glad she's helping me and encouraging me with it, because I worry about her at home without me.  Especially when she has to count on me being a phantom during the weekend.  But, going to the Orem Rec as a family is a great activity for us.  Tobi loves to swim, and we got him this really great floaty he wears.  He's extremely confident in the water without us hanging onto him.  In fact, most days he pushes us away and wants to float on his own.  I figure we can go into a deeper end while he plays near me and I'll just tread water, which is actually a pretty good workout for me.  Especially doing it for a long time.  Steph can always take him in the pool while I lift weights, there's lots of ways we can do this as a family.