Thursday, August 23, 2012

Changing my week

I was telling Noelie the other day that I have no oomph in my legs. I seem to have plenty of energy, other than the days I really, really, don't sleep well. When I did the Tortoise and Hare this week, I could hardly do the leg lifts, and I was debating if I could even do the weights. I tried hard but I felt very weak. Doing the fast 4 miles has been horrible too, my thighs and calves just can't seem to do it. I can do other walks just not the interval training. So Wednesday I decided to stop my firm workouts for a couple of days, wondering if I was having over training symptoms. I have read on other weight lifting sights that mandatory week breaks are necessary. I thought the weekend away would have covered that, but I guess not.

So I'm doing the 20,000 steps a day, and I will pull the weightlifting back in next week. As of yesterday and today I could do the Fast 4 miles again. Nice, my legs still feel like jelly sometimes, but I can pick them up and go.


  1. because of time struggles etc... I am doing the walking, trying to catch up to your stats,,but how about Joyce Vedral.. I decided to go to her Definition workout to keep using the weights.

    I think it is a happy medium because she is so quick to do :)

  2. Don't worry about my stats! lol. They will drop down, And they have been higher this week because of not doing The Firm. I liked Definition lots, but I think in the long run I did better with The Firm.

  3. I agree with doing better with the firm... just while going through the heavy steps and full time work, I can fit her in.. and I think you have a valid point about over-training as we have been out of shape. So.. I think I will nudge up my protien.. just a tad.. not too much and still try to figure out how to add more fat..

    I don't think folks know just how hard that is WITHOUT the presence of sugar.. you just don't want to eat it.. lol

  4. It is very hard! I'm looking at Schwarbein again, closer. Not that I will change too much with what I'm doing, but to review pathophysiology so while I watch blood sugars, I don't mess up my adrenal glands more. Lots to figure out. For the first time since I started testing BS again, I had a fasting sugar below 100 today, and my sugars have all been below 100 today. I am happy about that. Don't know if it is doing the metformin 2x a day, or things just clicking. Before doing the med 2x a day, I wasn't seen any changes at all. And I know your time crunch, We will see what happens for me.