Friday, August 3, 2012

New Exercise Schedule

I sat down at my computer and hit out a new exercise schedule on my e-mail calendar.  I think the synchronization of the digital calendar is one of the coolest features of a smartphone. I've been talking to Steph a lot about what I really want to do and what I really need with my exercises. When I first started doing this with you guys I was working on running mostly.  Sure, I did some kinect exercises and tried the 100 Pushup challenge program (which I'm still doing, it's just slower than what the program expects), but mostly I just run.  The difficult part of that is I'm out of shape.  It hurts my legs, and I need a day or two to recover at least.  Even doing something like kinect wasn't very good when I started to get shin splints.  So I'm scaling back running.  I'm still going to do it, only slightly less than what I was before.

I told Steph that I really need to do this as close to one-two times a day as possible.  Some days that's not possible.  Often times I get home at around 10:00AM from work, head straight to bed.  I get up at around 5:00PM (most of the time later than that even) and I have time to shower, eat, maybe do a load of dishes then it's off to work.  Days like those I can't do anything.  So I figure that will be my rest day.  The day to give my body a chance to recover.

My new schedule is something like one exercise in the morning, one at night.  On sunday nights I work, I'll only do one the monday evening since I work until 10:00AM on those days.  All of this was relatively easy to set up on a digital calendar.  I even have reminders set up an hour before, and I even have the sundays figured out when I work.  I'm really happy with it so far and I'm excited to give it a test run starting Monday.  I've changed from mostly running to actually mostly water aerobics/weight lifting.  I love running, but I know too many runners at moxtek who have leg, knee, and back problems later in life from constant marathon running.  The morning exercise will be good because I'll be getting up before Steph or Tobi and do some running or Kinect before they wake up. 

Steph's supportive about it, especially when I express my frustration at not really moving anywhere due to me simple not being serious about it.  I'm glad she's helping me and encouraging me with it, because I worry about her at home without me.  Especially when she has to count on me being a phantom during the weekend.  But, going to the Orem Rec as a family is a great activity for us.  Tobi loves to swim, and we got him this really great floaty he wears.  He's extremely confident in the water without us hanging onto him.  In fact, most days he pushes us away and wants to float on his own.  I figure we can go into a deeper end while he plays near me and I'll just tread water, which is actually a pretty good workout for me.  Especially doing it for a long time.  Steph can always take him in the pool while I lift weights, there's lots of ways we can do this as a family.


  1. It is a huge challenge to figure out where to get in your exercise, but a plan is a good thing. As you know Tigersue is really good about checking in with what she is doing, and planning and putting down somewhere what you are going to do is such a help.

    You are doing great, and I am glad Step is there to help you ;)

  2. A good plan is always going to work in the long run. The nice thing with lifting is a rest is really good, and needed for recovery and muscle building. The other nice thing and the rec center is if they have a track you can run on that and save your knees a bit. I am always a big fan of swimming. I think Swimming and lifting are an excellent combination. Probably one of the best ones out there. I know how hard it is to do working nights, it makes life very interesting to say the least. Lifting will also help with the running since it will keep your back strong. Wishing you luck. :)

    1. So I've used the track and for whatever reason it actually agitates my shin splints more then running on the street. Granted, this is only after I've been running on the street for a bit. Could just be me. I love their pool and they have a nice area specifically for water aerobics. I love being in the water lol. I wonder if I'm part fish.