Sunday, August 12, 2012


So as you are all aware I stepped up the intensity of my aerobic workout while scaling back a bit on weight training.

Let me be clear I would no have done this were I not preparing for a family event at the end of October. I just know from past experience that walking- a lot of it like the Canadian Amish works for me.

I have logged a lot of steps, some thanks to my hubby as we would go for a mile or so walk each night as well. I noticed on those nights my blood sugar would be lower in the morning.

On the subject of blood sugar I got the berberine supplements and have noticed a slow but continual drop in my blood sugar. I even get some that are bordering on the kind of numbers the esteemed Dr. Bernstein would start to approve of. I am excited because damage from blood sugar happens to EVERYONE starting at lower levels than we thought for years. I think the kindle book I found about it was right on target, and I notice I feel younger as those numbers start to move.

On the other hand I have had a couple of episodes of "Atkins Flu". I am not sure why unless losing poundage/bs lowering can cause it on the way down. Essentially I am okay, I just feel sort of flu-like for a few hours. The cure... seems to be salty fluid and fasting. Go figure.

So.. Here it is I am EIGHT POUNDS DOWN from two weeks ago. That is right. My hubby asked if it is okay to lose that fast, but as I am most definitely NOT going hungry I am pretty sure it is a side effect of the Keto-adaption and how obese I have been.

The peach 1x shirt in my closet.... fits beautifully now. Next family dinner it is going to gets worn.

Tigersue: there is a free paleo recipe book out there for your Kindle. Just eyeballing the recipes I get a feeling of "Schwarzbein" that you might like. I love the Paleo granola recipe and plan on making some as soon as I can.

Upshot of this is that I plan on keeping up my activity and the fluidity bar until after the wedding, then will readjust to firm workouts again.


  1. That is so great! I am so happy for you and I can't wait to see you at the next family dinner!

  2. YAY Nedra! Can't wait to see you! So proud of all the work you are doing :)

  3. See I knew it would happen. I never worry about a big woosh after a stall, I figure it all evens out in the long run. We will see how my weekend went. For the most part I stayed right on my eating thanks to Matt and Shonda. I did eat trail mix so that had sugar, and probably more than enough nuts, but I can't say awful to that. Matt and Shonda had eggs for breakfast, chicken/beef and salad for dinners, and lunch/deli meat with salad available for lunch. Everyone else had bread, chips, all the fun stuff but I was so happy with what I had. Karen had deli meat for snacking on at the party so I ate the meat and cheese and left everything else alone. I doubt my weight will be down, but if there is an increase it shouldn't be bad.