Monday, August 6, 2012

This weeks update

I had a nice woosh this week. It seems adding the extra walking in and the increased weights have helped this week. My hormones are still squanky so who knows how they are effecting me. I really don't want to go to a doctor yet, I keep hoping they will straighten out on their own. Please?

So here are this weeks measurements.
Neck 5/21 15 1/4 8/6 14 5/8
L bicep 14.25 Today 14 (biceps and thighs are still hard for me to get accurate measurments, Maybe someday?"
R bicep 14.25 today 14
L elbow 10.5 today 10 1/4
R elbow 10 1/4 today 10 1/4
L Forearm 9 7/8 today 9 1/2
R Forearm 10 today 9 5/8
L wrist 6 1/4 today 6 1/8
R wrist 6 3/8 today 6 1/8
upper chest 43 1/2 today 40 1/2
Bust 48 today 45 1/2
lowerchest 43 today 41
waist 43 1/2 today 42
upper hips 51 today 48
Hips 51 1/2 today 50 1/8
lowerhips 49 1/2 today 46 3/4
Thighs 23 today 22 3/4
L knee 14 1/8 today 14
R knee 14 13 7/8
L calf 15 1/2 today 15 3/8
R calf 15 today 15
L ankle 8 3/4 today 8 5/8
R ankle 8 1/2 today 8 5/8

I have found I get really tired trying to do 4 days of full Firm workouts in a row. So I am still doing the tortoise/hare rotation but throwing in Prime Power Fat burning on Wed. If I get stronger I will do The Boomers workout. With the Tortoise and the Hare I alternate which one I start with on Monday, so it will be a HTTH, or THHT, this way I alternate which ones are hitting on my stronger days and keeping them back to back. I really wanted to do them 5 days a week and be on this pattern hthth ththt, but I do need to scale back. I have also added more steps in a day. I would get into stalls, not like Nedra's but enough that it is frustrating to see what is really going on.

So my goal is like hers sort of. I plan on getting 17,ooo to 20,000 steps Mondays through Friday, as close to that 20,000 as possible. On Saturday I just want to focus on what I can do, and Sunday rest day.

Unfortunately it is taking up so much time I'm not getting anything done around the house. The girls room is a disaster and when it gets this bad it takes me 4 hours to organize. I feel like all I'm doing is working out and hardly spending time with my kids. I hope that soon hormones will start to repair so I can have a consistent weight loss with only a couple of hours a day and not pushing 4. Good thing I can do the fast 4 miles 2 times a day, that is saving about 20 minutes off of those eight miles. It also gets me a bit over 12,000 steps. I'm getting close to my first mini goal, but I am worried about this weekend. We are headed to IF for Michael's parents 50th wedding anniversary, and eating lowcarb is impossible there. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, and how to manage it. This is when it gets hard because down here at least Nedra and I know what we can do, and mom and dad are good about fixing basic meats. Up there I can't even be guaranteed a basic meat without lots of sugar and a green salad. I expect my weight to be way up by the time I weigh again next week. Wish me luck. I will need it.


  1. way to go!! What if you packed your own food? It might be a pain but you won't have to worry.

  2. We have often done that, at least a good carton of eggs. :) And some almonds.

  3. I was going to say the same as brynn :) it is a pain as she said but then you don't have the pain of worry. Is your Mother In law getting any closer to trying to eat like this?

  4. Not really, and with it being a reunion of sorts it will be worse. :)
    We haven't been told much of what will be happening Saturday at all. I guess we get to find out when we get up there.