Monday, August 13, 2012

Another update

As a commented on Noelie's post the weekend went fairly well. Luckily we have great friends we stayed with that had lots of salad on hand, and fixed chicken, beef, and had lunch meat around. We took up nuts that I snacked on and cheese as well. I did gain a pound or so, not surprising and most of that should be glycogen and water retention from salt.

My measurements were good today, with small dips,and some no change. I can be very pleased with that since my workouts missed one full day, about 15,000 steps short of my goal for those 5 days. What is frustrating me is my blood sugars. I think I have seen a small dip below 100 but everything else I take is showing well over 100, usually 105 to 109. Today after my 3 hours workout, I took my blood sugar and it was 120. What? I have not been eating breakfast before my workouts so I'm typically only getting late snack/lunch and dinner. I take my metformin at night, it is only 500 mg, so I may need more. This week I'm going to switch to taking it during the day like I used to years ago and see if that stabilized my daytime sugars, and see what happens with my morning fasting sugar. I suppose if I think I need it I can use what Nedra is using though my copay on the metformin is low. I will have to think about it, and see what happens. My fasting sugars have always been good so I don't know if this a change over the past year, or if it is the strips I just bought or if my meter is old. I know I should try to compare it with someone elses meter sometime and see how accurate it is.

Today I knew I wasn't up to doing Tortoise or the Hare so I tried a tape that I used to do fairly often on the cardio end, and paired it with super sculpting way back when. It is The Firm Tough Cardio. I forgot how nice of an aerobic workout it is. The first half or so, is all step aerobics. I did it with my 4 inch but should get it up to my 6 inch because I flipped the smaller one up and hit my shin. It took me a couple of minutes to get back into the workout. The 2nd half is regular aerobics but only one set throws me off an is a bit fast for what I do. I just walk through what I can't do at this stage. I'm pretty sure I was able to get to do it ages ago, so eventually as I learn it I should be able to do it. The routines are taken from Fat blaster, Firm Strength and Firm cardio. I logged over 3461 steps and that will get higher as I remember the routines and don't flip that darn box. It also has several routines that use 4 limb movement with weights. Not a bad workout at all, and a nice one to mix up with my walking when bored.

The reason I have done so many steps and focusing on it is partly because I remember Noelie loosing weight with walking so many years ago, but a similar study as theAmish one but the Japaneese version, finding that people that are thin tend to walk 10,000 steps a day. They also have the pedometer, and I used on years ago and loved it. I know I have to do more than that 10,000 to loose, but I think it is a great goal to get to to maintain weight. I know it worked for me when pregnant, because I concentrated on that 10,000 steps a day. That is a bit on how my weekend went.

I am increasing or focusing on taking supplements, vit D (10,000 a day), super B complex, extra Niacin for Isonitol, chromium picolinate, a regular vit, and magnesium and calcium. I also bought some creatine for my weight workout days. Not sure if I will use it often though as one of the side effects is water retention and I'm not sure I want that either. I'm also getting my adult kids and husband to take Vit D because I believe we all need it. Right now I'm telling them to take 2,ooo u, Michael I might bump up more than that. I'm convinced we are all so low on Vitamin D, that taking even that amount will do some good.

One other concern I have is my hormones are just wonky and have been getting worse over the past 6 months or so. I keep hoping to see an improvement. Endometrial Hyperplasia is rearing its ugly head, and I really, really don't want to do anything to treat it. I keep hoping that somewhere in the exercising and the low carbing, and trying to get my IR under control, that this will get better. This is a condition that really concerns me. I know I need to see a dr. soon, I was hoping to do that after Collin leaves on his mission, partly because I just don't want to deal with scheduling tests right now, but I want to give time for my weight and diet to start to work and heal my body.

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  1. I know the answer I know the answer!!! To the "why is my Blood Sugar higher after a workout"- it it because your cortisol is up for a while after- I found that out listening to the gal that talks about taking your bs for health..even those people that are healthy... don't worry.. those blood sugars will come down. hehe.. look who is telling you that.
    Good job on your visit to the relatives!